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Reader’s Choice: “For Your Own Sanity, Answer These 4 Questions Before You Read Vogue’s September Issue”

It’s neither September, nor 2009. However, Philippa of Pins and Noodles recommended that I repost my reaction to Vogue’s 2009 September issue, about how to build a personal style by answering 4 questions. So let’s pretend. I thought I’d also add a link to a 2011 post How Not To Wear Cardigans In Bangkok, which takes the recommended approach a step further – and adds examples. If you’re looking for other perspectives, as one always should, The Vivienne Files does a great job here.

Besides, Philippa has a Naxian Cheese Coin recipe on her blog just now. How cheery is that?



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  1. Oh, goodness, thanks for the link. (I can send you the recipe, if you like. They are glorious. I feel bad typing recipes onto the blog which I have just cooked hook, line and sinker – for copyright and plagiarism reasons – but I do also love the sharing of recipes which forms part of a community and a heritage).

    I love this post, and am glad other people will read it again!

  2. Or read them for the first time. (Use cases! Ha! As others said, a good way to organize one’s thoughts. It may explain why I have clothing I love that I rarely wear.)

  3. You are so funny, Lisa. “Pretend” we have our life in order is exactly what I do. But, my closet is definitely in order, maybe the sizes are a bit small, but all is carefully tended and organized. Suits? Does anyone wear beautiful suits any longer? Of course, in Texas we tend to overdress for the most part, but this has never bothered me, except when I’m not here :)’s …

  4. Glad to see the link to Pins and Noodles (great blog!)and also glad to read that you aren’t afraid to wear the occasional Hello Kitty sweater!

  5. Well worth re-reading (and incidentally echoes my recent post!) Laughed at “white cashmere” reference. As long as there are curry sauces, blueberries and permanent-ink markers in my life, white cashmere is gorgeous…on other women.

  6. Loved this. I did the test and discovered some remarkable things about myself. And I laughed quite a bit, too.

  7. Loved this post! Could you please expand on the “confidence when lunching with trophy wives” idea? This may be one of my most vexing questions!

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