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To All The Mothers, Realized Or Hoping. Or, Saturday Morning at 6:23am

My mother, and me, some time in the 1950s, wearing cardigans.

Tomorrow’s is Mother’s Day in America.

I find that mothering never grows old, that I never have it figured out, that after almost 25 years my heart still swells with love. We don’t use the term “swell with love,” imprecisely. That’s exactly how it feels. Like balloons behind your breastbone, or one green thing sprouting in a meadow.

And I know that for some becoming a mother takes ages, or never happens. So for today I will wish that anyone who wishes to mother, can, and that anyone who has done so feels full of all the joys.

A lovely weekend to all.

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  1. Lovely picture, you seem to be gazing at her with so much love. Would it be awful of me to correct the grammar? It should be my mother and me.

    1. Kathi – I always appreciate corrections. I thought about me vs. I, and thought if I were implying a following and unstated verb, i.e., mother and I….(walking hand in hand) that I was appropriate. Am I still wrong? If yes, I will correct.

    2. Correct. If you use the full sentence it would be: “This is [my mother and] me.” Left off is the implied “This is”. Also, if you were to leave out “my mother and”, you would not say “This is I”, of course you would say “This is me”. I hear television newscasters use I and me incorrectly all the time–being an educator and believing that journalists should be experts in using language, it’s sad to hear them, and it’s no wonder that it bleeds over into the rest of society. This is me and my soapbox… I do love your picture, including the cardigans: timeless beauty on both sides.

    3. Lisa must have been typing the same time as I. (The implied ending is “…as I was typing”, hence I instead of me.) Anyway, I saw Lisa’s response after my reply was posted. My “Correct.” response was for Kathi: yes, Kathi is correct.

      1. Well then consider it corrected. I would never say, for example, between my mother and I.

    4. “Left off is the implied…”

      Tomorrow’s [implied: day] is Mother’s Day.

  2. oh dear, now i am afraid to comment…me, i, whoever. love this pic and post. i want to add, the post before~aging~was a breath of fresh thought! as i married a cowboy my life has been a outdoor adventure. as i am 65 sun block was not part of the daily routine. i do now slap some on but only to keep the sun spots from getting darker. i love my sun and am happy in it. it seems everyone has a picture of perfection for themself but i like to see a little life on their face. as always your post, your beautiful writing, help me view life in a new way….or many times just validate my own approach life….thank you

  3. I see that you have inherited your mother’s looks and she is a fine looking lady.
    Love her pearls, gorgeous.
    You look sweet and innocent and happy.
    When I see images like this one I think of the song “turn around”…I think Kodak used it in their ads way back in the day!
    Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day.

  4. Indeed, a lovely picture. Your mother has such classic features and you look so cute.
    The use of I/me does not bother me, but I am irritated seeing only small letters used in a text, even in text mails, e-mails and comments. What´s behind it? Please enlighten me.
    Wishing you a Happy Mother´s Day Lisa!

  5. What a beautiful photo. Is it my imagination or does your mother resemble your daughter? Or vice versa, rather.

    Lovely post. Happy Mother’s Day. x

  6. Lisa, I hope you and your Mom get to be together this weekend, be sure to tell her we think she’s as “good looking” as you [and your children] are!

  7. Dear Lisa,
    Happy Mother’s Day to You!
    Thank you for sharing the precious picture.

  8. lovely photo, aren’t 1950s clothes beautiful? Im thrilled to have found your blog.

  9. Classic!
    Happy happy Mothers Day Lisa!
    Will you be in Santa Barbara? It is supposed to be nice and sunny here.
    And, if we’re being picky about grammar, I think the plural is the way to go here….

  10. I love the way that you are looking at your mother. What a wonderful thing motherhood is, creating these little beings who (at least for a while, and longer if we’re lucky) adore us.

  11. @ Mette…Oh dear…small letters = lazy! I will try to slow down and do it right!
    Happy Mothers Day To All!

  12. I saw this cautiously…but you look like your lovely mother! It is true that motherhood makes us feel this way. And even last night, I lay awake worrying about the whereabouts of my daughter…age 32.

  13. “My heart still swells with love” was so beautifully stated. Thank you for reminding all of us that motherhood has been a gift.

  14. What a lovely photo! The look of love and adoration on your face is so sweet.

  15. I’m off to the garden but I wanted to take a moment and wish you a very Happy Mothers Day.

    So glad I did, what a beautiful photo.

    Good genes no wonder you still look so good in jeans.

    xo Jane

  16. Your photo is an absolute delight! It brings back wonderful memories of my 1950s childhood and my own beautiful mom. She’s who I’ve been thinking of today with love, admiration and more than a touch of sadness.

  17. What a beautiful and heartwarming photograph. You made me remember the photos of my mother and me. I had always focused on my mother with our children and didn’t realize how precisous the photos of my mother with me and my two sisters were.

    You mother was certainly a beautiful and classy looking lady. I know where your beauty genes come from.

    Thanks for posting such a personal photo.

  18. I keep coming back to look at this photo, it’s so great, just so great. Look at your sweet little sweater, buttoned just so, the rapture on your face, the confidence on your mother’s face. Trust, the trust in both of you. I love this photo, thank you.

  19. Lisa, that picture of you and your mother is so beautiful. You both have very beautiful smiles.

    What fun getting a grammar lesson to boot!

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