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How To Wear “Country” In The City

Because my recent weekend at the Ritz substituted for a botched trip to Napa, I arrived at the hotel with bags packed for things I would not be doing.

Well then.

I get a thrill, usually, wearing the exactly right outfits at fancy hotels. I know it’s odd. But having just the right sarong for that bathing suit, the perfect wrap for evening, and the sandals jeweled in exactly the right bronze, floats my High WASP boats.

Boats foundered, beached. What to do?

Impunity, of course, otherwise known as,

How To Wear Country In The City

I have found that cuffing an old pair of jeans makes them look intentional. “These are not my old gardening pants. They are BOYFRIEND jeans.” Wearing flip flops in an of-the-moment color can have the same effect, while J. Crew Field Jackets are derived from the ultimate Country Goes City brand, Barbour. However, Significant Others who make you grin wildly open all sorts of territories.

My grandmother always said “territory,” when she meant “place.” I don’t know why. A Grande Dame mystery.

I also left all my city hair products behind, as I never blow dry in the country. Not out of some misplaced No White Shoes Before Memorial Day code. Sturdy Gals just hate holding a plastic tube in the air, blowing hot air at heated heads. And, when dried without frizz tamer, my hair behaves rather like the magic old lady locks in this child’s book. Dandelions, goosedown, fluff.

I went out to dinner in a silk jersey Tory Burch au Pucci, 10-year old pink-red, kitten-heeled, possibly other-hyphened, Stuart Weitzman shoes, and Country Hair.

I used to worry more. Middle age is pretty good.

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  1. You look beautiful, love both looks. I have always blow dried my hair and hated it, especially in summer (I feel like I need another shower due to sweating!). And then my hair just frizzes the second I walk out the door. I gave up until two weeks ago when I discovered Chi (okay, not discovered, I’d heard about it but never invested). Now I let my hair air dry, throw in a little protector and then straighten. Not only is my hair not frizzy anymore, it actually stays that way! Your hair looks great down though even without the hair products you left behind. I love your long hair, I’m slowly getting agitated at mine and thinking about the big cut!

  2. I like blow-dried hair in the summer, I can give it lift so the summery hair styles actually look like styles and not just an attempt to get hair out of my face.
    If your drier is too hot, perhaps a new drier is in order; a lot of newer blowdriers dry hair quickly, with less heat.

  3. Love the kitten heels, and how they go with the dress. Still can’t hang with the idea of flip flops but really love the pop of orange on the feet.

  4. Yes this age in life is so freeing!!! You look simply stunning – your country in the city look is flawless. :) How wonderful it is to take fashion “expectations” and switch them around to be our own look. It’s us that make the clothes – not the clothes that make us! Have a beautiful day!

  5. you’ve got great legs Lisa!
    I didn’t realize that you had packed for Napa when you were staying in SF…
    personally I’d be side lined by that and probably would zip out and shop asap!

  6. Love your out to dinner ensemble! And flip flops give me the willies; don’t see how anybody can walk in them… is there a secret technique? Little marsupial toes?

    The most romantic getaways are those when one has better things to do than communing with a hairdryer :;

  7. Another similarity between us. THe blow-drying thing (and the frizz). It makes you realise how very little of the “city stuff” we actually need on a daily basis. Funny, because by UK standards, I live in the “country (in other words, Scotland). But my daily uniform is still more city than country. Thats the American in me. I want to wear colour! LOVE the dress, by the way. Silk jersey is the way forward for travelling gals.

  8. You passed up a guilt free excuse to shop???? Despite the change in plans, it appears you had appropriate clothing for your weekend activities.

  9. Your thought that “cuffing an old pair of jeans makes them look intentional” is spot on, a brilliant way to change the look. You look splendid in both photos, the dress is *so* pretty on you and the kitten heels are killer. Go you!

    Sending you a smile,

  10. Excellent job changing up the country mouse to the city mouse!

    I guess my feeling is, it depends on what city. In NYC or Boston, where I feel at ‘home’ I don’t really change it up too much, but in San Francisco, I’d be a guest and step up my game.

    I would not, however, blow dry my hair in any city.

  11. Love your boyfriend jeans and that’s all I’ve been wearing since I got a few pairs. My Tory Burch dress was “borrowed” by my cousin for a graduation, and I believe I’ve seen the last of it. She loves it so much and has a real job that she can use it for ~ far more than me. Glad you had such a great weekend.

  12. You look so happy in that picture, your smile is the best accessory of all.
    That dress is gorgeous and it really shows off your figure. The shoes! Perfect.

  13. Well, by what you wrote, I guess I´m always country in the city; always cuffed jeans.
    Your ” naturally dried hair ” looks more gray than in the other pictures : ), matching well with the color of the dress and shoes.
    ( I do use the hair dryer, but on cool air. )

  14. I can’t wear pinks or reds but you look really good in that dress. As DaniBP says, the happiness shows.

  15. That ending… damn, lady. You give a girl prone to worrying a heck of a lot to look forward to!

  16. The shoes!!! I too have the loveliest shoes from the nineties – great quality, comfortable and stylish.

    You look great and that smile has to go everywhere.

  17. Lisa, you look so gosh darn happy in that first picture! So glad you had a getaway with Significant Other who makes you grin wildly. What a perfect description of bliss in all forms. :)

    I also adore those J.Crew jackets and the Tory Burch.

  18. You look so happy and relaxed,your dress shows off the grey of your hair perfectly.Ida

  19. Cut the hair or color it. Why not do both, cut the grey and light tint it!

  20. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous in the second photo. Just beautiful! I just had to point that out. The dress looks great on you. So what if it is ten years old. It flatters you.

  21. Oh, now I see it’s the shoes that are ten years old. I have some Weitzmans that are exactly that old.

    AND, if that is country hair, you should just go with it all the time…

  22. You are my inspiration. Fabulous posture, great ‘tude, beautiful hair, big grin and a way with words.

    xo Jane

  23. That first smile? Is gorgeous. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this but whoever makes you smile like that should be kept around for a very long time. Congrats :)

  24. You look great in both pictures. I live in NYC and dress country for the city all the time, Sturdy Gal that I am.

  25. Sturdy Gals do, indeed, hate blow-drying their hair, which is one of the many reasons I don’t do it.

    And have I mentioned you’ve got some of the nicest gams I’ve ever seen? Yes, ma’am.

  26. Cuffing my jeans immediately.

    No way I can go anywhere with out taming my fuzzy hair.

    Love your style lady!

  27. I’ve got the same jacket from J. Crew. I love its Barbour-esque looks, without the price. I got mine on clearance last year for $35.

    Your country hair is great! Do it more often.

  28. Oh help me Obi One Kenobi, you are my only hope! :) What do I bring for a quick weekend at a Colorado ranch ? (owned by someone frequently quoted in Forbes, hubby’s business contact). Would like to fit it all into a carryon, an XL black Longchamp pliage. Is it too much to carry a smaller, matching bag as my purse?

    I am thinking of wearing black pencil pants and sweater set on plane. Bring denim jacket, black t shirt? Weather report is for 90s. Ugh. My usual standby of a crisp white shirt seems too pristine.

    IF you have time to reply, I’d be forever grateful. Personal email ok. We leave in a week.

    P.S. Our son-in-law received his Master’s from Princeton this year. Your family picture is just lovely.

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