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If You Haven’t Heard Of Hester van Eeghen, I’d Expect That To Change

The backyard bird sings always now. Even early in the morning. I’m thinking Spring woke her up, not antsy raccoons, not suburban family rustlings. Every year Spring happens, and every year we are a little surprised, despite decades of bulbs, squirrel fights, and trees leafing out yet again.

It would not be wrong to think adventure, today. It would not be inappropriate to imagine a new spring bag, either. Perhaps we shall not see Paris, with Sue, or Vivienne. But we have imagination, and in our mind’s eye we carry Hester van Eeghen’s extraordinary handbags. Designed in Amsterdam, made in Italy, we show them the world. Or perhaps they show it to us.

The Artsy Cousin heads off to SXSW. She takes the train, luxuriating in courteous language and the long slow passing of America. She prefers the Monocle bag, and is surprised to learn that Orange is on trend. Frankly, she’s not even quite sure what on trend means. We tell her, “Depends on the incarnation.”

Music In Its Many Guises

The Grande Dame flies first class to Vienna, Harmonica in hand. She may never, as my mother said once, see Finland again – but to Vienna she returns. It’s her spiritual home, what with the waltzing, the palaces, and heiße Schokolade mit Schlag on every corner. If that isn’t a voluptuous way to say hot chocolate with whipped cream I turn in my verbal hijinks card, unused.

Waltzing In Pink

The Sturdy Gal guts out her 30-hour flight to Kenya in coach, trusty Custard under the seat in front. Rule follower. She just can’t justify splurging on travel luxury. What’s all that sturdiness for, after all? But elephants are elephants, and she will remember the coughing of lions.

Purple On The Other Side

I neglected to tell you something important. These stories not imaginary. At least not the bag part. Debby, who runs the US arm of Hester van Eeghen, has agreed to award the Grande Dame’s bag to a Privilege reader.

I’m so grateful and excited as to be rendered speechless. Not so speechless, fortunately, that I can’t tell you how to enter.
  1. Go directly to the Hester van Eeghen Facebook page. It’s right here.
  2. “Like” it. For anyone who has not yet seen Facebook, that means click the little thumbs up icon. Probably I didn’t need to explain, but this part is required.
  3. Find the email opt-in in the mustard yellow rectangle in the middle of the page. Sign up. The woman is building a business, and our simple thank you for the generous offer is to help her do so.
  4. Come back here and tell me you’re in, so I can make sure we know which new fans and email listees come from Privilege. The Harmonica is available in purple, red, pink, or lime, with the second side always in black. Choose your color.

Unfortunately, since this is a US endeavor, the opportunity is open to residents of the US and Canada only.

That’s it. For extra credit, post about this on your blog, or Tweet it, or Facebook it, also directing people to the Hester van Eeghen USA Facebook page, and the email list. Debby and I will choose the winner on Wednesday, March 14th. And have a very happy weekend.

The only exchange of goods involved will be the Harmonica, making its way to your house. The beautiful snow-covered picture of Vienna, BTW, is from our own Paula’s blog. For more beautiful pictures, go here.

81 Responses

  1. Such beautiful, beautiful bags! OMG!I’m in! I choose purple. Thank you, Deborah

  2. I truly am a Sturdy Gal, because I do not care for the first two bags but love the last one. I cannot begin to express my disappointment that it is not the one being given away. Ah, well…

  3. ‘Liked’ and signed up for email! What gorgeous bags!
    Beautiful in all the colours but I am partial to the red, always have been!
    Will tweet away all day about the post!!

  4. ‘Liked’ and signed up for email. These bags are beautiful. Love the purple and pink. I’ll keep my fingers crossed :)

  5. I’m in, and the red is lovely! Thank you for introducing me to these spectacular bags.

  6. How clever the Harmonica bag is! I love all the colors and beautiful designs. I liked Hester on FB, but wish the bag would go to someone who would use the hell out of it.

  7. I checked the site, and the Felucca bags in black look cute. Quite affordable even.
    As an European, if I really, really wanted one, I could order one myself. Just a thought.
    I´ll bet there will be lots of candidates for this giveaway!

  8. Done! And Lime green, please!!

    I chuckled at your Vienna reference–I’ve always figured that I was mostly sturdy gal with a touch of artsy cousin. But oh, Vienna. So clearly, there’s a bit of grande dame waiting in the wings.

  9. When I saw that first bag I thought “so me! I want it” and then the second and then the third. After perusing the website for a bit I am really impressed by the designs of these bags and would love to become a customer.

    I’ve done my bit and now I’ll just hope that the lovely Harmonica comes my way, in purple please.

  10. I so want that bag and I hope I signed up right! It’s absolutely wonderful. I get so sick of wearing gear for out in the field (environmental work), this would perk me right up. I could use it when I go to EPA meetings in SF.

  11. Such beautiful bags on the website! Sadly, I much prefer the Custard to the Harmonica. I may end up liking Hester van Eeghan on Facebook nonetheless!

  12. I’m in! I always like to find a new brand of bag! Pink and red are my favs, but as and Artsy Cousin, I like to experiment with color and shape.

  13. I’m in! I’m going for the purple bag although I really love the green one as well. Usually I’m a red bag girl but I have lots and would love something different. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  14. What a great bag. I have followed the instructions above Lisa! Adore this fabulous bag in purple!

    Art by Karena

  15. My Dutch friends gave me a pair of gorgeous,soft leather glove’s for Christmas made by Hester’s firm.

    My bag of choice would be the St Moritz but only in black a colour I don’t would settle for her chocolate ‘Square’ yummie.

    Hester van Eeghen also does shoes,just a hop and a skip over the channel from us.

    Often visit as my father is buried there.

    The lucky winner will get a beautiful creation. Ida

  16. This bag is so unique! The red one would be an excellent statement piece to any outfit.

  17. Oh, I totally forgot to thank you for bringing this designer to our attention. thank you very much…

  18. These are stunning! I’m all in (liked, email sign up), and have a thing for the pink. The clean lines are just perfect.

  19. Hello,

    Love your blog- love the bags, so I am signing up. Any color would be lovely….I must be an Artsy Gal.

  20. Side note: LOVING that Artsy Cousin bracelet! Why does it have to be hinged? Why God why??

  21. I’m in.

    I love the distinctive bags, and think, in my dreams, I’d have a lime one.

  22. I can never decide if I’m an Artsy Cousin, a Grande Dame or a Sturdy Gal.
    I would carry any of those bags, depending on what I was doing.
    I’m sure about the colour-definitely lime.

  23. I’m the black sheep of the family….for realz.

    So red it is.

    Too bad there isn’t a love button.

    And OMG, spring! It is here/coming/aroundthe corner/out the front doorQ

    xo jane

  24. What pretty bags! I love the red as featured. I had no idea about this brand but am happy to have signed up for their email and Facebook updates so that I can find out more. I love structured, unslouchy bags, and they have been difficult to find for the last several years.

  25. I’m in! What gorgeous pieces – my love of all things Dutch has only increased! (I lived in the Netherlands from 2002-2007.)

    I believe I prefer the lime – though it’s so hard to choose!

    Thanks for the wonderful contest.

  26. I’m in, and I’m in love with purple. I’m usually Artsy, but can definitely love the Grand Dame’s bag as well!

  27. See, I love the first bag and I am sort of certain I am an Artsy even if I don’t want to be.
    Signed up for her site.

    1. Own that Artsy Cousin!

      We Artsies need to organize in case we need to occupy something somewhere.

  28. Who? When?

    Who is the Grande Dame? When will she come?
    Is there still time to bleach and iron the curtains? And what about the dirty windows?

    Last week two men at the next table in the restaurant in Vienna had lunch and one of the men ordered Heiße Schokolade mit Schlag AND a Sachertorte as dessert.
    He had just aten a huge Schnitzel!

  29. What an elegant bag! That lime shade is exactly what I need. I’m following on FB and signed up for the email list. Thank you!

  30. I love the geometrics of her bags, and the unexpected shapes and lines. These look like real luxury.

    Of course I’ve liked and signed up.

    The biggest question … pink or lime green? I think the lime is more daring and might be surprisingly fun.

  31. I liked Hester on FB and signed up for emails! Beautiful Bags, thank you so much for the opportunity!

    1. I believe if you would like to enter anyway that signing up on her website email list would do.

  32. How EXCITING! I love those bags but unfortunately they are out of my price range these days. I love the black/lime!!!!!
    I will definitely have to check out the Fort Worth location.

    You always do the coolest contests.

  33. Wow so in love with her design with bright colors! I’m IN! And love the lime one too.

  34. Those bags are so perfectly architectural. My life is messier than that, but I would love one anyway, so I’ve signed up.

    Lime green, but really, any of them would be a treat.

  35. Love all of these bags. The travel bag is perfect for going places. I signed up but will keep all the Hester’s in mind. Bookmarked the website. Cheers

  36. Hester van Eeghen is lovely in lime,
    Dream about handbags all the time…
    Provocative in purple if you dare,
    Everyone will love and stare…
    But the sexy in pink lights my fire
    Its the one I most desire!


  37. I opted in, but had to go to their site to do so. But I did it!!! Also? Either purpz or red would rock it. I love the structure. So cool.

  38. Oh these are fabulous bags! I would be so lucky to own a red one!
    I can’t stop looking.

  39. Love the bag, love the style. I want to see the sensational Pink one on my partners shoulder! Thanks for the chance.

  40. I’m in! Would love it in pink…

    Really impressed by the bags. I’m going to try to fit one into my budget.

  41. I have to confess that I was ogling the bags and not reading carefully, when I saw that the Grande Dame was taking a harmonica to Vienna. What?! Do Grande Dames get the jailhouse blues? But then I realized my error, and the moment passed. These are some beautiful bags.

  42. Oooh, how lovely! I have “liked” the facebook page and subscribed to the emails. I’m very partial to this bag in purple (although I also love the green!)

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