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The Great Sneaker Controversy

Apropos Sue’s post on Sneaking Around Paris, you might also want to read Les Anti-Modernes today on youthful sneakers. Just a thought. Old dogs, new tricks.

Since we’re talking, before I run off to work, goodness but my mammogram technician was aggressive this morning. Still a good idea to go get one. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Any mammogram where they don’t keep me there for a long time taking extra pictures, and where no one whispers uh-oh, is a good mammogram.

  2. My poor mother died in her early 60’s because a tiny breast tumor that was found on mammogram at an Ivy League medical institution was deemed too minor to treat aggressively. Get your mammograms, ladies, and just thank God we have that screening process available to us.

  3. Nice round-up of sneakers. Whenever I go for a mammogram, it’s always a big drama with many shots because my breasts are so cystic. It kind of freaks me out, but at least it will be hard for stuff to slip by.

    BTW, did you know the density of your breasts (which is the percentage of glandular tissue that can only be detected by a mammogram) is supposedly the best predictor of breast cancer? The higher the density, the better your chance of breast cancer. I think this needs to be more widely known, because your doctor can tell you your percentage from the mammogram.

  4. I’m a breast cancer survivor because of mammograms, so go and get yours.
    Now about sneakers .. for years I have worn
    plain white Keds slip-on sneakers as one of
    my summer (and sometimes rest of the year)
    shoes. I think they look sharp with dark outfits,
    and fresh with white or tan stuff.

  5. Good luck with mammogram.
    Time for me to have one done.
    I don’t usually wear trainers ( called trainers in great Britain ). But I’ve seen a lovely pair last week and fell in love with it;-)

  6. My yearly one is next Friday. Always get a bit nervous before one. However, the week after is a colonoscopy, not nervous, but dreading. However grateful that these screening tests are available, so not going to complain!

  7. Long-time breast cancer survivor here too. Good on you for getting a mammogram. The best advice is to know what your breasts feel like, so that you’ll know if something different happens. You don’t have to do anything too fancy – just feel all around when they’re soapy in the shower (maybe on the first of every month so you remember to do it?). Don’t avoid doing it just because your breasts tend to be generally lumpy; if the lumpy areas are symmetrical (e.g., upper outer area of both breasts), it’s probsbly fine. It’s that grain of rice or pea that you’re looking for.

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