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Flowers In The House

Jane, over at Small But Charming, runs a little blog moment called, “Flowers in the House.” Many florists and talented people bring flowers inside and take pictures, to post them on the Internet.

Don’t you love that moment when you settle your bouquet into the vase, and the stems fall, just a bit? The way it feels when you push a stem through to the water? I don’t love stripping leaves and thorns, but it would be ungrateful to complain.

The thing is, these aren’t flowers, and that’s not a vase. The leaves of the Pieris shrub emerge peach, before maturing into a more usual middle green. And sometimes crystal perfume flaçons, given so long ago that you forget by whom, lose their stoppers and mature into vases.

Now that’s the kind of repurposing, Real Simple Aha! moment we can all get behind. Never mind 45 uses for olive oil that don’t include salads.

I considered cutting some white roses, but they were having a party on the bush, and had just begun to lie about  floral sofas in full formal regalia, and smudge their makeup. It would have been rude to interrupt.

If you’d like to begin your week with flowers, and shouldn’t we all, go take a look here. Flower on.

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  1. Beautiful, clever and thought provoking. You never disappoint.

    Buy the roses a drink from me will you?

    xo Jane

  2. Thank you for perking up my Monday morning, I hadn’t heard of the Pieris shrub, it looks beautiful. And my visit over to Small but Charming was a little slice of Monday bliss. :)

    Sending you a smile Miss Privilege,

  3. Gorgeous! I love that it’s a shrub, not flowers.

    As it happens, I think the best vases were never vases to begin with, such as big patterned pitchers and wine decanters and, yes, perfume flagons.

  4. Wonderful Lisa, You know how I love a bouquet in the house.
    Add old French mustard crocks and silver creamers to your list.
    My old perfume bottles are in my drawers, I might reconsider after seeing this.

    Happy Monday & have a great week.

  5. I took a gardening class once and a lecturer said, “don’t buy a plant for the flower, buy for the leaf.” best advice ever and you’ve proved it.

  6. That’s such a gorgeous arrangement–simple and bright. Loving flowers in the house at the moment, more so than usual and I am a big fan of the non-flower too. Bunches of Rosemary also make me happy.

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Nooo… leave the roses! I love your little cutting! (I’ve never seen the leaves of the pieris- only just the flowers- they are too sweet.) Love me a quirky re-purposed vessel for some flowers!

  8. Thanks for dropping by my place. I just got a Pieris as a gift, and your post reminds me that I need to plant it after 2 weeks. Although not familiar with makeup and perfume flacons, I look forward to regarding the Pieris as highly as you do yours.

  9. Mine giggled, of course at my attempts to weed, until I began replacing them with Rosa rugosa and garden deviant honeysuckle. Tormented no more! :D

  10. How I miss my garden. Maybe one white rose, snipped from the back, on your bedside table?

  11. A timely post and sentiment. I recently made out a list for myself of things I am making room for in my life by achieving my simplifying/decluttering goals, and on my list is:

    >Displaying Gerbera daisies in my egg cup “bud vases”!

    I have 4 cute little white egg cups which I bought nostalgically at Ikea (grandmother would serve us soft-boiled eggs in dainty vintage French egg cups). I had a contraption in Germany that made perfect soft-boiled eggs, but it had a different type of plug than we use in the states, and I haven’t attempted to learn the pot method since being back. So they don’t become clutter, I plan to turn them upside-down transforming them into bud vases – my vision is to have the heads of bright Gerbera daisies just sitting at the top!

  12. “they were having a party on the bush, and had just begun to lie about floral sofas in full formal regalia, and smudge their makeup. It would have been rude to interrupt.”

    YOU ARE SO CUTE. Times infinity. Seriously!!

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