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357 Great Looks For Quiet Dressers

Although this post sounds like it sprang from an orgy of Walmart marketers and Harper’s Bazaar editors, I’m really just pointing you to a great Pinterest board. The board’s name itself is accurate, but skimpy.

What To Wear When You Are Retired

There. You now have at least 10 minutes of fun and idea-generation ahead of you, quite suited to a Wednesday morning.



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  1. Exactly what I need, as I approach retirement but don’t feel old and certainly don’t want to look it.

  2. The looks and ideas are inspiring if a little too dressy for my kind of retirement. The models are not. Way too much skinny-ness. Isn’t there some kind of mid-ground between anorexic and voluptuous?

    1. There’s just a universal dearth of models who look like real people. Even if you want to clip that way, hard to do.

  3. I’m 25 and think this board is amazing! I love that classic, elegant look. Although it’s hard to find that in my prize range and petite size. Oh, sigh. I can at least re-pin.

    Love your blog!

  4. Wow, you don’t have to be retired to wear those clothes, something for everyone…lots of county clothes,like the brown cardigan with the suede long boots, great to wear shopping in the market towns.

    Travelling in style the Orient Express way…nod to the 30’s.

    Thank you Lisa & Laura for some great ideas. Ida

  5. What a treasure trove of great outfits. I especially love the lady in white boarding the Orient Express with what looks like several pieces of Louie Vuitton luggage. Lots of great classic looks here and I’ve pinned several.

    Her taste is very similar to mine, so I will be following her board. Thanks Lisa. Pinterest is sooo much fun.

  6. Thank you, thank you.
    So much equestrian in this Pinterest board. Naturally I like the theme.
    Don´t see a connection with retirement in this though!

  7. Love these stylish looks and hopefully don’t have to be retired to wear them! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday Lisa!
    xo Mary Jo

  8. Yes, great outfit suggestions but also i see this lady is a veggie & has a very interesting selection of vegetarian recipes on her board for me . Double thanks Lisa

  9. Privilege, I love this post. Now that I’m enjoying “forced” retirement, one of my biggest challenges is reworking my “corporate office” wardrobe into an “everyday” stylish look. This Pinterest collage is the best I’ve seen with styles I can acutally wear. Thanks!

  10. I’m 64 and more or less retired. Very, very few of my age cohort would choose many of the “bottoms” that adorn so many of these boards. I suspect most of these were done by people quite far from actual retirement age (which is tending now toward the mid 60s; boomers are working longer.) It’s not that we’re frumpy or unfit, but we are not well-served by leggings (worn as pants) and superskinny jeans.

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