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When Susan And Martin Got Married

Last Sunday I attended Susan and Martin’s wedding. Here’s the happy couple.

It was a lovely day. Everyone got California fancy. Men donned jackets, women their dresses, some wore hats. The sun shone. Wisteria bloomed, bees buzzed, and Susan and Martin said loving vows on their front porch. The assembly smiled and cried.

It seems a little odd therefore,  to blog my outfit,. The event itself was far more important than what we wore. But I met Susan through blogging, the photo above is her Facebook wedding picture, and besides, I asked permission. We do not live in my parent’s generation, and hardly in my own, really. The best solution to etiquette concerns in America is to ask.

I wore this dress. And loved it abundantly. Up close the fabric is a taupe-toned grey pebbled cotton blend. It’s from Lela Rose, whose other stuff I also like.

Are you reminded of the vintage number Terri sent me? Perhaps this is the Platonic ideal I’ve been chasing, as one does. I plan to wear it to work, and to experiment with all sorts of footwear.

These shoes are rather horrid silver Steve Madden-produced Jack Rogers knockoffs. Purchased before I knew Jack Rogers existed, and that they could therefore be knocked off. Not the Platonic ideal at all. But the day was wonderfully, unseasonably, warm and called out for sandals. In California we heed kindly weather more willingly than convention.

Finally, I wore lavender pearl studs, and my grandmother’s glass bead necklace. Stored in my jewelry box for over 30 years, I knew the beads were only waiting for the right day and the right dress. As many things do.

Congratulations to Susan and Martin. I wish them many, many years of happiness and comfort.

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  1. I’m so glad that some of the blogging circle was “representing” at Susan and Martin’s wedding — don’t they look fabulous! As do you — and yes, I immediately thought of Terri’s dress when I saw this one on you. A similar vibe, but it obviously sits with/on you better — you look joyful!

  2. The married couple look so calm, peaceful.
    You look just great with gray hair ( I´d settle with this amount of gray ), and the dress is fine.
    Thank you for sharing : ).

  3. You look gorgeous. That dress is perfect on you, and I look forward to your adventures in finding the platonic ideal shoe to go with the dress.

  4. Congratulations to Susan and Martin!

    Oh, what a beautiful dress. So perfect with your coloring. And I can’t believe you’re only wearing those wonderful beads right now. They deserve to see some sunlight a little more!

  5. Congrats to Susan and Martin!
    Your hair is utterly glorious and that shade of dress looks wonderful with both your hair and complexion. Lela Rose have some beautiful bits and pieces.

  6. Your hair looks absolutely beautiful – I love it down like that. I believe it’s the first time I’ve seen it that way. Lela Rose makes beautiful dresses and yours is no exception – I love it.
    Susan and Martin look great and so very happy. Will post on her FB page now.

  7. You look happy and pretty! I love the cut (and color) of this dress on you. Maybe the sandals look different in person, but I think they add a nice punch. Speaking of which, I would suggest adding an accessory to keep the outfit as you describe above from being too “vanilla”. Are the beads a little longer to add texture to the bodice? Perhaps on a different occasion, a pin or scarf. It’s a fabulous canvas of a dress, but the outfit needs some finishing. Your personality has a confidence that your outfit, while uber-chic, says “safe”. I’m not saying “flashy”, I’d just like a little more punch.

    1. “Lisa, you are you…always. This is the reason everyone adores you.”

      Count me in that Everyone number, Lisa is one in a zillionmillion.

  8. pheeeew! You all look great!
    Lisa, could this be your new portrait for the icon in your blog-profile, top right?
    It looks much more “you” compared to the recent profile-picture. Just an idea …
    I want to attend weddings, too! Wait, there is one ahead, next Friday. Yay!

  9. Susan and Martin look lovely and happy together, thank you for sharing!
    Your hair looks absolutely fab and perfect with the dress. Have you had something done with the hair or is it just the effect of blow drying? In any case, stunning! I love the dress and I went to look at the website but ouch, I cannot afford it… I would wear a long necklace, even a very simple and subtle one will add some visual interest, but I think this is very much your style…

  10. The dress is perfect Lisa. Several guests mentioned it being a beautiful dress and it is. I’m so glad the lavender pearl studs and the glass necklace got to come out and play in the sunshine. I thought the sandals were pretty! Thank you for the post and for mentioning it being nice to ask about photos.

  11. You look stunning, Lisa, as do the proud and happy couple. I hereby decree that the nicest garment of yours I’ve ever seen, a hard race to win.

  12. Congratulations to the happy couple. I love Susan’s bouquet of orange tulips.

    Lisa, You look great and your grandmother’s beads are perfect with your taupe/grey (one of my fav colors BTW) dress.

  13. You look beautiful! Your hair has something a little extra-magical going on there. The dress is definitely gorgeous, and I think you’ll get a lot of multi-purpose wear from it.

    Congrats to the happy couple!

  14. I love her rustically-tied tulip bouquet, I would never forget holding a bouquet of tulips on a lovely Spring day for a wedding! Unique and beautiful.

    The dress DOES remind me of your ‘inherited’ dress but I am glad you found something similar in a style you are more into.

    And we need you to get some legit Jack Rogers! You’ll never turn back!


  15. Love your hair loose you look so young and happy.

    Congratulations to Susan & Martin. Ida

  16. Love the wedding photo, from which joy radiates. Even I, who do not know the couple, feel better in their presence. You look beautiful, don’t sweat the sandals, they worked!

  17. Very pretty dress! Did you know that Jack Rogers is a knockoff? The original is Stephen Bonanno, as I learned a few years back from lovely MCM.

  18. That’s interesting about Jack Rogers being a knockoff himself. Makes a person feel better about not spending $100+ on a pair of flip-flops.

    Best wishes to Susan and Martin — and their lovely guests.

  19. I love your hair this way. Agree the dress could use a belt or scarf or something next time. But for a wedding guest it was quiet and beautiful. What more could we ask for in that setting?
    Best wishes to Susan and Martin!

  20. Oh, I’m thrilled you attended! I bet it was an awesome – and very genuine – event. Do a post on the food next!

  21. You all look like you’re enjoying the lovely celebration! And the dress, though cotton, looks like silk in the photo. Great style –

  22. Love love love the dress! So terribly hard to find chic elegant clothes at almost any price point. The design world is missing a opportunity to create for women who don’t want to dress like their daughters.

    Your long hair is magnificent and looks wonderful, loose, and modern.

  23. And as always, attitude is the best accessory! I love this photo and your grandmother’s beads are so poetic in the way they catch the light.

    Congratulations to the happy couple!

  24. I don’t know Susan and Martin but wish I did. They look so perfect together.

    You look beautiful. Your haircut really shines through. You did a good hair toss in front of the camera.

    I have those beads in a drawer also. Love the combination of everything.

    Congratulations to all!!!

  25. How lovely that you met Susan via blogging;-)
    Warm congratulations – I so love a happy wedding, and it’s the wedding season, too. Such a pretty dress you are wearinng – adore the jewellery;-)

  26. The bride looks lovely, what fun for all involved. The dress is *perfect* on you and for you, methinks they had you in mind when creating it, it is that beautiful on you!

    Sending you a smile,

  27. What a lovely and ideal outfit. Congrats to the happy couple! You’re so very pretty. I’ve decided I want to be you when I grow up.

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