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The Hospitality Of Naiads, Or Saturday Morning at 11:04am

Has the New Year started with a rush for any of you?

Time off work is always sweet but difficult. So wonderful to take yourself out of the tumble. And yet, as you laze on the moral equivalent of lawns and meadows, a torrent of work rushes on. Fast.

So the end of vacation arrives. You rouse yourself, still a little sleepy, and put a toe slowly into the waters. Only to look around a few days later, blinking, to find yourself surrounded by canyon walls and far from home. Or pushing yourself bodily through a reedy marsh, if you jumped first into mountain foam and splash. The context switch from granite to mud takes everything you’ve got.

All of which metaphorical reaching is simply to say, “Well, River of 2013, did your mother teach you no manners? You are supposed shake hands, look your guest in the eye, and say, ‘How do you do?’ Only then can you demand their full attention.”

I suppose river deities are notoriously ill-behaved.

No hard feelings. Nice to meet you, 2013. Yes, since you ask, I wouldn’t mind a glass of water. I hope you all are finding your New Year’s feet, or that, more likely, you managed never to have them swept out from under. A wonderful weekend to all.


Image via carfull…Wyoming’s photostream on Flickr. Let’s take back the territory ceded to Instagram. Go Marissa:).

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  1. My new year has started with a much more literal rush of water: we just purchased the boat that will be our home for the next decade or two.

    And the brand name of the stabilizing system is “Naiad.” Such a coincidence that you post this, today!

  2. Happy weekend to you too..I am glad I was not the only feeling that way. I started back on Wednesday and suddenly realized how super fit I was before the holidays putting in long days without tiring. : )
    Still I enjoyed it all very much.

  3. You know, I’m still looking for my feet, there was certainly a splash, perhaps even a wee bit of an undertow. (Which really doesn’t go with the river analogy, but you’re a forgiving woman, so I feel safe saying that.)

    May 2013 be kind, exciting and remarkable.

  4. Very nice extended metaphor! Impressive that you can find time for this while being propelled through the rapids.
    My own work rhythm is always governed by the starts and stops of terms, with any research and other off-the-side-of-the-desk projects and committee work coming to the fore or getting pushed to the back burner according to the demands of students. And much as I love students, it’s been great having this post-New-Year’s week without them. I spent a few pleasant days on a very quiet campus getting my lecture notes and assignments written up and printed. Next week will be the adrenaline-demanding start-up here, but at least I get to see it coming quite clearly, so that, unlike you, the current’s unlikely to sweep me off my feet. . .

  5. Now I know it’s Saturday. Yes, I’m gently testing the waters with my toes. Not rushing in at this time of year. Need to get used to the temperature.

  6. I have to sheepishly say we are still on holiday, not going back to the real world until tomorrow afternoon. Excellent post Lisa.

  7. Surfing a 15 footer awkwardly with a 9 foot log (surfboard). Staying afloat and upright thus far, but carrying my life preserver in case the new tax laws bring a riptide.
    Happy Weekend!

  8. Well, I’m glad to be back at my studio happily painting away. The holidays are always more of a torrent for me, although I do enjoy them. Nice post.

  9. Water is such a lovely metaphor, as it can have so many personalities, and lends itself to so many literary allusions.

    In my case, the introductions have gone like this: Margaret, meet Scilla and Charybdis.

  10. Oh I was waiting for a fresh start, so I was more than ready for hopeful 2013 to begin. It feels good, it feels happy, it feels real. As I write the sun is shining through the window and the sky is crisp, bright blue. I am really positive, and gleeful, and I hope the same for you.

  11. Another perfectly timed post as I am back to work on Monday. I get to test the waters for a week before the deluge of students. Will still pack a life preserver just in case.

  12. As a UK resident gazing out on flooded fields,I think
    a passage from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s ‘The Ancient Mariner’sums up my thoughts on water.

    And all the boards did shrink;
    Nor any drop to drink.

    So true for many of our small hamlets,villages.
    Hopefully the Spring like weather we now have will
    help dry some of the cottages out.Ida

  13. Oh I am of the sleepy persuasion and wakening from a slumber so deep it feels like I have been hibernating!
    Love your watery metaphoric post.
    Next week will be a challenge.

  14. I can relate to your excellent metaphor. I’ve got some huge waves waiting for me next week as I’ve been off sick for an extra 3 days in addition to being from Christmas to New Years. Work year end deadlines looming on Friday, and I’m still feeling feverish and muddle-headed. Next week is going to be brutal.

    Hope you are able to swim with the flow!

  15. :-)

    New Year is less wet, more frozen around here Which makes us prone to slip. :-)
    Except for 2013. This year came with floods. And 24 hours non-stop-rain and another 24 hours non-stop-rain.
    Which leaves us with room for metaphors but lots of sandbags, which feels very akward in January and does not ressemble the winter we use to have around here.

  16. Yes, I am being entertained by the Naiads this year too. Not much change there, then! Here’s hoping you find a wetsuit and some sturdy footwear.


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