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Moominmama Makes A Mug

We rarely talk home goods here. As I’ve said, High WASPs are apt to let their rugs and sofa reach states of disrepair they’d never suffer in their clothing.

But there is one High WASP habit I’d like to mention. And then enable. I imagine we are not alone in The Random Mug Collection. Yes, in the cupboard with our father’s china and our mother’s silver sit the ceramic equivalent of rock concert t-shirts.
Moominmama.2If you’re ready to add some Finnish whimsy to your collection, there’s nothing like a Moomintroll. Sure, the shipping costs are a terrible disincentive, but, on the other hand, Moominmama comes in pink. I’m tempted to have her join my Swedish wedding porcelain bowls, but may have to wait for a traveler to bring her to me in person.

Did you or your children read the Moomin books? I have never forgotten them. An abiding faith in love, written in the Northern voice of rocks and sea. Add cute anthropomorphic creatures and you’re off.

Edited to correct as per firstmilk. That is NOT Moominmama, that’s Snork Maiden. The problem is that Moominmama comes in orange and *Lisa says petulantly* I don’t much like orange…

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  1. I’m always amazed when my worlds collide. Just this week a coworker posted a picture of herself in Helsinki next to a white statue of a…what is that thing, a hippo?…Moomin. And now today I see there is a Moomin mug. Last week I had no idea this even existed. Finnish whimsy, indeed!

    I am with you on the mug problem. I’ve gotten quite particular due to space constraints, but I can’t give them up.

  2. Years ago, a Finnish friend gave me one of the Moomin books and I was hooked. Love them!

    And yes, you have much company in the Random Mug Collection department. I consider mug selection an important part of the morning coffee ritual.

  3. The solution is clearly to travel to Sweden to go get the cup! Mugs are not the most convenient souvenir, but i have managed to smoosh mugs into my luggage from London, Barcelona, and now perhaps …Sweden. I have been meaning to go as any way. However, I may claim it is to find long lost relatives. Doesn’t everybody have a random mug collection?

  4. When i was growing up, I came across a Moomintrolls book; after a winter hibernation, the characters went beachcombing the flotsam and jetsom of the tides. All new to my youthful self. I was hooked! I have loved the Moomintrolls since. I would adore to have that mug.

  5. We have an America’s Cup mug from 1995. Also a Snoopy one from Knotts Berry Farm and a whole bunch more. I am so bad with these my husband has threatened eviction if I bring any more home!

  6. I have terrible news for you, dear lady: That is not a Moominmamma.

    It is a Snork Maiden through and through, and Snork Maidens, I am sorry to say, are the height of asshattery. Behold the fringe. Behold the jewels. Behold the air of confusion and the lofty vanity that surround her.

    I’m sure a true Moominmamma, claspful purse in tow, would forgive the confusion. I hope that you will forgive me. I feel in my heart that you will.

  7. Loved those cute Moomins. Such a cuddly group of characters.
    I have a few eclectic mugs. Sturdy ones hat can be taken outside in the garden with no fears of cost if ey were to break.
    My grand daughter might like hat wee pink mug.

  8. You know what I’m going to say, as an inveterate lover of orange (so glad we can still be friends despite this)…gotta check out the orange Moominmama mug.

    I have not fallen prey to the mismatched mug bug; my vice is tee-shirts from places I’ve visited. Talk about a challenge–to find something that’s not cheesy, ugly, or made from a yucky blend…

  9. Nice cup!
    I don´t have any MUUMI things around. But I had, as a child, Muumi wallpaper in my room. It was the original print.
    When my younger daughter was small, we used to watch MUUMI stories from TV, every single day.
    I think that it is pretty much the tourists and families with small children, who buy the cups, etc, over here at least.

  10. I think I fail entry to the High Wasp group. I have banished all mismatched coffee mugs from our cupboards (I had some cute ones!). Now, we use all white for our everyday dishes and blue and white for our Blue Canton ware.

    Meanwhile, I’ll be looking for these children’s books!

  11. I’ve loved the Moomins since I came across their books in childhood, but now they’re all trendy and expensive! I do love some of the products, but they cost too much in England.

    I am enjoying a small set of eggplant coloured Denby mugs. The variations in the glaze are beautiful, they’re a sturdy and comfy design and just the right size for a cup of coffee.

  12. That is indeed Snork Maiden! Cute but vain. Moominmama carries her sturdy gal bag and not a flimsy evening pouch.
    Here in Finland everybody grew up with the Moomins and my personal favorite mug (and the only one I own) is the Hattifnatteners – the weirdos of the valley. Suits me well.

    1. You are right about Muumi mamma carrying a big bag ( like our earlier president ). But we Finns should use the Finnish word Muumi, right?

  13. I am starting at top and catching up
    On posts from top. Just watched video w your now 23 year-old and noticed the sofa.:)
    Perfect juxtaposition.

    Fun to see old videos. Cutie indeed!

  14. I have almost all of them, my mum buys me one every time there’s a new one out. Loved, and still love the books and everything about these trolls!

  15. Really? A large collection of mugs is high WASP? Who knew? Although it does make sense. I believe we have enough to serve mulled wine to an entire university physics department, including graduate students and postdocs. Which would be entirely appropriate, because our mug collection is almost entirely physics-themed.

    The Moomin mugs are adorable, Snork Maidens notwithstanding.

  16. Growing up in Cuba in the 70s I vividly remember the Moomin books, in spanish “La familia Mumin”, loved them!
    I found them in a library here in Canada and you’ve reminded me that I would like to buy them both in English and in Spanish to gift them to my nephews.

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