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Shouldn’t Your “Something Blue” Be Sparkly?

It’s wedding season. Brides around the USA, following tradition, may be exploring blue fol-de-rol. The journey may culminate in a blue garter, it’s OK to be cheesy in wedding-land. But perhaps  you are considering blue sparkle instead?

Congratulations! Beladora has launched their new website. I’ve been a blogfriend of the CEO for ages, have even met her in person. The site specializes in estate and occasionally antique jewelry. Try filtering by Blue. So many choices, or at the least so many pretty things to look at.

Untitled #167

Consider. We will alphabetize so that we can pretend to be rational in the face of gems. You may actually have that gene. Quick, make yourself into a vaccine for the rest of us. Then consider a few choices.

a. The royal gesture of matched earrings and necklace. We’ll forgo tiaras for now. Options here range from pearl and sapphire parures, at a mere $19,000, to 18K modern earbobs for $800. One could acquire, or even make a string of aquamarine beads to match the bobs. Think about a small Tiffany sapphire starred with diamonds at your neck, contrasted with mid-century pearl and sapphire starred earrings.
b. While you can opt for a classic diamond and sapphire bracelet, I much prefer that pearl and sapphire grape cluster for $1850. To be avoided if you’re marrying in a vineyard – unless your theme is Full Bacchanalia, bridesmaids dressed as Maenads.
c. For a short-dress wedding, given the implied mid-century aesthetic, I think a blue zircon brooch is just the thing. And who says only brides get to play? Turquoise links and studs for the groom.
d. Rings. Opals hide their blue, in a flash here and there. Might be a good symbol in some relationships. Alternatively, commit to a honking big sapphire for a mere $5K and Kate Middleton the heck out of your day.

The icing on the cake, so to speak, that Beladora is offering $150 discount for each and every of you. Go to the site, sign in, create an account, and use the code SKYE for a $150 discount on any piece at or the more affordable Beladora 2. The code will be good until Mother’s Day. We do not cease to sparkle after our weddings after all.

Note: I’ve been given a $250 discount  without requirement that I write anything. Plus I haven’t figured out what I want yet:). It will be dangly, however.

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  1. This is a wonderful idea. Blue that sparkles is so much more fun than those dreary pale blue silk garters that all bride’s used to wear. Count me in on this trend. And now I’m off to explore Beladora’s website!

  2. on ongoing sparkle, as an extremely-occasional jewelry purchaser who came to beladora as a random customer, i would note that the team is an absolute pleasure to work with. it makes a difference, this.

  3. The jewelry is lovely, but even with the generous discount, I can’t afford even the B2 items. It’s fun, though, to look at pieces that cost half of what I make in a year.

    I’ll stop twitching in a minute. Honest.

  4. Fabulous post Lisa. Thank you.

    Lauren, what a lovely comment, thank you as well.

    One more thing, for the budget minded, the new website makes it easy to filter by price.

    And…I’m with you on the dangly.

  5. I would love to forward your blog to my witty,WASPy friend who lives in France. Is this possible? I really don’t want to sign her up for regular emails, because I don’t know if she knows how to unsubscribe. She claims to hate computers. I absolutely love your “you ness”! You are my sister in socioeconomic status!

    1. Hi Caro. I’m pleased you’d like to send the blog along, but I don’t know how to do this without email or RSS or something! Well, welcome anyway!

  6. In my fantasy life, I am bedecked with parures a la Catherine the Great (danglies a must) and therefore semi-swooned at Exhibit A. In real life, I sit here in a cycling jersey, hiking pants, and an Anthropologie apron, a spool of masking tape around my wrist. I blame it on the fact that we’re about to get yet another FOOT of snow tonight (which makes seven feet since March, and Boulder isn’t even in the mountains…)Off to paint an office wall “Lemon Freeze” (a.k.a. light chartreuse…but at least it’s not orange [wink wink]}.

  7. PS–Thanks for jogging a happy memory. On my wedding day, I wore my grandmother’s graduated pearls, which had a lovely sapphire-and-diamond clasp. Blue and sparkly all the way!

  8. That’s an enticing price for a big sapphire ring and I’d do it, as that swath of ocean on the finger is to me more enchanting than many other stones.

  9. Irrational, I know, but everytime I gaze upon Nancy Pelosi’s various black and gray Tahitian pearl necklaces my focus sharpens, my ears lay back, my paw points, just crazy mad lust. And wouldn’t you know it’s just my luck that Beladora only has them in gold? Oh darn.

    Course, I do see them available in a B2 tier iteration, but that diamond clasp is all wrong, just wrong. But how very dear of your friend to offer your readers this lovely code for funds on account, lovely. Hm, I gueess I could have the clasp changed…

  10. Such lovely sparkles and what a good idea for brides to have a jewel for their something blue… S x

  11. Flo…if you are looking for Nancy Pelosi style Tahitian pearls, Beladora has those in inventory! The big ones with the nice round diamond clasp in platinum.
    Just give them a call or send them an email.

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