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Some Days Clothes Are Just Clothes

Some days a girl goes all semiotic, and some days she just likes her cute clothes.

Eric Bompard scarf under a 10-year old Gryphon cropped trench. Brown J. Crew bootleg cords and Beautifeel two-tone heels. (On sale for $159 down from $279.) I wish Gryphon hadn’t recently taken a Wacko Designer pill, but maybe they’re feeling their signifying oats too. I dunno. I believe their classic trenches, and trust me they’re classic, are still to be found on eBay.

The scarf even matches my new blue $30-at-Whole-Foods reading glasses.

I was tickled by how the scarf played against a striped Naracamicie shirt, even without the trench. I wouldn’t wear these two pieces together indoors on purpose mind you, because I can’t bear to fuss with scarves, but as an accident born of necessity? Say I had to spend time in an oddly cold conference room? Which has been known to happen (what is it with office thermostats?) Perfect.

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  1. Nice outfit. I particularly like the shiny chestnut-coloured shoes and the blues and browns together. I like to play around with patterns and prints whatever the office temperature.

    Didn’t know Wholefoods sold reading glasses…

  2. That scarf is lucky to be worn by you — it looks great around your neck! I really like it with the shirt as well, and really, the comfort of it might creep up on you . . , not that much fussing required. . .

  3. You look wonderful! Every piece is so well proportioned to your figure. The scarf … LUV IT and looks great with the glasses! Comfy n’ Stylish.

  4. Hi, Lisa

    I couldn’t resist clicking on the “Wacko Designer” link in your post, thinking I might see something intriguing, but yikes, that trench is a rather monstrous hybrid (think, GMO of coat design). Impossible even for my Artsy to get behind. On the other hand, I love your scarf, and the way you’ve featured the brown and blue in arranging it.

  5. I’m not really a fan of that cropped trench. I know the sleeves are supposed to be 3/4, but it’s sort of shapeless through the body, and then too cropped at the sleeves (IMO) ~ would have liked the whole outfit better with your J.Crew field jacket. I do love the scarf on you, and a warm scarf around your neck is supposed to help fight off colds.

    1. So interesting. I love this trench, as evidenced by how long I’ve kept it. And I get oodles of compliments on it. I wonder if the photo somehow misrepresents the fit? Or some people just don’t like that sleeve type?

    2. I actually like the trench, but just not with this outfit. It’s sort of summery looking, and I think it would be great with light jeans, colored chinos, white jeans, etc. I think the proportions are somehow off with this outfit, being so autumny and all.

    3. But, it may be the photos, as the trench looks so light in color, almost an off white. And I do love 3/4 length sleeves, my favorite length.

      1. It’s a khaki. Somewhat bleached out now. I think what you’ve sensed is that the jacket is coming to the end of its useful lifetime:(.

    4. Well Mette, I’ve been very busy, and often post comments with my first, and quick impression. It was actually your comment about liking the trench, that caused me to give it another look, as I think you have a good eye for design. And yes, I do like it on it’s own, but still don’t love it with this particular outfit. Hope that’s OK with you?

    5. OK Kathy. Actually I think that it´s just the way Lisa has gathered everything in her outfit together, that pleases me. Light pants would not look so good imo. You once said that you like off white, and now you say, you don´t.
      I rely on my very first impression, always.
      If/when I give/ sell away something, it has a lot to do with the positive comments, which I am simply UNABLE to accept. Therefore I seldom show my personal stuff anymore – it turned out too expensive ;).
      THAT is my problem, on which I´m working.

  6. I wear a scarf every day because my workplace (I can’t say “office” because I am now one of the peons in cubicle land) is SO COLD. I wear tights, a camisole, a blouse, and a jacket. And a skirt, of course.

    And I wear sweatpants and a down coat for my walk to the bus stop. I don’t care that I look like a puffy nerd. It’s better than being cold.

  7. Lovely. Scarfs are the ultimate elegance for me – they take any outfit I throw together up a notch. And I love your Beautifeel boots.
    Have a wonderful day.
    SF Bay Area

  8. I´m surprised to see a 3/4 sleeve length trench, which is ten years old, wow.
    It looks very interesting on you, keep it! Besides, I like the color of it.

  9. Yep, sometimes it’s just clothes. My favorite combination — jeans, untucked button-down shirt, and a jacket. The only thing missing is sunglasses, but it looks like it was a cloudy day.

    You look great.

  10. Sorry Lisa, those sleeves are neither one thing or another,looks as if you have grown out of the jacket!

    The boots are a super colour like shiny conkers.Ida

  11. I think the scarf add’s the perfect je ne sais quoi to the outfit. I recently read that a French women would never, never match a scarf to the outfit. That’s trying too hard! I try too hard!

  12. …and you are just walking down the street like that, on your way to work? with no security contingent? Are you not mobbed, whistled at, leered at, and other phrases that end-with-prepositions? Since you specified these are your “cute clothes,” might I say you look adorable? And is that background one of the “vertical growing walls” I read about?

    1. You are very cute. This is in front of my suburban house. That’s an oleander – we have them everywhere as a legacy of 1950s plantings. And I will say, the street people of San Francisco tell me, “You’ve still got it!” Otherwise, I am left in peace by all the sensible people:).

  13. You look smart and sassy! Love it all on you, and you look like you are having fun, too!
    I MUST get a pair or two of your Beautifeel heels.

  14. I like this look–the brown cords especially. I have two pair I’ve been alternating between lately. As for the cold offices, I think the bottom line is being balanced on our goosebumps. It is at the college anyway.

  15. Admire the scarf, and especially on you. Was tempted by it but not my palette, and it has found a lovely home on your neck (as well as other spots around the world, I hope!)

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