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“Reggie Darling” And “Darlington House” In June’s Architectural Digest


Don’t read this post. Seriously. Instead, stop by your bookstore, or newsstand if those are still to be found, and acquire the June edition of Architectural Digest. You will not regret it. Should you already be a subscriber, pick your copy up off the coffee table and open its lambent and ink-scented pages.

If you are in fact still reading here, what news! AD has featured the country house belonging to “Reggie Darling,” (for it is a nom de plume) and his husband, “Boy.” Perfection I tell you. As his blog would indicate. If you are in fact still reading here, go there instead.

My usual reaction to AD takes several guises. 1) Yikes! Too much chintz. 2) Oh no! Far too modern! 3) Worst of all, Too. Much. Decorator. 4) Finally, hey family member next to me on the sofa, mom, sister, brother, isn’t this beautiful? We would live here, right?

Reggie’s house gets Reaction Number 4. In a big way.

The icing on the cake is that Reggie is a splendid fellow, kind, generous, and deferential where he might instead hold court. So I hope you join in me in cheering on success for the good guys, and in contemplating exquisite green walls with tiger maple accents. Graceful chairs and subtle flooring. Harmony. Sigh. And most of all, congratulations to my generous and hospitable friend!

Image scanned in from my purchased copy. AD does not have Darlington House in its online edition. Saving the best, of course, for monetization.


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  1. How wonderful Lisa.
    I must get my mitts on a copy of AD asap…
    Reggie has impeccable taste and his collecting bug fuels and inspires deep decorating! It will be fun to peruse the pages…

    1. Get outttttttttttt, Meg!

      I am a jealous WRECK!

      Thank you for spreading this news wider and wider, Lisa. I saw Reggie announce this on his facebook, fainted from the extreme sumptuousness, got up and went straight to purchase this gem from the magazine rack at my grocery. AD’s “country” issues always appeal to me more than any of their other themed compilations.

      I adore that man, Reggie Darling.

    2. We hope Meg has packed her white kid opera gloves, ballgown and tiara ’cause those guys are known for “throwing” [Reggie’s word] black tie parties at the drop of a hat.

  2. Hello Lisa, Now that we are familiar with many of its component parts, it will be grand to see Darlington House in its entirety. From your preview photos, I already see the touches of elegance, quality and whimsy (the good kind) that Reggie is known for.
    –Road to Parnassus

  3. Having a passion for interior decoration myself, I like to browse through magazines.
    Yes, the interiors of this specific one is great too.
    Only lately I have become more practical; down to earth; whatever, and prefer more functionalism in interior design, less decoration, less ” settings “.
    Congratulations to your friend!

  4. Thank you, Lisa! Running straight out to pick this up. I practically never post, anywhere, but wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. Often I find myself thinking of your posts later in the day- or days later- and quietly thinking how smart and thoughtful you are- and how you’ve helped me clarify my own thoughts by sharing your perspective.

    fellow sturdy gal, southern strain,

    Leigh Ann

  5. I bought this issue yesterday! And yes, this is one fabulous house. And I agree about not liking most houses in AD as they are too decorator looking. This one is just fabulous–and yes, I would live there.

  6. Wonderful that your revered friend is celebrated with such gorgeous photos. I always wonder who lives in ‘those houses’!

  7. Dearest Lisa,
    How thoughtful and kind you are to put up this generous post. I blush, I laugh, and I am tickled pink. Thank you many times over, dear friend, I am truly honored. Reggie

  8. As much as I admire Reggie, I cannot wait to pick up the June AD. Stunning property from what I have seen!

    Art by Karena

  9. What a treasure! Thank you, Lisa, for introducing us – what a magnificent house! AD is near and dear to my heart. My father was an architect. I cherish memories of reading AD together and discussing designs and use of space. Congratulations Reggie Darling!

  10. The vast majority of the houses in AD are just so over the top for my taste that, Reggie Darling aside, it was a huge pleasure to see a house I actually enjoyed and to which I could relate on a personal level (and I’ve even garnered some decorating ideas from him). Reggie does it again! Wonderful house, penultimate taste.

  11. What a gorgeous home. I love the room on the bottom right of your scan. I assume, the study or library? Quite beautiful and very much in my taste (a dash of Colonial Williamsburg).

  12. Traditional,comfortable home,with paintings and other items I would love to browse,it reminds me of our English country homes.

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