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You Were Saying, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:25am

I have promised myself that Saturdays I write whatever moves me, for better or worse.

But right now I’m still. Not in a bad way, just one of those times when one feels like sitting, and listening.

So if you’ve got something to say, today I’m listening.  Feel free to point me around the web too. And if you’ve got nothing, silence feeds the soul pretty dang well.

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend.

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  1. Hi Lisa, just learned of this excellent website via Donna at RockTheSilver. I’m trying to further the idea that rather than apologize for our age, we should celebrate the cool stuff about it. Your post re the biker jacket rocks. I’ll be linking to it next Friday. Have a great weekend.

  2. I have just taken a xanax so should be in the still place soon:-)

    Thank you for all your support.

    It means the world to me.

    xo Jane

  3. Today I am attempting to make homemade Nutella and then subjecting my three children to a blind taste test. Later I will search the internet for interesting varieties of hot pepper seeds to start indoors. After feeling sick for so long, it feels good to enjoy normal, ordinary life.

    Enjoy your peaceful weekend!

  4. i was reading last night about the winter admiral richard byrd spent alone in antarctica in 1934 (his team didn’t have time to make a second run back to base for enough supplies for three men, so he decided to winter himself to salvage the mission without endangering anyone else). one of the tribulations he suffered that winter, he later reported, was a severe lack of cookbooks: at one point he found himself confronted with an erupting “volcano of cornmeal” and had no idea what to do with it.

    he was communicating with his men via a radio (through which they could speak) and morse code (which he tapped out back to them), and he said at one point that he’d like to tap out a live message to people at the chicago world’s fair that year (which would be relayed to them in fireworks). apparently byrd’s morse code skills were so lousy that his team said such a message would be the craziest thing they’d seen since the great fire.

    i wish you courtly cornmeal and clarion messages in fireworks this weekend, my dear lisa.

  5. The sun is shining its above freezing the daffodils are just starting to peek All’s well in this neck of the blog woods. Happy weekend. Guess I could remind myself about commas.

  6. I’m out at our farm today doing a bit a advance planning for my mother’s 90th birthday party which will be a week from today. It will be out here, in our log house, with BBQ and the fixings being the fare. I’ll be going home tomorrow, but back here on Tuesday. It will take me all week to get things organized. Yes I could use some still time.

  7. I’m with you. I’m at a loss as to what I’d like to say lately, but I’m also trying to digest a lot of ideas, flailing about the web and into books just searching for answers and then distractions.

    Peace and a clear head is important. Enjoy the quiet for a while.

    1. I saw that also. I wouldn’t want to be in that business. In fact, there are a lot of businesses that I would avoid due to ethical considerations.

  8. I’ve been recovering from pneumonia and have just caught up on your posts. Love the biker jacket and also, the jeans. Congratulations on your nephew – he’s adorable. I often feel quiet and don’t try to change that anymore. I enjoy it. Hope you are too.

  9. Having just come in from a long run, round and round and round our little island, I applaud your stillness and offer the words of Willie Nelson: Still is still moving to me. . . Happy Saturday!

  10. I’ve just returned home from Idaho. It’s a beautiful day I’ve gone to the market, now cleaning my computer ( don’t know why) umpacking, checking to see what happened on my Direct TV while I’ve been gone and then a chopped salad for dinner. Nice, plain and quiet.

  11. My hairdresser told me that I have an inch of growth with no colour and how did I like the look so far? With my curly new cut I hardly noticed the tinsel…
    I am thinking month #2 might be a bit of an alarm but onward we go…
    your hair looks stunning and that biker jacket is a home run…
    you continue to inspire ;-)

  12. I´m still too.
    Just watching all the new powdery snow coming down, yet for several days..

  13. Spent time trying to understand how 1,000 people could be allowed to starve to death in our UK hospitals….. my head cannot deal with this.

    Sorry I just needed to write this.Ida

  14. just found you….love the biker jacket from previous post…. I’m dispelling self doubt today in preperation for some serious re-writes next week!!

  15. Just what I needed, thank you so much! I took Friday off because I had worked so much in February, only to get caught up in some anxieties and problems I’ll have to solve from Monday on. Transitions from work to free time are always a challenge for me and I did badly this time instead of feeling elated everything went so well.

    Your post put some perspective on this. Since I can only start doing something about my issues on Monday I shall try to remain still, too. After all, the sun is shining and I could take a walk with no particular objective in mind.

  16. Being still to recharge and rejuvenate. Indulging in some sleeping in, a mani-pedi, dark chocolate chip cookie, reading “If Disney Ran Your Hospital”, and
    then some quiet/contemplating/creative thinking time. Ahhhhh. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  17. Stillness is what I love most about my life just now. Near-stillness is listening to medieval music. And quiet time with my one and only.

  18. Stillness and novels are, perhaps, winter’s gift.

    My grandmother passed away today. I posted this, and curled up with tea:

    I’m feeling a bit lost, right now, and have retreated to my kitchen for the better part of the day – there’s something to be said for occupying one’s hands, when lacking the ability to actually change the world.

    1. A magnificent composition, Ros. Tears in my eyes, a really lovely tribute. I was unable to comment at your site, so thought I’d drop you a note here.

  19. Can I go back to the biker jacket for a moment . I have been very hesitant to comment as I don’t want to be unkind & there is a fine line between nastiness & honesty . It seems to me that it doesn’t really suit your personality . The combination of hair , lipstick & jacket comes over as very severe , almost aggressive & this isn’t how I see you at all – quite the opposite . It’s almost as if you are playing a part but if you are having fun , well fine . Should you decide that you prefer the leather to the Marant , I am happy to take them off your hands …….wendy

    1. “It seems to me that it doesn’t really suit your personality.”

      Glance at the Libra astrology blurb a few comments back, the darn thing reads like Chronicle Of A One Eighty Foretold. Lisa’s stars have aligned, she’s celestially destined to experiment and break open formerly closed doors in the year ahead. But the thing about Lisa is she’ll buy that sequin mini skirt one month, then turn out in a chaste camel cashmere coat the next. With a range like that, how can one assign a fixed “personality” to her. I’ve got a blogger dinner table dream where I seat my favorite bloggers around my table, Lisa of course will be seated at the head of the table, there is no telling what she’ll wear….

    2. Oh gosh, I don’t mind at all when people tell me they don’t like my outfits, or that they don’t work for one reason or another. You are very nice to speak so gently.

      Here’s the funny thing. I think I’m quite predictable. If you look at one of the first outfits I ever had posted on the Web, here,, I am drawn to jeans, white shirt, classic jacket, flats.

      The biker jacket is simply another incarnation. Same with the sequin pencil skirt, in a way. Button front blouse and pencil, just like the decades I wore that to work.

      Granted, sequins and camel register in different ranges on the need-to-squint scale. But I do feel, oddly, that I’m quite consistent.

  20. This just proves I am artsy at heart. I love these styles Artsy in boulder.
    Thanks for sharing Lisa.
    And … I am obsessed with one of the dresses from the Prabal Guru collaboration with target. Wish I could get it…

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