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A Few Words Of Explanation And An Index

Heads up. Tomorrow’s post is another installment in the story of my 1982 travels through India. Since I haven’t done one of these since last September, there are many here who might like a little explanation, and perhaps an index of the first parts of the story.


Explanation: In 1982, at the age of 25, I took 3 months to travel in India by myself. I had a self-set project to write about the Indian film industry. Unsurprisingly, an awful lot of What The Heck Is This! happened too.

Guide: If you click the India category, all the posts will show up. But if you’d like to read through them sequentially, or just sample a few, here are all the links and post titles so far, on one page. Having just reread it all myself, it’s not yet a fully integrated narrative. But I could get it there with a little editing.

  1. Finding Oneself In India, 1982
  2. Telephones, Addresses, Movies. India, 1982
  3. A Luxury Coach To Ajanta And Ellora, India, 1982
  4. Udaipur, Egrets, Trains. India, 1982
  5. Rajastan, Weddings, Measurements. India, 1982
  6. And Stately Boulevards Precede Us. India, 1982
  7. Movie Stars, Marble, A Sitar Player, India, 1982.
  8. Ardor, Red Dye, Foreign Girls. India, 1982
  9. Stupas, Tigers, Disco Beats, India, 1982
  10. Pearls, Chemicals, Heat and Dust. India, 1982
  11. Bathers, Men, Ghouls. India, 1982
  12. South, South, South. India, 1982.
  13. Wheels, Feet, Temperature, India, 1982.
  14. Calcutta, Andaman, Blue. India, 1982.

As we see, I could use a copy editor to enforce consistent punctuation. Never mind.

After tomorrow’s story, I estimate about 5 remain. So, one way or another, I’ll most likely manage to complete the tale. A goal I’ve had since 1983, I’d say. Thank you for helping me keep my internal commitments.

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  1. I believe I came to your world during an India post.

    I’ve been coming back ever since and am delighted to hear another one is in the hopper.

    Wherever the hopper is.

    see you tomorrow.

    xo jane

  2. Wonderful stories. Would it be possible for you to keep updating this page as you keep writing more parts? I’d love to tell my friends where they can read your story!

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