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Have You Ever Wondered About The Secret Life Of Style Bloggers?

I remember, when I went back to work full-time 14 years ago, I called my best friend after the first day. I’ve told this story before, but it bears repeating. She asked me, “How was it?” And I said, “Odd. I don’t know who lived my life today, but it wasn’t me.”

When I went back to work again this time, I also left a life behind that has persisted in my absence.

The Secret Life of Lisa The Style Blogger

It appears that in Blog Year 3 PR agencies figure out you exist, and begin to send offers and requests. So here is what imaginary Lisa The Style Blogger has been doing while Lisa The Software Executive goes to work.

LTSB wakes up, and brushes her teeth with a compostable toothbrush.

World Centric has unveiled a line of compostable toothbrushes and travel
cases that are made from a plant based resin called Ingeo™. The toothbrush
and case are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute
(BPI).  They are also more environmentally friendly, having a smaller carbon
footprint because Ingeo takes less energy to produce than petroleum based
plastic resins.

As it turns out, she has to snap off the toothbrush head before disposal, as the nylon-bristle doesn’t biodegrade. Whoops.

LTSB dons her Foxcroft blouse, sent complimentary for review. Wait. Real Lisa needs summer blouses. Hmm.

She accessorizes with silver circle earrings from Alice Roche. Also complimentary for review. Wait, real Lisa likes this stuff.

Now suitably clad, she reads about the Plaza Hotel, from her advance cop of Inside the Plaza. What a happy morning.

Ward Morehouse III, who himself did some growing up at the Plaza, has collected all its gems and looked into all the nooks, crannies, and dark corners for this revised and updated edition of Inside the Plaza: An Intimate Portrait of the Ultimate Hotel (Applause Books, $27.99).  In this edition, Morehouse recounts the hotel’s recent $450 million transformation, with its 181 luxury condominium residences, 282 guest rooms and suites, and landmark public spaces, such as the Oak Room and Oak Bar.

She also peruses this photo of Al Pacino, only to learn that,

Elite Aviation, the premier global private jet company, and Piaggio Aero, manufacturer of the P.180 Avanti II aircraft, flew Academy Award-winning actor Al Pacino to the San Francisco premiere of his highly anticipated documentary – Wilde Salome, which was held on March 21 at the iconic Castro Theater.

She has barely recovered from the chagrin of missing Mr. Pacino’s hair moment, when time comes to dress for the Rebecca Taylor Fashion Week runway show. She wonders why Elite Aviation didn’t offer to fly her to New York, and is sure she would happily have arranged to sport an odd coiffure in exchange for the perq.

LTSB chooses a Karina dress to wear to the show, with LAMO boots and Elyria jewelry. Succès fou! She confesses however that the Elyria is on loan. Nobody offered to let her keep the $12,500 earrings. Drat. And real Lisa thinks again about trying a dress. Think of all the stomach-sucking-in she could give up.

We Could Have Had It All....

Style Blogger Lisa finds all this rushing about, even with the support of flattering dresses and silver jewelry, quite stressful. Apparently she needs a stiff drink at the end of the day.

Exclusiv Vodka has both a low pricetag and an upper echelon taste that recently won a Double Gold Medal in the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, placing it in the same caliber of today’s most expensive top-shelf vodkas. With this high rating, its low price of just $9.99 a litre, and its nine international awards, Exclusiv Vodka truly gives you the most bang for your buck.

Bang for your buck indeed. And if all that style blogging failed to pay Lisa’s bills, no problem. The PR people will take care of her.

Happy to send over a sample of the vodka. Please contact to submit a request for samples or hi res images.

Enfin, you’ll find LTSB staring at high resolution photos of bottles of inexpensive vodka. At least the wrinkles around her eyes will have been eradicated by a PaloVia Laser.

Oh the glamor.

I started this post off quite tongue-in-cheek, only to find I’ve been overlooking lovely opportunities. That happens, when work trumps. I might have to start supporting the good parts of my imaginary life. As might we all, from time to time.

Thank you to all the companies sending me ideas. Much appreciated.

In case I need to make this perfectly clear, no recompense or free goods have been received for this post. Just a lot of possibilities.



30 Responses

  1. Hilarious – LTSB must have quite a life!

    PS I recently quit reading several blogs I had followed for a long time due to an over abundance of sponsored posts. So I am happy that you don’t succumb to this – although some of these sound pretty fun!

  2. Ah the fantasy life! There are days when I too would gladly embrace such problems in lieu of dealing with a failed software implementation!

  3. LTSB is having all the fun! I keep getting press releases for nursing home insurance plans, and books about retirement and how to skype with your grandkids. And offers to review baby monitors. Hmmm…

  4. Hey, those opportunities are perks … and I think you should definitely take advantage of some of the perks (but only the ones that actually interest you.)

  5. Oh, I really had to laugh at this. Until a month ago, I politely turned down ALL queries and then when I finally do take the plunge, I find that four of us in my circle of bloggers have all received the same offer and accordingly blogged. Safe to say that I’m feeling fairly bummed and wish I’d stuck to my no PR ways.

    Now, I need to tweet this message daily.

  6. Take the plane and let us know how you enjoy it. Glad your not one of those blogs that have tons of sponsers. Like you just the way you are. Fun post though.

  7. Your blog is famous, I must say, so no wonder offered all those things!
    I have not reached year 3 of blogging, am a private person, not advertising anything, so I have been left alone, thank god.
    I´m not surprised, that you have turned those offers down.
    Just wondering, had you accepted something, what might have happened next?

  8. “Mr. Pacino’s hair moment” in which you are a wicked, wicked woman who disabled the lightbox feature enabling that poor man to be enlarged not once, but TWICE! Oh Al, I’ve never known what to make of your style choices but I hope you threw that thing on top of your head in a hair moment of irony.

  9. It’s time. You need people. At the very least to manage your virtual reality. Don’t believe the genie in the $10 bottle of vodka, it will say you don’t. Cheap-skate! (I’m sure it is wonderful stuff, no offense meant, lol)

  10. Well, I’m in sales, so – lovely job, Mr Pacino’s hair thrown in for light relief.

    Maybe if you paired the classy low cost vodka recommendation with your glamorous low price Oscar dress experience, you could open up a wonderful niche in your secret blogging life? I’d be waiting for every single line, I swear!

  11. Oh do go for all that sort of stuff, Lisa! Accept it, write about it. So long as you can be truthful and sound like yourself, we would be very well entertained.

  12. The only offers’ this gel gets is 50%/30% down to 10% to lure me to buy unnecessary luxe items.

    Laughing at DP’s post. Ida

  13. I admit, I kept scrolling back to that photo of Al Pacino. I just can’t get that hair out of my mind…he looks like a bass player from a classic rock cover band! So jealous of you going to Rebecca Taylor too! My favorite pair of bright yellow flippy linen shorts are by her. Nice one!

  14. Thinking about the post. Do try the stuff and honestly report on it. We trust your opinion. My goodness your lipstick quest sent me out trying all you recomended and discoveered they looked terrible on my skin tone, but loved the adventure and you pointed me to products I was not aware of.

    Bottom line, go for it!

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