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Is The J. Crew Field Jacket Really All That?

How many of you out there shop at J. Crew? I imagine no small number. Jenna Lyons, the design director, is a real talent. I’ve always shied away from their branding, but find their merchandising, and many of their goods, quite nifty.

Recently, I imagined I’d buy myself the J. Crew Field Jacket. And not unreasonably, I did. I thought you might like to know that I LUFF IT, in the words of Faux Fuchsia. I look quizzically at anyone who might question my affection. I believe Kathy agrees.

Sure, it’s Fauxbour, but I don’t much care. The waxy cotton is light enough for most cool San Francisco days, still strong enough to stave off crosstown winds. I am infatuated with the brass snaps. Very “good-looking,” as my mother would say. ‘Twould look even better on those of you narrow of shoulder and short of torso, as the jacket would hit a little lower on the leg, and a little closer in the waist.

Oh, and you should know, the Moss Brown is actually an Olive Green. A shade blue-dominants can embrace. Especially with a pink scarf and a purple sweater.

I can’t tell you how well-turned out I feel as I walk the city streets. Those burgundy/brown Beautifeel booties, by the way, continue to treat me and my princess-and-the-pea feet very well.

(If you are color shy, and yearning, Sal had an excellent post recently on color mixing.)

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  1. Love this jacket!! It looks great paired with the pink–something I probably wouldn’t have tried.

  2. Now I must say, that you look fierce in that outfit!
    Please, someone, brief me about this J.Crew. I see its name all the time. Is it all-American, or are the products made in some remote country?
    If it is 100% US made, ok. If not = not ok.

    1. Definitely NOT all American made. Hardly anything, actually.

      I find J Crew jackets are not for the long of torso among us. The waist never hits in the accurate place. Not sure how they pull off the modeled shots, considering they are quite tall.

  3. I remember “talking” with you about this jacket – I had ordered a different one last year, black, and more fitted. I sent it back because it was too fitted to be that stiff. And the black was a bit harsh in the waxed cotton. I love this one and love the moss brown. If I didn’t have a Barbour in this color, I’d be ordering it right now. And is that your Loro Piano scarf ~ the brand we both remember fondly?

  4. *Note to self: Use “nifty” in a blog post soon*

    I was thinking that the jacket looks far better on you than it would on me, but possessing narrow shoulders and a stubby torso, I do believe you changed my mind.

  5. “The waxy cotton is light enough for most cool San Francisco days, still strong enough to stave off crosstown winds.” Ah, just the ticket! i live in the east bay (contra costa county), so many times in winter it’s not the cold that gets a person but the wind!!! i’ve been on the lookout for something not too warm but that would cut that wind when needed, waxed cotton looks a good bet.

    But not this particular jacket for me: “‘Twould look even better on those of you narrow of shoulder and short of torso….” oy. Nice big shoulders and longish torso here. I’ve never tried on anything from J. Crew that fits my triangle/hourglass bod.

    I just look at the windows for inspiration. :) Wonderful look on you, love the colors!!!! Happy Walking, steph

  6. That jacket is beautiful. I love how the brass snaps give a little hint of edge to your look, while still completely complementing and fitting with your style.

  7. Of course I have that jacket too. I have a Barbour umbrella that looks great with it, in the same olive green with a subtle plaid.
    I love it with the pink. Or I should say LUFF it! That pairing hadn’t occurred to me so thanks for the idea.

  8. oh that IS Very Good Looking. i have been after a waxy green jacket myself……. better hide it when we come round this summer.

  9. Lisa,
    You look fabulous in the jacket.

    The women of Australia are in conniptions at the moment becuase J Crew has announced free shipping here and prices in AUD.

    I cannot decide what to order first. The cashmere looks fabulous. The colours!

    SSG xxx

  10. Great jacket,fab colour + you wear it well. I think Mrs Obama is a fan of J Crew. Must away to check the items out.Ida

  11. Brava! Perfect on you, as is the pink scarf! (A femmy-coloured scarf does wonders for the jacket’s austerity, playing up the contrast.) Great choice!

    1. Duchesse, my comments aren’t showing up on your blog. Might you know why?


  12. Lisa, you just look wonderful. Relaxed, tailored but feminine, and very youthful!

    1. Swissy: I’m seeing them; maybe they just take a bit more time to show up. Thanks!

  13. Oh yes, that jacket sang a siren song to me too. But in the end, it was the brass snaps that stopped me from plunking down the plastic. Maybe if they’d been slightly distressed and not so shiny. Something about ‘field’ and ‘shiny’ doesn’t mesh, for me. I found a version with no shine and less wax at Cabellas and had it tailored to shape. So fab.

  14. I have been shopping at J. Crew since the the late 80s, when their apparel style was more like “vintage” Banana Republic (in the old days, when BR stores had a jeep exploding out of the wood floor and bomber jackets were their signature).

    I still love J. Crew’s “preppy with edge” feel, and I ♥love♥ that jacket. On you. Too bad those chest pockets would draw unwanted attention to my bodacious ta tas, especially with my freakishly long waist, but it looks fabulous on you, and that punch of pink is outstanding.

  15. I have a Barbour jacket in the same color so no thanks, but it looks great on you especially with the pink. I find Barbour more practical for NJ in the fall and early spring, as the JC jacket would always be either too cold or too hot to wear.

  16. Fabulous on you! Especially with the scarf and the contrast of masculine/feminine.

    I loved J Crew early on, abandoned it for a while, and have happily rediscovered it now that I am in a location with a store.

  17. I have a traditional old barbour beaufront jacket that I wear in the winter. It’s not nearly as snazzy as yours!

  18. I am so glad you are continuing to enjoy that jacket. I am still loving mine, and I am in 100% agreement, it is a bit short for me with my long waist. I may resign it to a consignment shop for that very reason!

  19. I bought this jacket some time ago at a J Crew Factory outlet, and it is easily my single favorite go to. It makes everything look a bit more polished. The colorful scarf and sweater are a great upgrade. You look fabulous.

  20. I have this jacket in black and love it. You hit it with the narrow shoulders and short torso comment–I didn’t realize that is one reason why it works so well on me. Now I must buy it in that gorgeous Moss. Thanks for the post.

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