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Rock Giants’ Winning Strategies, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:30am

There are many ways to win. I’m thinking about battles, vs. solitary struggles, but the same principles may apply.

One strategy relies on ninjas. Kick and twirl your way through opponents. But this requires hurting people, which I don’t really care for.

Sturdy Gals fight more like slow giants, called down from the hills. I imagine a fantasy tale, where the clever heros are running out of arrows.The horner (to use my long ago small son’s term) blows his call for help. Slowly, rocks all around rouse themselves, becoming giants, joining the fight. Winning the battle, eventually.

Rock giants win because they don’t give up. Enemy soldiers throw firebombs, giants lumber on. One foot up, one foot down. Next foot up, next foot down. Generally they’ve got things hanging from their shoulders by the time they breech the walls.

I read by way of Tory Burch that Arianna Huffington said, (it sounds funny, I know, but they are both highly successful women entrepreneurs), “Very often, the difference between success and failure is simply perseverance.”

I agree.

It was motherhood cured me of my ninja dreams.  When I was home with small children, some days I woke up and thought, “I just can’t do this.” But immediately I’d realize, “Well, I can’t stay in bed, there is milk to pour.” And up I’d get, first one foot on the bedroom floor, then the other.

The slog comes to us all, at one point or another. In those times you only need endure. In those times, I think it’s OK if you can’t do anything more. If you find yourself faltering, I recommend a few almonds in the pocket for protein. A secret, when rocks giants wake, they transform all the nearby pebbles into nuts.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I think you and Arianna and Sturdy Gals everywhere have it right. My own iteration: the secret to success is to just outlast the bastards. ;-)

  2. “Illegitimi non carborundum” (don’t let the bastards grind you down)–especially if you’re a rock giant. Boulder on!

    1. PS–There’s a really cool scene in “The Hobbit” where the mountains come alive in a monumental rock-giant battle. Fun to see in 3D.

  3. Thanks for the almond tip. Lately I find winning is as subjective as beauty. Not “in the eye of the beholder” but more “in the mind of the victorious” or so she thinks.

  4. I keep my almonds in a tiny plastic container with a lid. It holds 1/4 cup and doesn’t pick up any lint from my pocket. I am enjoying the visual of rock giants in tweed jackets and LL Bean duck boots. Boulder on. Love it!

  5. Mothers don’t have much time for wallowing in self-pity and eating bon-bons, it’s true. :)

    I love this, and it’s been my secret to success as well. Anything worth doing takes time and persistence. You may be able to ninja your way through the first few levels, but to win, you have to keep going, even when it’s hard, and you think you might fail. Even when you KNOW you’re going to fail, because it’s a bad day, and your kid woke up at 5:15 AM and the coffee pot’s broken, and nothing good can come out of such a day. Especially on those days. :)

  6. Almonds are wonderful, a square of chocolate, too. When the slog is too sloggy, just keep moving. Thinking about what I am thankful for helps a lot.

  7. Geeze. I’m in one of those periods of my life that’s either ‘grow personally or give up,’ and I found what you wrote very applicable and touching. Thanks.

  8. Once a mother, always a mother in one way or another. Most mothers are very strong because they have to be. There is always milk to pour if you you see milk as a metaphor.

  9. I got a chuckle from your image of rock giants waking up and lumbering into battle. Being short I don’t often identify with giants, but I have learned at this point in my life not to let the slings and arrows of smaller people get to me quite as much. So in that respect a thick giant’s hide is useful, plus perseverance on my chosen path of course.

  10. Agreed that perseverance is important. For that matter so is, “know when to hold’em and when to fold’em.”

    It’s not good to hunker down for battles that aren’t worth winning.

  11. Agreed. If you want people to trust you, perseverance is the way to go when trying to win.

    And also something an old friend who has seen his share of difficulties said to me: you can’t live without having a little fun. Very helpful to me since I used to get somewhat summarily dour when faced with overwhelming tasks. He taught me that a nice family meal, going to the movies with friends, biking together or going out to have a drink somewhere are necessary enjoyable breaks that recharge the batteries before bouldering on.

  12. I’ve always been a rock giant, but during my youth was surrounded by ninjas. Made me sad, clumsy, and awkward. Then I had children, and as you said, there was milk to be poured. It was actually during the crying bouts (both infant and toddler) that my rock giant came into her own. I realized that I could outlast any tantrum. Didn’t have to control it, end it, or fix it. Just outlast it. Since then, I’ve been proud to be a rock giant. She’s brought me through unemployment, difficult employments, serious medical issues, family issues, and simply the drudge zones of life.

    Thanks for the post. Rock on. ;)

  13. You have no idea how much I needed to read this right now in my life. thank you.

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