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Interviewed On The Career Clinic

Here’s the interview guys. It’s not short, I’m answering questions about growing up with money.

I hope you enjoy it. I am curious to know whether I sound like you thought I would. I imagine our real selves, if there are such things, exist in the confluence of  spoken, acted, and online personas. I welcome every opportunity to hunt real down.

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  1. Just started listening and your voice sounds sturdy! For some reason I thought you would sound more ethereal, like your thoughtful Saturday morning posts, or the India reflections. Looking forward to listening to the whole thing :)

    1. Yes, it’s a good thing! It’s a really can-do voice, which matches so much of what you’ve written about. I was like, Of course, that’s a woman who could face a room full of male executives, and travel across India by herself. Of course.

  2. What a treat that was! You sound just like a friend. I’m happy and relieved that you speak as well as you write. Many bloggers do not, but you were every bit as sharp and as charming as you are here.

  3. Absolutely sensational, both you and Maureen. You are as confident and layered by audio, as you are in print. As with your writing, this audio deserves a second listening, you really pack a lot into little spaces.

    I opened 2 windows on my computer, one of the white page w/ the dial [which I pushed along when the commercials came up, sorry Maureen], and this photo on the other:

    Thank you for generously sharing so much of yourself with us and the world, LPC. Like your siblings doing positive work in the communities of their professions, your blog and this interview are positive forces in the internet community.

    1. Thank you. And I am so happy to have accurately conveyed my speaking self in my writing. I thought the two modes were further apart.

  4. Hi Lisa, You sounded perfect. I enjoyed the discussion, although I wish it hadn’t been interrupted and fragmented so much because of the long breaks, especially each time things were getting itneresting.

  5. I will have to listen to the whole interview later, but I did listen to a few minutes of it. You sound EXACTLY as I expected you would sound. So, YES it is possible to imagine what someone is like and find that they are exactly as you imagined.

  6. Just had a chance to listen to half of it right now because of time constraints, but will listen to the rest of it tonight. Yes, you do sound like I expected, and are incredibly composed, articulate, poised, and still very friendly. I’m really enjoying it.

  7. I got a reprieve from what I supposed to do and listened to the rest. It was “excellent” ~ it truly was. Congratulations, and I hope you do it some more.

  8. The interview made me want to sit down and have a long coffee with you–particularly about believing you can become a writer. The interview made me realize how privileged I was even as a middle-class girl. Lots of food for thought.

  9. great interview – i had no thoughts about what you sounded like previously, but you have a very nice voice!

  10. I listened to it all and any time you want to pop in to my English seaside town to spread around a bit more of that insight, fight and fluency, let me know and I’ll get the kettle on. What an interesting thing to do…

  11. What a treat to listen to your voice.
    You sound sweeter than I had imagined you. I wished I could meet you in person (I promised you a chocolate cake on twitter a year ago, and the offer still stands, if you visit Cyprus one day :)

    1. I like to have the idea, even if it never happens, that some day I might have chocolate cake on Cyprus. Thank you.

  12. Loved your interview Lisa. It stopped about half way and I had to return later. I agree with the others, your voice was just as I expected – very polished and professional. There’s just something about hearing a person’s voice that makes them seem more real and connected. How fun to have had T. Berry Brazelton as a pediatrician.

  13. Hi Lisa,have just listened to your interview,loved your enthusiasm for your job any chance you could come and inspire our young entrepreneurs……though America is one country I have never visited have always admired their anything can be achieved attitude.

    You sounded more jolly and ‘down to earth’ than I expected.Ida

  14. This never happens to me, but I thought you sounded exactly how you write and exactly how you look!

    I loved the interview; it’s so fascinating to me as I’ve also reflected in adult life on my own uncommon background (third world poverty) and how it’s shaped me, and how all these things interplay with people together in the adult worlds. Thank you!

  15. In anticipation of the storm we’ve been busy, but never so much as to not slow for a quick listen, or two, followed by a third with the husband. Wow! Every bit of what I expected. Authentic to the core and quick witted. Off now for a walk in the night amongst the howling deciduous. Great podcast!

  16. Loved the interview, just wish there was more. It would be great if you blogged about your growing up and the growing realization of your family’s wealth. There is a bounancy,intelligence and solidity to you that is so satisfying to listen to and read. Bravo, and please may I have more?

  17. Your interview was very enjoyable! It was like we were all having coffee with you. You are so real, and comfortable in who you are, that’s what I admire about you….and your amazing vocabulary. Your life’s accomplishments are incredibly impressive. I hope there is a sequel interview!

  18. I loved hearing your voice Lisa…and it fit you, how about that! I only heard a snippet (couldn’t resist) but I’ll be heading back to hear the rest when it’s not past my bedtime. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your eloquent thoughts in your very own voice!
    Recently I heard a reading done by Virginia Woolf and she sounded nothing like I had imagined she would…very uppity upper-crust Englishy sounding. I don’t know what I thought she would sound like, but it wasn’t that. Your voice on the other hand…fit beautifully, this was such a treat!
    Congrats on the interview…
    xo J~

  19. I enjoyed listening to the interview. Your voice goes with your writing–intelligent, no nonsense, no silliness. Perfect for a Sturdy Gal.

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