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When Your 34th Reunion Is Way Better Than Your 25th, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:01am EDT

Today I shall don a horrible costume, sweat through rain-threatening heat, and suffer crowds in the thousands. Mostly, I”ll love it.

Princeton Reunions weekend is upon us. Although I graduated 34 years ago, to date I had only attended my 25th. I had a wonderful time, but would have been satisfied with said visit alone. That story, avec horrible costume, is here.

Why return now? The boy child is graduating! Congratulations to Mr. P! And today I’m walking in the parade with both my children. Flood not, maternal heart.

Being near my kids feels like I imagine dry lawns might, under sprinklers. Awareness and happiness seep through me.

I hope you too have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. With any luck you are enjoying a splendid time, even as my little fingers type away. I had completely forgotten the Reggie Darling post, I loved re-reading it!

    Have fun!

  2. Congratulations to your son, and to you!

    “Being near my kids feels like I imagine dry lawns might, under sprinklers” What a wonderful image…

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. The Princeton campus must be an especially beautiful and appropriate place to hold graduation ceremonies. I hope the rain holds off for you.
    –Road to Parnassus

  4. It looks like the rain moved out early enough that you should have had a beautiful day. Congratulations to all of you, and especially to your son. And I believe that you meant to say that you were walking in the P-rade.

  5. Do they issue a different jacket for subsequent reunions or do you wear the one from the 25th until the bitter end?

    It begs for a drink in your hand.

  6. Congratulations on such a wonderful milestone. I hope you didn’t get the same rain we had. A catbird paddled by in a canoe through the soggy backyard.

  7. Bravo is what I say!
    My stepfather (who raised me) graduated in 1925!

    I think reunions are fantastic. We went to my husband’s 50th at Choate……..(he was the only one from California); and it set the record for attendance!

    I have never had more fun in my entire life! He had not seen any of these people for 50 years………he adored it……and I adored it even more.

    People in your past……what a wonderful way to touch lives again!

    Have a great time!

  8. Lisa, what a wonderful event in your life. Both a beginning — your adored son’s graduation, and a look back — your own 34th (I still am amazed that Princetonians don’t just reune in five year increments like we Yalies do). Thanks for the link, and thank you — again — for the shared recollections of our 25ths and friendship through blogging. My, it seems like my 25th was ages ago, with my own 35th now fast approaching… RD

  9. Congratulations to Mr. P and Ms. C! Graduations are moving and one of the few ceremonies where we see our children shine, on their own. Enjoy every step in the parade.

  10. Oh, how exciting! Many congrats to Mr. P and his parents :-)

    My 25th is this coming weekend, oh boy!

  11. What a wonderful post! You must be proud indeed and it sounds like a great time. I just loved your “dry lawn” analogy. So very true!

  12. We were there too–for my husband’s 50th! Had a blast and P-rade was really fun as we danced our way behind Princeton’s first rock band with Ivory Jim Hunter & the boys rocking all the way. This was the class of 1962, after all!

  13. LPC, I echo all the congratulations in line ahead of me, and add simply one more: BRAVO to you because you’ve likely entertained the presence of your Former while SO stood proudly at your side through the festivities, so extra congrats go to you for pulling that off as well.

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