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LPC Is At “A Femme D’un Certain Age”

Morning everyone. Today I’m over at Tish’s A Femme D’un Certain Age. Tish asked me to write about luxury. I think I figured it out. Please, if you have time, go take a look. If only to sigh over a Raf Simon’s pink and brown coat. Your attention, as always, is appreciated.

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  1. That was one of my favorite looks from Fashion Week – so glad I am not the only one who fawned over it, so so beautiful. I really cannot wait to see how Jil Sander looks at the next shows!

  2. “I think I figured it out.”


    Every single thing you said, each point, OUT of the park, across the Atlantic, blew through customs, perfection on arrival, GENIUS, how do you do it?

    1. Can I have you follow me around all day long? Please? I suspect I’d have infinitely more stamina and enthusiasm:).

  3. Lovely post. Status vs luxury – I don’t know. Whenever someone recognizes what you wear, have,etc isn’t there some sense of status involved? Does it have to be an unrecognizable one-off to get beyond status? My waterford crystal is a marker… of something. Would hand blown glasses from a local craftsperson be beyond class & status markers? Or just a different kind of snobbery? This all makes my head hurt.

    1. I think that goods that are recognizable for quality, or design elements, are different than goods in cheap materials, covered in logos. And snobbery isn’t quite the same thing as status markers, right? The question is in front of whom are you trying to signal luxury, yourself or others?

  4. I love Tish’s blog and her advice is, as my late mother-in-law would say, top notch. I just returned from reading your post there and enjoyed it very much. So true that the more we get accustomed to luxury, the more that we expect. I believe in the philosophy of “a few good things.”

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