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Flowers Refusing To Get In The House

(If anyone’s wondering why on earth I am posting twice in one day, chalk it up to wanting to hang out with online friends. Or else my general chatterbox nature. Either reason will do and be true besides. We will return to the usual rhythm next week.)

It’s time for Flwrjane’s Flowers in the House. Except, my flowers didn’t feel like coming inside.

I love white roses when they start to distort, show pink spots, crumple.

But the closest they got to the house, for quite some time, was the front lawn.

Because for all the evocative detail of rot, for all the metaphor of time and life and passing Sunday afternoons, with browning petals come bugs. And there’s very little romance in aphids skittering across a kitchen counter.

Go take a look here at what I expect are infinitely better behaved flora, sheltering neither creepies nor crawlers, and therefore made welcome in houses everywhere.

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  1. What a day.You’ve been AlreadyPretty (as ever) and now here you are with a yard full of roses.

    Pretty perfect day I’d say.

    xo jane

  2. “If anyone’s wondering why on earth I am posting twice in one day, chalk it up to…”

    I see you’re a little off-tempo as I am. I’ve been linking my own hyperactivity and figity unrest to the disturbance in the USA-niverse. Sending all best to the millions of disrupted souls in the coastal/inland Northeast metro areas, my heart is broken for what they’re enduring. They’re not used to it, while we here in the coastal/inland Southeast seem to prep for these miserable things in our sleep. I hate this for them….

  3. Somehow I’ve ended up posting twice within 24 hours, although not twice in the same day, technically. You know, of course, that extra postings from you are always welcome. . . lovely roses! I share your reluctance to bring bugs inside, but sometimes just can’t resist. Aphids are not so bad, but the earwigs. . . . yeesh!

  4. I love those pink splotches on the white petals…
    frequently bugs highjack their way into our home hidden deep inside flowers.

    Post as often as your heart desires, I am always willing to hear from you.

  5. i am skittering around your blog, (somewhat like those errant creepy crawlies) and having a marvellous time. Thank you for your visit.

  6. Thought about your post last night as the farmer’s market bok choy bundles, submerged in their cold water soak, released wisps of drowning aphids.
    The litmus test for organic produce!

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