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Where The Cool Kids Shop

Sturdy Gals are rarely cool by nature. That’s OK. We don’t mind, most of the time. We understand that our value derives from blunt talk, kindness, and upper body strength.

But we do like to peek over the shoulders of the cool kids now and then. As we age, evolve, and get braver, we try on some of their clothes. Even denizens of the Sturdy room might duck out an Artsy door one day.

And where would we shop? Here are a few choice sources. Let’s start with shoes, a sneaky way to grab a little Artsy. Via the queen of diffident snark and razor-sharp style, east side bride. cevd likes them too.

I’ve been coveting some Dieppa Restrepo oxfords. You don’t have to go all the way to metallic blue. Nice black leather will do for our first steps.

Catbird jewelry, hipster jewelry, cool stuff

I’ve posted items from Catbird many times before. Their slogan ought to be Jewelry With Teeth. Kidchamp is a fan.

I guess even the Artsy will need a shirt. Topless would be way too cool for school. I’m going with my true Artsy inspiration, Audi at Fashion for Nerds. She makes a science out of fabric drape. Why cool people like asymmetry I do not know. That’s probably the secret of coolness.

Confession. My secret 50+ weapon is good biceps. Thanks to lifting my fat babies of decades past. I think I’d wear this top with black leggings, if it was long enough, or black stovepipe jeans. But more likely with whatever the cool salesperson recommended. Being that I’m new to the cool game and all.

Some other sources. How about a Los Angeles site?

Denim plays for many teams. This jacket is indigo painted black. Although I might wind up in groovy sweatpants by mistake. Sturdy Gals often start out in search of cool but bring home sweatpants.

Then there’s this New York company,

Cool people always wear sunglasses. Gray ones, with a clear plastic frame. Not from Costco. Of course, what I really want is a sweatshirt with a semi-peplum.

This is a different kind of Advanced Style, for the over 50. Urban but minimal. Derived from art galleries. Goes very well, I hope, with long grey hair. And I’m going to say pearl studs, because if we couple Hello Kitty with Armani, surely we must pearl it up here.

Don’t take my word. Look through the sites. It’s Thursday, and most Thursdays can sustain a little diversion.

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  1. You know, I love living a fashionable life vicariously through you.

    Hey – I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought a pair of black patent-leather loafers (with a buckle!) for dress wear a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know what came over me.

  2. My Sturdy roots are so deep, some types of Cool and Artsy are just not available to me. I tried on a pair of the clear frames, gray lenses sunglasses and laughed until I snorted. They are lovely glasses, just not on me.

    But I think I could do an asymmetrical, draped blouse, and those oxfords are very tempting.

  3. Loving those glasses and I am also very attracted to draped tops, just adds a bit of intrigue; can be dressed up or down!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  4. I had to share with you…saw a “poster” on Pinterest the other day that fits your blog.

    “If you’re cooler than me

    Does that make me hotter than you?”

    Gave me a smile.

  5. “Sturdy Gals often start out in search of cool but bring home sweatpants.”hihihi, that is SO ME! I love your sturdy gals posts :)

    1. Hey guys, Privilege is under spam attack, so if your comments don’t make it onto the site, please keep trying.

  6. Love all of your choices. Is the 20 something’s word for cool “hipster”? The jacket is incredible – would hide a multitude of mid body imperfections and feel very comfortable at the same time. Just purchased glasses in a very similar shape, tortoise shell, nerdy but cute. I’ll go for semi cool. My new motto will be ” pearl it up” – thanks for making my day with that one!

  7. This has always been my predilection but as I age, find I must wear a scarf (not bright, just barely there, or (yes!) baroque or keshi pearls, or a stack of bangles. Something has to soften the severity.

    A drop down menu for colour that lists only black makes me laugh.

  8. These are a great collection of sites – I know (and have shopped at) Allsaints so maybe I have “peeped over the shoulder of the Artsy cousin once or twice”. And I think the Allsaints top would look fabulous on you Rather like the look too of the sunnies and that denim jacket with a twist. Fabulous post and round up! Happy weekend to you! (its Friday here in Melbourne so I can say that)…. X

  9. I want some new sunglasses. I can imagine the clear frame looking good on a blond, I wonder how they do for brunettes.

  10. Hello Lisa,
    Naracimie is having a sale this weekend – buy one, get second half off! Thanks for mentioning this store on your site.

  11. Love the shark’s tooth necklace. It is like the Givenchy ones… except not dipped in precious metals and ridiculously oversized. I am a fan!

  12. One of these days you’ll find just the right All Saints piece, I feel it! I could see you in that top with skinny jeans and a pair of those black oxfords, in fact.

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