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Sometimes You Need Pictures, Or, Saturday Mornings at 9:13am

Improbable as it may seem, I’m out of words. You know how that just happens some times? Not from sorrow, or fear, or overwhelm. Just used up too many in the days previous.

So I made you a Pinterest board. It’s called What To Do On Saturday Mornings. Not that you don’t already know what to do, but one of the good things about Saturdays is hanging out with friends, lazily reviewing shared opinions.

Have a wonderful weekend you all, you guys, youse guys, or whatever regional dialect you use to refer to friends.

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  1. I always have “exercise” on my Saturday morning to-do list. Which is why I im still sitting here in my exercise clothes in the early afternoon, fooling around on my iPad. Time to stop procrastinating!

  2. I know what you mean. Been there.
    But the Pinterest.. very new to me, what is it´s meaning, why does it exist, what´s the idea, what is the secret of it?
    I´d be happy if someone could brief it fully but shortly. What is its function? If one already writes a blog, is it necessary to join Pinterest?

  3. Hello Lisa,
    Imagine my surprise and pleasure to see that reading my blog was one of the options you included in your Pinterest post. Thank you, m’dear, I am tickled pink! Now, I just have to find out what this Pinterest thing is all about… Fondly, Reggie

  4. I can’t commit emotionally to Pinterest yet. Or instagram. One day ..

    I am out of words sometimes too.

    Have a great Sunday x

  5. I enjoyed your Pinterest board and “liked” several things on it. Hope your Saturday was as satisfying as it needed to be…I found a real coonskin cap for the grandson and missed the Cinco de Mayo chihuahua round-up that was held locally. 500 dogs in costume showed up!

  6. For me it’s Sunday which allows these things. I often work on Saturdays which means I’ll have 6 days of mostly talking behind me when Sunday arrives. High high time to shut up.

    I can at the moment tick the boxes on tea (Earl Grey), lying in bed with many pillows and can add listening to baroque arias.

    Thank you sincerely for the reminder that there is such a thing as easy yoga which I tend to forget! I might give that a try today. Usually I do Iyengar or hormone yoga and always resolve to have a go on the weekend but invariably find I don’t have the breath left, if that makes any sense.

  7. Am with Mette on this one! could you or someone explain the Pinterest?

    Had a peep….we are busy mowing our lawns between the showers.

    Wishing you an enjoyable Sunday. Ida

  8. So funny you mention pininterest, I found myself unable to sleep after a long haul flight and fooling around on Pinterest doing nothing much. Hoping you had a good weekend Lisa!

    xo Mary Jo

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