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Are You Being Followed Around The Internetz?

Are you being followed? Do you click from site to site, always accompanied by a persistent image? Do you find yourself wondering, “When, oh, when little photo, did I choose you to be my bestest friend of all?” Do you remember that Dr. Seuss book about the pants? Used to scare the bejeezus out of me.

Welcome, little green pants of 2013.

These Chloe boots follow me everywhere. I’m thinking they’re a personality indicator, a soul litmus strip. Oh I know it’s an ad, I know there are cookies and code snippets and ad servers and big data guiding its way. But I prefer to assume the mystical is at work. We have to invent magic where we can.

Clearly I dream of Honky-Tonks and Bright Lights, Big Cities, both. Let’s flip Rhinestone Cowboy to the cheerful side. Clank and clatter down the streets, feet matching our lipstick. Because I’m not alone. The red version is sold out. Nude and black, still available.

What follows you? Does it tell you about yourself?

Boots via Saks.

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  1. Yes, things follow me around the internet too. For a while it was handbags, now it’s a funky turquoise wicker chair I saw on Houzz. The bad part of it is that it alerts my husband what I’ve been shopping for. Maybe we should call them tattletales.

  2. Oh dear God,the toto toilet for one.

    Leopard print ballet shoes and vacuum cleaner bags for my Bosch.

    I’m sexy and I know it.

    xo Jane

  3. I’ve got these REALLY fat women popping up in the margins of my Facebook page. I can’t quite figure out what I’ve done to deserve them, I’m tired of their draping aprons.

  4. OK, Ii purchased a denim shirt at J.Jill and I haven’t heard the end of it yet. I think I’ll start clicking on Chanel,Dior, Chole et al and start getting a higher class following me around. At least it will be diverting as opposed to JJill.

  5. A couple of years ago, I bought some purple shoes for my son’s wedding. I saw purple shoes for 6 months. Not unpleasant.

    If I get tired of the targeted ads, I just browse on Zappos for a bit and look at something I like better :)

  6. PS – when I clicked on your boots, I got an “out of season” message. What a clever way to say 404!

    1. I just love her in Friday Night Lights and I can’t wait until this new show is on DVD!

      She is one of the reasons FNL is such a good show. I even got my husband, who claimed he didn’t want to watch a 1. stupid 2. tv show aboud 3. Texas and 4. football, to become a fan. We never watch TV (I mean it – maybe a football or baseball game now and then), but we own seasons 4 and 5 of FNL. (The first three came from the library.)

      Britton is wonderful. She doesn’t try to look 20. She is just a gorgeous 45.

  7. Right now, Justin and Ariat Ropers are following me. But for a long time, little red boots followed me. They stopped when I bought my slouchy red Jacky boots by Wolky.

  8. Oh yes, so funny that you talked about it. I was looking for new bootiesand they kept coming up eveywhere (I know, like you, this is targeted marketing at its best).
    This dress kept following me too, long after I had it in my closet because I got it as soon as I tried it on and realized it was perfect for my brother’s wedding.

  9. I hurt my foot and looked at online, but did not buy, “comfort” shoe brands. Now they follow me around. “rb, rb”, they say. “you are old now. you need some ugly shoes.”

  10. I am being followed by an Ajustoform Tailor’s Dummy (Lady Valet – Medium – Ecru). I want one but decided it is not the best use of my money, and now its haunting me!

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