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One For The Good Guys, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:31am

I gave up trying to be good eons ago. I don’t know about you, but the state seemed too difficult to define, much less achieve.

That said, I recognize a good person when I meet one. Since they are so rare, I also try to let the good ones know how much I value their character. It can be hard, good people are always helping you. One doesn’t want to just say thank you for acts performed, but for the happy startle when you recognize goodness exists at all.

The other thing about good people is that it’s not clear they always get what they deserve. Good may not pay. Unfortunate, that.

So let’s all celebrate when good wins. Recently, Time Magazine named Susan Kelley’s blog, What Kate Wore, as one of Time’s 25 best blogs of 2012. Susan, who has a background in journalism, writes with a grace and thoroughness that she brings even to coverage of Battenburg lace, tulle, and what Kate Middleton wears. In detail. What Kate Wore answers every question you’ve ever had about princess fashion.

Susan, who also runs the small business The Preppy Princess, is known ’round here as TPP, and has been commenting in support since 2009. Always selflessly, always cheerfully, always with focus. She’s both well-behaved and highly skilled, and takes advantage of no one, as far as I can tell.

Although goodness is hard to define, surely kindness, diligence, and honor are in there somewhere.

In all honesty, I don’t like Ms. Middleton much. Feel free to disagree. Those of us who give up on good have to reach for smaller virtues native to our temperament, and as a blurter, honesty is all I’ve got. But I do like Susan, enormously. And I hope you join me in cheering her success and visiting her store.

Susan, thank you so much for everything. May this success bring you and yours all kinds of happiness.

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  1. Had no idea the TPP wrote What Kate Wore. Glad she got such a wonderful award. Congratulations Susan!

    Curious about why you don’t like Ms. Middleton? I have no opinion one way or the other, except I do like the way she dresses at times.

    1. I also have no opinion. Can’t really relate to the royalty thing. And don’t know much about her personality or interests. Just think she’s pretty :)

  2. Congratulations Susan. I’m quite obsessed with the Duchesse of Cambridge, so love your postings. Now in honor of your honor (G) I’ve subscribed. Nice to know your also a “good” person. Approved by Lisa. (G)

    It really is an achievement to be singled out from the vast ocean of bloggers. Bravo to you!

  3. You are not very nice if you write that you do not like KM. Have you met her in person or read anything that she had written? So déclassé on your part.

  4. Congratulations to TPP!

    You don’t have to be keen on the topic to know that it’s a well written account with everything anybody who is keen on the topic might want to know.

  5. Ms. Middleton? Are you talking about Pippa? The Duchess of Cambridge is lovely. Susan does a nice job. Unlike most royal bloggers, she’s rarely judgmental and nasty. It’s refreshing.

  6. Oh The Preppy Princess’ vinyl monogram decals are THE BEST! And all best to such a deserving gal!

  7. As my grandmother might have said, GoodnessGraciousSakesAlive! Can we talk about the “the happy startle when you” pop in for your Saturday Privilege fix and see this?!

    I don’t know if I have ever told you this but it seems there’s no time like the present. Since you started Privilege I have had this dream that one day I would be able to write like you. Less verbiage. More profundity. Over the past year I finally accepted I will never get there. You are you and I am not. And that is okay because more than anything I am grateful to say you are my friend, and that is something very cool indeed.

    With thanks for your more-than-kind post,

  8. Before reading your post, I just ” happened ” to browse through the rewarded blog.
    Impressive, detailed picturing and writing. I´d suppose those, loving to read about The Royal families in general, will find this blog very satisfying.
    Even I might return back to it.
    It´s ok to write your own opinions, especially on your own blog – explanations not needed.

  9. Lisa,I agree about Ms Middleton not sure why but,but just something!! I am not the only one in Blighty who thinks this.Ida

  10. Congratulations to Susan! It is indeed an honor to be recognized by a news source as well as a personal recognition by a friend. I am an avid fan of all parties involved, Susan herself, Susan’s two blogs, her business with her consort and that of your prose and fashion insights, missy. I just love coming across a good news day. xoxo

  11. You’re not good? Really? think being”good” means not being “bad”. And my dear Lisa, you are anything but bad.

    You’re not even snarky.

    Not being particularly preppy I have not been to visit Susan st either of her blogs.

    I’m off to give them/her a read but before I do let me offer m congratulations to her right here.

    Any friend of yours…

    xo jane

  12. Congratulations to Susan! What a magnificent distinction! I confess that I enjoy “What Kate Wore” fairly regularly because Kate has pretty hair, is married to Diana’s mannerly son, and absolutely wears clothes quite well.

    I will continue to read Susan’s blog and see what develops.

    Thank you, Lisa, for shining the light on The Preppy Princess. It was a good thing to do.

  13. The blogs you mention are new to me…
    why the dislike for Kate?

    Just curious, I am a wee bit of a royalist and when Diana visited our fair city I lined up with my pram and babies and stood for several hours by government house a few blocks north of our wee bungalow just to catch a glimpse of her as she drove by waving from the limo.

    There must be more to your opinion…perhaps you’ll elaborate.

  14. The Kate blog is new to me , I didn’t realise she generated that much interest over there . I’m no royalist but she seems to be doing her job well , such as it is , taking care not to embarrass us – unlike some of the other family members . To be honest , which is what we seem to be doing , I might actually like her more if she avoided the mass shooting & killing parties as Diana always did ….not much of that shown on Downton .

  15. Congratulations Susan! I love your blog ” What Kate Wore”! You are superb at tracking down sources and providing beautiful photos. You are very deserving of this award, and how fun to know we are chatting with you here!

  16. Good for Susan!
    And, as always, thanks for the frankness.
    I feel like asking people why DO you like Kate M.?
    The greatest myth of our times is that we “know” these people that we see only through layers of PR people.

  17. Do you suppose the Duchess of Cambridge will forever be incorrectly known as Kate Middleton? Even before she married Prince William she was never “Kate”. I suppose Diana was forever incorrectly known as Princess Diana. Red top monikers seem to stick unfortunately.

  18. You’re a blurter? I adore blurters. The world needs more, especially female ones. I celebrate your blurtitude.

  19. I’m a religious follower of The Order of Satorial Splendor – she covers most of the European and some Asian and Middle Eastern Royals and has a healthy focus on sparklies! I just love extravagent jewels.

    And I agree about trying to encourage the good. I came across a Mayor’s PA recently who is just amazing at her job – I couldn’t politely express how impressed I was with her manner and knowledge.

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