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The Style Archetypes Reflect On Mother’s Day Jewels

Beladora asked if I’d write a post on Mother’s Day presents for the Style Archetypes. Although I had just written about Beladora jewelry, I do love a straightforward request, so much easier to negotiate than veiled asks or polite threats.

Besides, the Style Archetypes clamored at my window late one night to say, “Do it!” Et voilà, some generous, Archetype-approved options. That $150 discount applies through Sunday, just be sure to set up an account and use the code SKYE. It might even be possible – give them a call – to get delivery before Monday.

The Grande Dame

She always wears jewelry, and it always matches. Given an already extensive collection, she appreciates the niche present, a direct reflection of occasion. No basics for her. So, a heart. This one will match, in a perfectly non-matching way, her amber ear clips.

Citrine heart with little diamonds: $1450

The Artsy Cousin

Why things sharp read so Artsy I do not know. Think about it – safety pins, razor blades, shark’s teeth. Must be that the term “edgy” means “cutting” as much as “on the margins.” In any case, the Artsy Mother will smile at her dagger pendant and wear it – with chambray – to paint.

Cathy Waterman dagger pendant: $1250
Cathy Waterman dagger pendant: $1250

The Sturdy Gal

You may be tempted to buy the Sturdy Mother a pearl strand, or some sensible studs. Do not. She carries more tender secrets in her heart than any, albeit tamped down by many years of heavy lifting. Surprise her with something fantastical. Kiss her when you see the beginnings of tears. She hadn’t known you understood she’s been a romantic all this time.

Hints of India in dangling rubies: $995
Hints of India in dangling rubies: $995


I bought myself some danglies I’ve coveted for donkey’s years, seen here, using my extra-special $250 discount. I’m on Beladora’s mailing list, you see. You can sign up too.

14 Responses

  1. As usual, the Sturdy Gal’s choice is so perfect for me! And to be honest, I would happily read a jewelry post every single day!

  2. Beautifully done. As a sturdy girl myself, I adore wonderful earrings, too. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. A perfectly flawless composition, thrilling, please stand forward for a round of ArtsyGrandeDame applause. Perchance did you hear me LAUGH all the way across the United States that you put the AG in “amber ear CLIPS”! CLIPS! She stillllll thinks pierced ears are reserved for the gypsy sort and others with no morals. A perfect call, you!

  4. I hope you are choosing the ruby earrings for yourself! Why not celebrate one’s own adventure of motherhood?

  5. I think your choice for the Sturdy Gal are dead-on. My sister (now a mom) is most definitely a Sturdy Gal, and yet I know she would absolutely love those earrings.

  6. Wishing you Lisa a Happy Mother´s Day on Sunday.
    Over here, flowers; roses/ card is what is given for the mother ( and coffee to the bedroom in the morning ).

  7. Because I’m on that continuum between Sturdy Gal and a secret romantic (okay, with maybe a dash of Artsy thrown in), I love your description of that scenario although I doubt I’d ever wear those earrings. (They’d be fabulous on you — I second Duchesse’s suggestion). Not keen on the dagger, so maybe even less Artsy than I thought, but surprisingly drawn to the Citrine Heart.

  8. Actually, this Sturdy Gal rather likes the dagger pin. But I love the Citrine heart! I like the earrings, too, but I’d never be able to pull them off.

    At any rate, I’m still waiting for someone to buy me a pink star sapphire. No, I’m not holding my breath.

  9. Those Sturdy Gal earrings have me itching to get my dangles repaired. Such fun and so much impact for something so simple.

  10. Those ruby earrings are beautiful. And the ones your bought yourself, even more so! I wish you health and happiness to wear them! I am particularly happy to see them because I have only just discovered the transformative power of glamorous dangly earrings with a simple outfit. They elevate my chinos or jeans, plain T-shirt, ballet flats and blazer to an outfit worthy of an adventuress, and make me feel I could meet a tiger or a duchess with equal aplomb! I was tempted even to type transcendental.

    And very happy Mothers’ Day to you! I wonder why yours is the second Sunday of May? Ours is the fourth Sunday of Lent, so usually in the second half of March or early April – which means for my poor ma it often elides with her birthday. Although in fairness, she usually points out that since we are not returning from service to visit her with a simnel cake, she’s not that bothered!
    But then beloved mama is artsy-sturdy to the point of asceticism.

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