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How To Organize Your Summer Shopping Daydreams

Last week San Francisco enjoyed an 80℉ day. This in and of itself is news for my mostly temperate city, but trust me, it happened. People poured onto the streets in warm weather outfits.

I couldn’t help but wonder whether I needed anything new. And the answer is, of course, no. But it never hurts to imagine, perhaps with some logical categories – replacements, theme and variations, or just plain fun – to help us out.

For example,

1. Replacementz: Yes, More Plain White Tees. Or Maybe A Peplum.

Face it. White tops have to be replaced every year, if they’re a staple in your daytime wardrobe. That’s how humans work, for better or worse. I’m still thinking about the Jigsaw peplum.

petit bateau, jigsaw londonI’m going to have to stock up on a few Petit Bateau white shirts too. Note that they now make up to a size 20, which is probably an 8 in J. Crew sizing. Sturdy cotton knit for the Sturdy Gal. If you think nobody could daydream about white tees go talk to your Sturdy friends.

2. Theme And Variations: A Blue Spring Jacket

I have so loved and repeatedly worn my olive J. Crew field jacket that I find myself wishing I had something similar, but not exactly the same, in navy. For my coloring everything’s better in blue. This is the kind of piece you can wear for the morning walk to work, and leave on all day in the office if the  thermomonster cranks up the AC too high. I love how it’s a little worn-looking. This is available at Yoox, a great resource for discounted designer gear.


3. Just Plain Fun, Or, Have We Gone Nuts?

We’re Going To Call This Novelty Denim

If I could wear skinny jeans without reminding myself of a bowling pin, I’d snap these up.  Everywhere I look I see nifty printed jeans and I’m just a tiny bit pouty I can’t participate. You, oh lucky one, you can choose from floral or kente cloth or ikat, if snakeskin isn’t your thing. No, not with a bare stomach and nude platforms for goodness sake. How about black ankle boots and a crisp black tunic? And yes, at any age.

printed jeans

Denied skinnies, I’m awistful over wide-leg jeans. Remember when? But, now, with, say, an Ann Mashburn button-front and light-weight flats? Come on, it’d look cool. Hepburn-esque. At least in my imagination.

See by Chloe Wide-Legged Jeans

We’re Going To Call These Glove Sandals

I still haven’t found quite the right hot weather work shoe. In my very casual environment, these would cover up the foot, no morning visit to the first-aid cabinet for blister bandaids required. Tell me you’ve never done the same. You have to sneak them out past coffee-seeking throngs to avoid explaining why you, a grown woman, prized foot vanity over comfort.

Bruno Cucinelli Sandals


I imagine these sandals would fit like Madonna’s fingerless gloves. Sometimes imagination does best to leave logic behind.

7FAM snakeskin skinnies
See by Chloe wide-legged jeans via net-a-porter
Glove sandals by Bruno Cucinelli via Yoox
Blue jacket by Aspesi vis Yoox
White peplum via Jigsaw London
White tee via Petit Bateau

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    1. see what I get for commenting too early? I agree with your adoring readers below: “show us the skinnies”. The snake are lovely. With a men’s wear style white shirt don’t tuck it in, belted, long sleeves rolled up a bit, open collar, big necklace. Pumps, please.

      and thank you Sandra! “get thee to a store” stat.

  1. Adore that navy jacket, but no snake print anything for me. And I agree-white tees always need to be replaced. Old ones make great dust cloths, or hair towels for those of us with curly frizzy hair!!

    1. Also great paired with pyjama bottoms for warm weather sleeping. As long as any holes aren’t too big.

  2. I honestly think you owe your readers a picture of you in skinnies, as I, for one, am thinking you’re way too hard and critical of shape. I wear skinnies, but with a larger, slouchier top for balance, and also don’t look in the mirror too closely, which is probably a good idea for all of us. My very vain mother just had cataract surgery and is completely freaking out about how she looks at 82 – said she was feeling better when she looked a bit blurry :)

    1. I agree with Kathy.You need skinny jeans. I know you have some distored vision of your body. Because your body and legs and everything is HOT. So please get skinny jeans. They would update your look.

      Love the t-shirts and fab jacket. Now get thee to a store and let us see you in skinny jeans!

    2. Oh good lord! You all are too funny. Fine. Fine. I will eschew all vanity and show you why skinny jeans and I are not friends. If only to point out why they are so great on so many of you.

  3. I’ve found a lot if blue this Spring – the question of whether I need anything new never crosses MY mind; it’s the new black, at least for me. Check out Uni-glo , which I had to hyphenate to avoid the autocorrect. They’ve got not denim blue jackets with a bit of pizzazz at working girl prices.

    I have been admiring those sandals, if only the sole was a little more city walker friendly.

  4. I’m on-board with the white t’s. There are some very interesting white linen tshirts in the stores this spring.

    The rest not so much for my figure/taste. The jacket has pockets in bad locations for my chest, I do wear skinny(ish) pants but not in wild patterns like snakeskin, and the sandels while lovely look too flat for comfort with my arches.

    Jury’s out on the blue jean pants, I’d have to try them on and see.

  5. can one wear wide-leg pants with flats? i completely shun the former and wear the latter (with skinnies) nearly every day. i too continue to think you can’t possibly be right about the skinny cut on your silhouette, and demand evidence!

    1. I think if you wear the wide-legs just a little bit short, flats are exactly how to wear them. Fine! Skinnies! What a crowd!

  6. Totally agree on the shelf life of white shirts. Loving the look of the wide leg denim. I can wear the skinnies but am getting tired of them. Time for a change perhaps. I love that whole Hepburn look! Suddenly feels modern again.
    Truth? I carry bandaids in my purse, just in case.
    Even a comfy flat shoe, if new, can wreck havoc on my spring skin!

  7. Skinny jeans are great for those who like how they look in them, it would be nice to have more choice for the rest of us. The other day someone said the word “slacks” and I immediately thought – cool, comfortable, classy look – Hepburn, Bacall, Doris Day. They had that confident style.

  8. Snakeskin jeans are the leather pants of 2013: they look good on so few people it’s a wonder they are made, but on those who can wear them, they make everyone else want them.

    May not be grammatically correct but it is my pronouncement all the same.

  9. Ooh, those glove sandals are so tough, so chic, so cool! Extremely you–hope you get them soon. I’ve already got my novelty denim (j.crew) for the summer, but if you’re looking for basic white tees, try Everlane if you haven’t already. I can’t get over how perfect their shockingly inexpensive ($15) white v-necks are–good drape, substantial no-show fabric, and not too low-cut. They also do a crewneck and a boxier cut.

  10. Can you hear the roar building? Li-sa, Skin-nies, Li-sa, Skin-nies, Li-sa, Skin-nies . . . We won’t stop ’til you take up the challenge. . . .
    Seriously, though, I’m trying not to get too carried away here but ooooh, ooh, oooh, it’s fun to dream about summer gear. . . we got up to 18 degrees Celsius here, today — (high 60s F) which, of course, feel even warmer in the sun. I wore my new Fluevog sandals, flaunting my coloured toenails — might even have to shop for a few new white t-shirts!! ;-)

  11. Gosh Lisa you’ve got a great shape and even I wear skinny jeans and leggings and I am a size 12 and short! I wear blousy tops that cover my derriere and hips when I wear that style.
    Big wide legged pants are gorgeous on taller women on me not so much.

    I wish Petit Bateau came in larger womens sizes as I love white tees especially as a layering piece.

    Think you need to buy some of this covet list and show off your great shape!

  12. One year for white T-Shirts seems a short life-cycle. The Benetton-Shirts stay in shape more than a year. Using a good detergent (for “Whites” I highly recommend The Laundress) also makes them stay white and in shape. I personally feel bad, wasting clothes just like that. Left aside the shameful conditions in the sweat-shops in Bangladesh.
    What I am trying to say: maybe look out for a better quality and keep them for a little longer.

  13. Really good points! The only thing is I can only wear wide pants in a drapey soft material such as linen or very fine gaberdine/crepe – these are my go to in Summer.
    I have a snake skin print jersey skirt which is a favourite and kitten heels so that’s enough for me.

  14. Once I finally braved into the territory of trying on skinny jeans I found a few pairs I love and have never looked back. But the fun skinnies? The snakeskins and emerald greens and vibrant reds? I have yet to find an adventurous pattern cut in a way that flatters my body or fits properly. I spent all last summer lusting, though, and I’m sure I’ll be on the hunt again this year.

  15. For the most part, women’s clothing and shoes today are really horribly designed and – apparently – meant to make us look like tarts. But a good white T-shirt or two, a classic Navy jacket and denim jeans are always in style. But the snakeskin and the sandals, no way!

  16. I’m drooling over the blue jacket. Or perhaps just drooling over the learning curve of having recently replaced 9-yr-old cell phones with iPhones (hence my temporary disappearance from your comments). The nice young woman down at Verizon looked bemused by our “trade-ins” and even chuckled (but not in a snarky way, ’cause we all knew it was pretty funny, after all). Texting nieces/nephews is the new crack, but when I come up for blogosphere atmosphere, you’re my first stop!

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