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The Best Skin Care I Have Ever Used

I’ve found it. A skin care line to fall in love with. Even marry. I’m designing our rings right now.

What’s it called? Apriori Beauty.

Huh? Never heard of it? Well, it’s a company started by a woman entrepreneur, and represented here on Privilege by Candace the Commenter. That’s not her name, of course, but she’s been reading and hanging out with us for some time. Finally, when I posted about my Kiehl’s use, she suggested I try Apriori.

Which means she put my order in for me, because Apriori is also a company that sells via its website, and representatives, vs. viadepartment stores or Sephora. Network marketing, in other words. Not something in which I ever expected to participate. Silly me. It was lovely not to have to type all my data into the 357,000th online form.


  • Fewer little bumps
  • More natural color to the skin
  • Increased moisture level
  • Smells very, very good
  • Feels very, very good
  • Freedom from fear of parabens and other nasty ingredients

I’m not prone to fine lines, but I imagine if I were, I’d see an impact there too. I suspect that the combination of physical exfoliation and the serums is responsible. Interesting, since I’d been using a Clairisonic without an equivalent impact.

Now, is Apriori fixing my incipient jowls? Returning my flesh to the cheekbone haunts of my youth? No. My underjaw has not lost its terrible appeal to my smile. But I’m jubilant about my skin’s top layers.

Let’s talk details. Apriori is not cheap. The set above can be had for $228. I’ve used up 2 products, the Activating Tonic and the Firming Complex, in 2 months. I confess to having applied with enthusiasm, so maybe these could be eked out a little longer. Other items, Eye and Lipthe optional Micro Scrub, and moisturizer, look to be OK for more like 4-6 months.

If you’ve found your drugstore favorites, you probably don’t need this line. But if you’ve fallen down the stairs of department store skin care and you can’t get up, think comparatively. Kiehl’s firming serum costs $56 for 1.7 oz, Apriori’s is $36 for 1 oz. Perricone toner is $39 for 6 oz, Apriori toner is $36 for 4 oz. Apriori is more, but as a skin care aficianado I’m willing to pay for something that works this well.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, my face feels better. It feels alive. I know that sounds weird, but I am making this as true as I can.

If you’re interested, you can contact Candace and ask for samples. In this case, the skin care comes with a human being. She’s good for advice as well as unguents.

No compensation or free product has been received in return for this post. Candace, bless her heart, offered. I declined so as to make completely clear to you how much I like these goods.

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  1. Wow, that’s quite the testimonial! I’m always on the lookout for THE face regimen and it sounds like you have found it. The price, though, shew! But, if it works well, I guess that’s the price we pay for beauty!

  2. I’ve read through their ingredients and think I may give it a try.
    The department store is so full of promises that cost a fortune and deliver mediocre results. I’ve just put away my new, highly touted “Philosophy Miracle Worker SPF 55” because on closer inspection it contains retinol. You never, ever use retinol palmitate during the day because it raises your sensitivity to the sun, and therefore your risk of developing skin cancer. It’s a sunscreen for heavens sake!

    Apriori is very highly rated on one of my favorite “watch dog” sites.
    I’d never heard of it, so thank you. I’ll contact Candace! Sorry for the mini-rant.

  3. I’m very happy with Arbonne, a Swiss product line of all natural ingredients. The prices are a bit higher, though. I’ve pared my products down to their wash, serum, day cream and night cream (which I use only in the winter).

  4. Thank you very, very much for such wonderful writeup of Apriori Beauty products, Lisa! You are an amazing woman to know, and I love the community of women here. All of your comments cause me to think, make me smile and feel like I am a part of a wonderful “watercooler” experience. Thank you all so much! Samples are on their way to those who have requested!

  5. Also off topic. What’s up with your archive section? I’m seeing this error.

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