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Changing The About Me, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:16am

Hullo everyone.

This morning I have changed Privilege’s About Me page. I’ve shifted the focus from rapturous High WASP panegyric to a more straightforward description of our conversations. Also I’ve referred to you all, since, as many people point out, your comments are often the high point of the blog.

I’d love it if you took a look and let me know if the paragraphs now reflect your experience of reading. I’m happy to edit to make this as true as possible.

Why the change? Oh, guys, I just got tired of explaining. In the days when I was home, and posting more often, I could intersperse High WASP stuff with style talk in a good cadence. I could support the discussion. But my job takes enormous brain power these days, and I have to respect my obligations.

I still plan to post on social class, and my cultural niche. Can’t just give up. But I think I’ll write one good, solid, explication of what I mean by High WASP, and what my intent is in writing as I do. Then I’ll have that post as a base, and every time I write something on the topic I can point people there. Whether they buy it, of course, is another thing altogether. But that’s OK. I can’t, and wouldn’t want to compel everyone to agree with me. I am simply organizing to accomplish what I want to accomplish with the actual resources to hand.

I find it helps to think of life as a system, almost a metaphysical machine. Tune ups required occasionally. Output to be optimized, given the true constraints of the hydraulics.

Much affection to you all. Have a wonderful weekend.


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  1. While I feel badly that you feel you had to change your “about” page – I’ve never felt that you owed anyone and explanation about anything – I do like it. And I laughed out loud at “foot muffins.” Sorry, I still adore my Crocs, although I don’t wear the big, clunky ones very often any more.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed your WASP posts most of all. So–please don’t stop them. I think the idea of redirecting posters to your explanation should work.

    I totally understand that you have certain obligations and not as much time for blogging now.

    I love your style posts. I’m even getting used to the idea of loafers or lace up shoes on women.

    Thanks Skyepeale!

  3. Hullo. Your new About Me is great. Having a base explanation of your idea of what it means to be a WASP is excellent, and should save you an impressive amount of energy. I have one question about the mechanics of your blog: on my screen, which is open in a Firefox browser, the “For more, please go here,” text does not have a highlighted portion to convey it’s a link, but in other locales you do have links in a different shade. Is that intentional or a glitch? One last: the comments on your blog are good because your blog inspires. I have come to look forward to your Saturday morning post as a part of my routine. Kudos to you for the job you do here.

    1. The blog infrastructure is a little old, time for a renovation, I think. I am honored to be part of your routine.

  4. I certainly understand respecting your obligations, but, I do love your posts on social class, and cultural. You are a brave voice with your more controversial posts and I hope to see more.
    Also, one of my favorite posts was,
    “How To Deliver A Difficult Ethical Message”.
    You have an intelligent writing style and I suspect there is a book waiting to get out :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    SF Bay Area

    1. Thank you. Interestingly, that post was requested. Sometimes we all do best when asked questions that aren’t ours.

  5. I’ve always appreciated your efforts to be self-reflexive about class, but I also easily understand the need to conserve energy for where it’s most effectively spent — or most in demand. Your new About Me is clear, inviting, and entertaining. I look forward to each and every new post!

  6. I generally read your musings on the weekend – a luxury and privilege for me – so I say whatever makes it easier for you to continue this excellent site I certainly support. Take all the time you need and enjoy the journey!

  7. Yup, me too (re the weekends). I look forward to catching up with musings over coffee and whatever in my pjs on the couch. Keep up the good work, however it works for you!

  8. I love your thoughtful take on style through the lens of culture, a lens we all use whether we realize it or not. The new paragraph really reflects your writing, which is intellectual yet includes us all. Thanks for that!

  9. Hi Lisa! To me the new About Me reads like the description of a fashion-blogger. Your blog is much more than a fashion-blog and you have so many more interests than just fashion. I must know, because fashion blogs bore me and your blog seduces me again and again and again, since you cover so many topics about live and experiences. The About Me gives me the impression this is another fashion blog.
    Hm. Why would you want to reduce your existence in the blogsphere to a fashion-blogger-identity?

    You write that you might write this posting on High-WASP, the one that explains almost everything. Well, I think you already wrote it, 1 or two years ago. Including all the controversial comments and your answers to those comments – everything might already have been said. ;-)

    2This is very special, very “you”:
    First and foremost, welcome to Privilege. My won2derful readers and I are happy to have you join us.

  10. I hope the High WASP element will re-appear from time to time.

    I just gave someone we stay with regularly fancy hand-towels and I’m going to need more hostess gift suggestions!

    1. High WASP isn’t going away, just coming out of the About Me, where the new people land. You guys have already decided to bear with it:).

  11. I like the new About Me page, and I do think that it fairly accurately describes what most of your posts are about. Like one of the commenters above, I think it does read as a “fashioner blogger” about me page though. It’s missing that depth that just a little bit of an idea of what angle you’re coming from would provide, or how you got into fashion at least.

    Because I really do think of this blog as about so much MORE than clothes.

  12. I do like the new About Me page, but I agree with my comrades, here — you are so much more than a fashion/lifestyle blogger, and I think you should also include a little something more to help summarize the real spirit of Privilege. I so appreciate your insights, stories and observations about life, and that is why I come back here. xo

  13. Love the inclusion of the readers, as you have such a dialogue here, a genuine give and take that *is* part of the blog. Having said that, I miss seeing the High WASP reference, although the “talk style in the context of culture’ covers some of what I think many of us fear disappearing. It’s possible we’re reading too much into that….?

    More than anything these days I understand and respect (enormously) the energy issue, and applaud your desire to post accordingly. :)

  14. How about: … Nothing beats the privilege of being alive and the luxury of thought. So let’s talk life, experiences and style in the context … ??

    Just a thought, as I have to agree with my fellow commenters that the current text is a bit short on the essence that makes your blog different.

    1. Yes! “In context” is a large part of why I love this blog. Lisa, you write about clothing and style, but usually in the context of work, family and social obligations. That thoughtfulness is part of what makes this blog stand apart from other style blogs.

      Thank you, as always, for your writing!

  15. LPC: the quality, the range, the stimulation, the frequency of what you write here is a Pure Gift. You give us these magnificent compositions time after time, so for the dozenth [because we can] time, we Thank You. More importantly, any adjustment you make to the wrapping, tape and ribbon is fully understood. Because you are such a treasure in the universe, we want you to take care of YOU first. And, yes, even if that means you must write your final post, leaving us with only your Archives, we accept that as well.

  16. Hi Lisa, I waited before commenting while I sorted out my opinions, but then Paula expressed them beautifully.

    I would like to add that although being a WASP might be a part of you and an element in your opinions, what really makes this blog special is the “Lisa” part of it, your unique and individual perspective.

    –Road to Parnassus

  17. Lisa, first off, do what you must do! It’s your blog and your prerogative to change it however you like. Just know that for all the criticisms/questions you receive regarding your focus on high WASP culture, history and ethos, you’ve also attracted regular readers for that reason alone.

    Fashion blogs are a dime a dozen. Good ones are rarer but not hard to find. Interesting places to discuss sociological paradigms are probably not terribly hard to locate either if one is willing to dig, but those that focus on a woman’s perspective, especially a “woman of a certain age,” are rare. Yours is the only one I’ve ever stumbled upon, and I value it because it combines so many interests I share. I just hope others with similar interests in the future can find it in the future.

    Peace and Godspeed!

    1. Thank you very much for your thoughts. I believe I understand what’s being said here. Now I just need to noodle over what to say.

    2. Lisa brings up to 3 generations together, daugthers, mothers and grandmothers, they all comment. I think this is very special if not unique!

  18. Whatever you feel like writing about, that isn’t too draining on your psyche is best. I enjoy your fashion posts, and I suspect that some of the other posts cause some conflict, which may be hard to manage with your work right now. Anyway, write whatever, you write it all well.

  19. Boy, you had some great comments here, and I also tend to the camp that leans towards your gift is more than being brilliant at fashion…it’s the intellegent and social commentaries that really take the cake and bring us continually back for more…of you, which gets to my next point…write whatever you feel like writing, because sometimes, that creatively genius though elusive and fleeting mood, takes us on paths we hadn’t intended to go on but in the end, get us to where we and our readers need (and want) to be!
    You are so sweet to bring everyone into the mix and in such an inclusive way…thank you!
    Best with your slightly new direction…
    xo J~

  20. Hello, I cannot wait to read your description of High Wasp, and compare it to my experience living among my High Wasp in law’s. One think I admire in true wasps and Blue blood, and their directness, upmost frankness, and dry sense of humor when disaster hits. Nothing a martini, constantly refreshed by the old butler, cannot cure.

  21. The context is really very much what makes your blog so special, although your brilliant writing provides that in elegant buckets. No complaints here. Just wanted you to know that your voice is very much appreciated in my little corner of Paris. :) Bises, Karen

  22. Lisa – you and your blog are awesome. As the kids say: srsly. I don’t think you need to change anything, certainly not in response to … Well, anything.

    That said: I do think your new “about me” is great (although I must say I hadn’t read the old one in forever, if ever.) but: my $.02… “privilege” in and of itself is a loaded term for many…it can be easy for some people to get the wrong impression, especially for anyone blogging about clothes and material things. I think especially for you – with s many thoughtful, interesting, considered points – it’s a very wrong impression. So you should consider putting a short sentence in the “about me” page explaining the name and URL so you can move on.

    On the other hand: sometimes an idiot test is good, particularly when curating a community.

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