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Don’t You Love Realizing It’s Going To Be Summer, Again?

It’s almost here, guys. Summer in all its warm-calf glory. You know what I mean? How the warmed wind feels on your legs?

I pretend that this is what I will wear to do errands.


Those pants are fancyish, by Alberta Ferreti. But my dream of cobalt blue was set off by  Gap khakis and they may yet keep their promise. Those sunglasses are Prada, but I’m still swearing by my Costco specials. I already own the James Perse shirt, and the orange Havaianas. Leaving only a straw French market tote to acquire. This one’s by Sirène, a company featured here.

All that insouciance. A veritable bargain. Do you have summer dollars squirreled away, waiting only for sun, straw, and colored pants to set them free?

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  1. L., my version of that outfit is: Hot-pink Havaianas w/OPI Dutch Tulips on toes, white embroidered kurta tunic, denim crops, an amazing Lands End Canvas straw tote, diamond studs, and Persol sunglasses. In other words: Great minds have great taste!

  2. Love this look! I almost bought those Prada glasses last year but after a good hard once-over, I realized I couldn’t pull them off. This season, I bought a pair of cream cat’s-eye Valentino glasses detailed with some studs. Not sure if I can pull those off either but have resolved to sport them anyway.
    Sending you some groovy summer vibe and a hug!

  3. I love your taste, Lisa. I wish I could hire you to dress me for my upcoming trip! I have the (don’t laugh) Lilly Pulitzer version of those Prada sunglasses from a couple years ago, and I love them.

  4. Summer wardrobes excite me soooo much. I’m getting excited to say goodbye to pants for a few months, and exist in nothing but skirts and sundresses.

    I am in need of a summer bag, though, and a straw tote is a good place to start looking!

  5. I too swap pants for flowy skirts, from knee to calf. The best, though, is getting out of shoes, into sandals. And I second the love for summer bags, straws or pretty fabric. No matter what the colour leather looks so much heavier.

    A brimmed hat is a wise idea.

  6. Although I like the idea of your look, most likely you will find me in khakis and polls. Here in the frozen tundra we live for summer!

  7. OK Lisa it’s time for me to try and find some Havaiana’s. You have mentioned them before and I have yet to see any here in town.
    Your summer errands must be quite fun when you are looking so chic. I particularly like that French Market tote.

    1. I’ve never seen them in a store – I buy them on the boardwalk in Venice Beach, or online. They’re great and very comfortable.

  8. All the money we have squirreled away will go to summer foods – a CSA membership, weekly trips the farmers market, canning supplies, the 36 pastured chickens we have on order, a pastured whole hog, with a little set back for the side of grass-fed beef we’ll need to order in early fall. It seems excessive, I know, but it all will feed us for the better part of a year (until next spring/summer).

    Which is not to say that I won’t find some funds for capris and cotton shirts, which are pretty much what I wear all summer long.

  9. Oh, your lovely summer wardrobe would not work over here. I just could not imagine wearing flip-flaps, sandals either, with all the sand and dust pouring in.
    Shirts ( I realize it now ) don´t look good on me, nor bright colors. We don´t wear those over here.
    But I have my off white pants, to be cuffed, naturally and two linen tops for town wear.
    At home- cotton tops and jeans, as usual.

  10. I pretty much have all I need for summer. I got the Gap pants you mentioned in a fatigue green, and a color called winter ochre. I have that James Perse shirt in every color it was ever made in – it’s fantastic. Havianas in black and in brown (maybe I should consider a brighter colored pair?) and I have an almost identical straw tote. Mine is quite old though and only has the shoulder straps, and I’m liking bags that are top handled at the moment – going to look at the link you attached. I do still wear jeans often in the summer too, rolled up.

  11. Over here no summer feelings today – it`s cold and rainy. But my summer favorites are similar. Own that straw bag abundantly embroidered (from morocco). I prefer espadrilles over flip-flops. The cobalt blue is tempting. Bought light cotton khakis from closed last year in a terrific ocean blue-green colour. Looking forward to warmer days!

  12. Those sunglasses are magnifique! Wow! I generally prefer inexpensive glasses myself. Tarjay has a fab collection for just a few pennies. I am a Sunglass Loser. I am forever losing them. Sometimes they are in my car, or even on my head. But there are times they get taken off and get left on a store shelf or shopping cart. I get distracted. I get excited by all that distracts me. My last pair of “fancy” sunglasses disappeared among the aisles of a not so terribly fancy grocery store. Until… Until I spotted a pair of tortoise shell cat eyed Pradas, yes you read that correctly, at my local Marshall’s. I was out a mere $69 and believe you me I know where they are every single second of every single day!

    I just love the orange flip flops. Love them!

  13. I blew my budget on a summer CAR – a 15 year old Fiat punto Cabriolet that requires a hat. I need advice – the Italian summer sun is strong, I’m turning 50 tomorrow and I think I need some elegant protection. You haven’t mentioned a hat… What do you think of a black straw version of Grace Kelley’s hat in TO CATCH A THIEF?

  14. Great outfit. It feels like winter again in London – but that didn’t stop me going into Gap today & buying a load of holiday clothes. Shame they weren’t in store when I was in New York.

  15. I blew the budget on a pair of new sandals. Not heels that will hurt my feet and never be worn, that kind of show is better purchased from Target. Mine are orange rubber-soled flats.

    The kind that I can wear with everything. Now that it’s May all stockings and closed-toes shoes, except for Nike’s are put away.

  16. I was staring at a pair of light blue capris at Lord & Taylor last week. Now I have to go back.

    One of the chicest women I know almost always has on a white shirt as you pictured, colored jeans turned up at the bottom, and a gorgeous piece of jewelry she’s made.

  17. It’s comfortable and striking! I found my straw tote months ago in a thrift, of all places, and just need the occasion–a farmer’s market–to break it out.

  18. A perfect outfit. You have reminded me that I actually need to give some thought to summer style. I do know it’s not just shorts and t-shirts …

  19. My desire for those Prada sunglasses is getting out of hand. Last season they were available in white, and I had to restrain myself. I might not be so self controlled this season! they’re just divine!

  20. Love your picks. Something so refreshing about all your color combinations. Anything special planned for summer traveling?

  21. The weather here is very unsettled,love your Summer outfit….mine tends to be all linen,pants,tops in ochre,kakhi,creams.
    Large brimmed hat + the sunblock….over here we have ‘fit flops’ they are supposed to exercise the legs while you walk Hmmmmm still they are so comfortable I wear them around the house. Ida

  22. You have so much style. How do you find the time what with work, family and the blog? Do you have favorite stores? When do you shop? Do you do it on line or physically? Weekends or lunch hour? Do you know exactly what you need or want? I never do or I don’t think so.

    I mean how do you get it together the way you do?

  23. Love the color of the pants, always love a white blouse, could never imagine putting flips on my feet though. Definitely some sandals, even like the idea of an orange against the blue of the pants. Love scarves and might add one to the white blouse.

  24. There’s no colour like blue in summer! Something to do with the light?

    I just bought a light patterned scarf in blue from a street vendor and every time I see its reflection in a mirror my heart opens up. This kind of blue that reminds of the sea in some locations is the colour of longing to me.

    Nice touch to have the havaianas’ and nailpolish colours jar slightly!

  25. Some how I missed it-what Essie color is that? Just love it-and the rest of the outfit!

  26. Yes, for the straw bag. I thrifted one in January that I’m waiting for the perfect “farmer’s market” day to carry. Have started following on Bloglovin, as I could no longer comment from the Blogger Reader.

  27. I love the ensemble, especially the Prada glasses. I might do without that shade of nail polish, though. Everything else, a resounding YES!

  28. Love the outfit, all of, right down to the earrings. My version is bone canvas stacked-wedge sandals with Chanel Rose Insolent on my toes, the palest blossom-pink 3/4 sleeve, summerweight cashmere cardigan by J. Crew over a white cotton tee, khaki crops with a wide, cuffed bottom, an ancient straw bag with a flower pattern weave in pink, cream, and pale taupe (J. Crew, circa 1993), small platinum hoops, and Ray-Ban Dekko sunglasses (circa 1992). If I really want to feel funky I pull out my pink, cat-eye Vuarnet sunglasses with the green lenses (mid 80s).

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