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3 Ways To Accessorize For A Summer Wedding

Which accessories work best, when you’re attending a summer wedding? This isn’t one of those posts where I tell you the answer. I’m looking to you all for direction, impunity be danged.

And, in return for your thoughts, Dressed USA will be giving one reader a shift of their choice. We thank them in advance. Gosh I love giveaways.

Here are the details. I’m going to a wedding soon, in Minneapolis, at the Gale Mansion. It begins at 5pm, with cocktails and dinner directly following. I’d like  to wear my lavender Dressed USA shift. But how to accessorize? It’s a little tricky because a) I don’t know the ways of Minneapolis b) I find myself moving more and more towards silver-tone jewelry, of which I have little. I’ve put together 3 options for your review.

So please let me know what you think I ought to wear to Minneapolis. I’m going to assume you’re in for the giveaway unless you tell me otherwise. (Note: This is a change from when I first posted. Just makes it easier on everyone)

And the variations are:


Vintage Chanel jacket, pearl strand and bracelet, diamond studs, and black Louboutin Simple 70s.


Rene Caovilla slingbacks (purchased and worn for my brother’s wedding), and my grandfather’s cufflink earrings. I have no directly applicable cover-up for this outfit, so I’d have to make do with an ombre wrap Mom gave me a while back. Had I been more decisive, I’d have ordered something lavender from L’Affaire Cashmere via Une Femme. Too late now.


Finally, a 5-year old pink silk GAP cardigan, chandelier earrings from Beladora, a party of gold bangles, and white block heeled sandals I bought for Christmas in Hawaii. A veritable sherbet sundae.


Feel free to invent a completely different outfit based on the shift, but please don’t be offended if I dress from my closet. Practical luxury requires some shopping restraint. And ironing. I will press the dress when I get to Minneapolis, I promise.

As for sizing, I am wearing an XS, which I had let down and out a tad by Jacquie at my neighborhood Sew & Sew.  The S I would have wanted to take in through ribcage and hips, as these are generously cut and I prefer fitted. I’m between a 2 and a 4 at J. Crew, for reference.

To reiterate, Dressed USA is giving away a shift of choice to anyone who comments below. If you also like their Facebook page, or follow the lovely Kelley Robson on Twitter, you get an extra entry. Just one extra entry, but feel free to do both if you feel terribly enthusiastic. Remember to tell me if you’re in, or not, in the comments! I’ll assume Yes, unless you tell me otherwise. Winner to be announced this Friday afternoon.

Did I mention that the shift’s zipper has a little dangle handle so you can zip it by yourself? Worth its weight in pearls, that.


*Note: The shift was sent to me for review prior to the giveaway. No other compensation has been received.

172 Responses

  1. I like the second version with the pashmina (and maybe a slightly larger brooch or longer necklace.) Love the color of the dress–so pretty!
    I’m in!

    1. Ooh ooh, I agree! I’m so far past date relevance with my chiming in now–but I just adore that cornflower gradient scarf with your lavender. Even lovelier than if you’d planned ahead for something in the same shade.

      I hope that’s the one you chose! Though really, all three are beautiful.

  2. On the blue side!!! Although you are beautiful in everything the “Blue side” is elegant. Can you splurge on a lavender wrap?

    1. I love the “blue side,” but I also vote for a wrap that has a lavender hue as a base color, but with other soft color blends, as well. But if you don’t have time to do this, go with the ombre wrap that is shown. This would be very appropriate for Minnesota in the summer. Great shoes!

  3. When I look at the first picture all I see is the black jacket. The second and third are better because they draw the eye to your pretty face.

  4. Definitely “on the blue side”. The others look too much like you are trying to make it all work but nothing quite does. Wraps are the perfect wedding cover up-elegant and definitely not an office accessory. (In this case that’s a good thing) Maybe a little bit more statement earrings? The dress color is gorgeous and looks great on you.
    Silver jewelry with silver hair- FAB.
    Were you a former brunette? The golds that complemented that hair color never work as well with silver IMHO.
    Have fun!!

  5. I like the wrap the best. I don’t like the Chanel jacket – it looks like you’re going to work.

  6. Love the second look with the blue ombre wrap. I don’t think the first one is summery, and I think the third one looks a bit thrown together, but not in a good way. Great looking shift dress.

  7. I like the pashmina version best! Usually I drape my pashmina a little off center, where it’s draped around my shoulders with the left end about to my waist and the right falling almost to my ankle. Then I take the right end about halfway down and throw it over my left shoulder, adjust the top so it looks sort of like a cowl neckline, and if I’m going to be particularly active and don’t feel like adjusting it all night, stick a very small decorative pin in at the left shoulder to hold it in place.

    Only thing is it covers up the neckline of the dress — something to think about if you plan to wear statement jewelry.

  8. I absolutely love “On the blue”, and I like the subtle light blue – lavender contrast. I would wear it with the Beladora earrings, to bring it together.

    (The first look with the black accesories seems to harsh for a wedding for me).

  9. My vote would be for the sherbet look because I like it the most, though, being from Minneapolis, I know I get cool in the evenings no matter what time of year it is, so I would recommending thinking first about whatever will keep you warm. And I think the first look seems most appropriate for the venue. Best of luck!

  10. On the Blue Side gets my vote. Perhaps wearing your hair down with this outfit would work well. Definitely count me in. Thanks!

  11. I’m in and vote for ‘on the blue side’– The pink cardigan might also work with the sling backs. White sandals just get no respect these days!

  12. From this selection I’d pick the chandelier earring, ombré wrap and light colored, open toed shoes. Minneapolis is ghastly hot and humid in August – choose light-weight, easily dispensed with accessories. If I was going to style this frock – which is quite becoming on you – I’d go with nude heels, diamonds, and a shimmery organza wrap in either silver or lavender. Avoid the dark shoes – they look too heavy with the light dress and drag the eye down. Have a wonderful time at the wedding, and count me in on the giveaway!

  13. Weighing in for the pashmina outfit as well . . .it does make a difference that you lean into this photo more. The others have your head somehow more distant from the outfit, a combo of pose and, perhaps, hair style?

    1. You sensed, with your usual intuition, that this was my tentative favorite before posting:).

  14. Goodness, I am delighted to be introduced to the brand!!! Look #1 with the jacket would be my first choice, it’s so chic. Second choice would be #3, the wrapped style, it’s so soft and pretty! You look lovely in all of them, the color is ideal for you!

  15. #2. Classic and pretty yet doesn’t scream for attention. We all know who gets the attention at a wedding! Sure, I’d love to be counted in.

  16. The blue with the wrap. It seems some and summery and just subtly dressed up. The first look all you can see is the jacket and shoes, and it seems so heavy for summer and in the second it looks a little casual and almost school girl-like with the cardigan.

    1. Also, thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway but I’m going to sit this one out. I’ll leave the shift dresses to people whose body types they flatter.

  17. Love, love, love the blue side! I agree with ParisGrr, a larger brooch would be fabulous – very chic.

    Yes, please, count me in! I love these dresses.

  18. I’m in — I really like the wrapped look. And I love a good brooch, perhaps on the wrap itself, like QEII. :)

  19. On the Blue Side just looks so simple and chic. Perfect for a summer wedding.

  20. The dress is lovely and elegant on its own, and suits your coloring so well. I would add a blingy cuff or wide silver bracelet. Do you have small pearls, perhaps choker length? Longer ones would look good too, but perhaps interfere with the wrap (which it sounds like you need). If your hair is up and you don’t wear glasses, you could consider earrings instead of a necklace. If you need a covering, I so prefer the wrap, although I think a different color would be optimal. Silver would be lovely, and not too bride-like I think.

    Just found your blog recently and enjoy your clever writing. I am as far from a WASP as anyone could be but count several of them among my friends :-)

  21. I’d go with the wrap, for sure. The others don’t quite work for me.

    I also like the slingbacks–and you already know they’re comfortable!

  22. Ok look 1 – High contract: is a bit severe for a wedding, its more suited for a more high powered meeting. (more knock dead the competition).
    Look 2 – on the blue side: I think it is perfect, top off that lovely dress with a cream silky jacket mix it up with demure silver and pearls, and I love those shoes.
    Look 3 – No, the wrap just doesn’t do the dress justice.
    Look 4 – stone crows, no! no! that pink cardigan is just too school girlish.

  23. I would go with the wrap. Being from Minneapolis, and attending a few weddings at the Gale Mansion (and other mansions in the area) I would say that it is the most appropriate.

    Good luck and enjoy Minneapolis!

  24. It looks like the wrap will win, based on the comments so far, but I love the high-contrast look. Not a fan of the pink cardigan with the purple dress at all, but we both know I shouldn’t be giving anyone fashion advice. ;)

    No entry for me, dear – they have nothing that would fit me. :)

  25. You look great in that dress! The slingbacks work better with the lines and simplicity of the dress than the white sandals. The ombre pashmina will suffice as KBG is spot on re ghastly hot in August although I will add humidity to the heat.

  26. Greetings from St Paul, which is right next door to Minneapolis. The Gale Mansion is a lovely spot for a wedding — one of my favorite couples tied the knot there a few years ago. Native Twin Citians tend to skew casual for dress-up occasions, especially the men. However there are far more transplants here now than there were when my family arrived 30+ years ago so you may see a little bit of everything — hats, khakis, sneakers, a prom dress. Note the summer weather can be hotter and stickier than one might expect. If I were you, I’d opt for the Blue Side/Wrapped combination.

  27. I like #2.
    #1 looks like you might be headed to work. Something about the neckline of the sweater in #3 doesn’t appeal to me, so it’s off my list.

    The wrap in #2 is fine. More closet-shopping might turn up something you hadn’t considered.

  28. I’m voting “Wrapped”. Just enough cover and “umph” to provide warmth if needed and a tad of attention without upstaging the bridal party. Gorgeous color that lavender. My niece is getting married in Sept. in Utah using peaches, cream and lavender shades. Hmmmmm……

  29. Great dress! I’d go with the wrap. I love the jacket in the first look but not with the dress; it isn’t summery enough and there’s too much contrast. I like the pink sweater with the dress – for the office, though, as it doesn’t seem dressy enough. I’m in!

  30. I vote for the middle look. Chances are good that it will be hot and humid in Minneapolis and you won’t want anything covering your arms. Plus, I’m a sucker for pashminas at fancy events. They just look elegant and dressy to me!

  31. I too vote for the second look, however, do you have any friends who knit or crochet? (Maybe even a fast knitter/crocheter?) I think the second look with a fine weight, knit/crochet shawl or shawlette in a lacy pattern would be stunning. The yarn could be a tonal lavendar silk . . . . It would dress up the outfit and complement the simple shift lines.

  32. I love the blue look; those colors complement your coloring in such an elegant way. I’m in the same boat…late afternoon summer wedding in a part of the country I’ve never visited. This is inspiring me!

  33. Another vote for on the blue side, wrapped. The Chanel jacket isn’t summery enough, plus it looks like something you’d wear to a business luncheon, not a wedding in Minneapolis. The pink sweater isn’t quite right either, not with that dress anyway. The blue shawl is perfect for your coloring. I love the slingbacks but have you tried the white block sandals with the shift, the shawl, and the pearl strand? I thought the white pearls at the top and white sandals at the foot might tie it all together. Just a thought…

  34. I was originally torn between the jacket and the wrap but my vote is for the wrap – not as business-like, more feminine and dressy. I’m in! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  35. My vote is for the “blue side.” The wrap picks up on the blue in the shoes, and the look is refined and yet simple for the season. The black/white is too aggressive for a soft summer shift, and the cardigan is too casual for a wedding.

  36. Voting for “Wrapped.” Because that wrap has somehow ignited your whole look, including your hair, your face, your skin tones. Fabulous. Even better than a lavender wrap would have been. Would love to be considered for the shift/sheath giveaway, thank you.

  37. I love the high contrast look! Even in the Midwest it’s a timeless classic that’s so very on-trend.

  38. In the first look the Chanel jacket, while beautiful, is too heavy for the dress and for the occasion. In the last look, the shoes are too clunky and the sweater too casual for an evening wedding. I would go with the second look, but add your pearl necklace and pearl or diamond earrings. I think you could wear the wrap you show because it looks like the shoes have some blue in them? An alternative would be a pretty, gauzy wrap in white or lavender that you can find almost anywhere for a pittance. It may be warm enough that you won’t need the wrap. Personally, I would also add a brooch because I like to bring attention up to my face. The lavender color of your dress is a very pretty color choice for you!

  39. No thank you on the lovely giveaway offer. Give the wrap a try, arranged more loosely. I wore a blue and white shift and lavender wrap to a very hot garden wedding last July and the wrap felt elegant and was a slightly comforting prop at the same time. If you get there and everyone is dressed to the nines, it might feel more elegant than a cardigan. If everyone is casual and it’s really hot and humid, you can carry it more practically than a jacket. Plus the colors are flattering and summery.

  40. I vote for “wrapped” effect. For some reason, I am seeing the Beladora earrings with this ensemble.

    The color is of this dress is lovely.

  41. Definitely the blue. It suits your coloring perfectly. I would add a pearl necklace. Would love to be included in the giveaway.

  42. Lisa, I love for “on the blue side”. I say–keep it simple. You will look great whatever you decide.

  43. Definitely the wrap look — it’s a beautiful color combination that isn’t too matchy-matchy. And I wouldn’t worry that the wrap would distract from the dress — it’ll be falling open some of the time.

    The other thing you could consider is a dressy white shirt worn over the dress, as a jacket. Didn’t you wear a beautiful white shirt to another wedding not long ago?

  44. Longtime reader but first-time commenter who spend three years in Minneapolis…I like the version with the pashmina, but would wear the shoes from the first photo. To me the first look reads more luncheon than evening wedding, but I do think that jacket is fabulous. The last look reads more daytime wedding to me. Enjoy – Minneapolis is fabulous!

  45. I choose the second, with the wrap–although I’d consider nude or lighter shoes if you have them. Have a wonderful time!

  46. I like the blue & wrap look – if it is warm, you’ll look cool, and no matter the weather, those colors look great on you.

  47. I also prefer the second option – blue with the wrap. It looks very pretty on you but doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard (like option 1 – too serious) or not enough (option 3).

  48. Agree with the other voters for you to wear on the “blue side.” Exchange your grandfather’s earrings for the chandeliers, and definitely purchase a lavender wrap!

  49. Second, with pashmina, definitely. First is too edgy and third is too… don’t know, but pink and lilac are too Barbie for me in one go (but it’s just me probably).

  50. Love the #1 jacket, but think black/white a bit somber for a wedding. So my vote goes to #2, but I would suggest a more tonal shoe. Enjoy the wedding!

  51. I’m NOT entering giveaway, but I just had to vote – #2 the blue, you look like a dream! *sigh*

  52. I prefer the blue side as well. I love the shawl, so effective against the frigd air conditioning.

  53. What fun! Thanks for letting us vote.

    I vote for wrapped – if you will be warm enough. You already look cold in the photo.

    Please don’t enter me in the give-away.

  54. That shift dress is so flattering on you! I have to say I’m a fan of the “Wrapped” option. I love the unexpected pairing of the lavender with blue.

  55. I love the “On the Blue Side” option. A statement piece like a large broach or necklace and a pretty wrap and you are ready.

  56. I love the blue slingbacks with the dress and the blue in the ombre wrap ties in with the shoes. Beautiful. I think that I’d add a cuff with this something that can pull in the blue or maybe something ivory. I’m actually thinking of a wide, expandable ivory cuff that I own…vintage bakelite…want to borrow it?

  57. I’m not participating in the giveaway, but wanted to tell you how much I love the blue option. The shoes have a blue hue to them that works really well with the wrap, so that it looks like you have a blue-and-lavender outfit. I don’t think a lavender wrap would work as perfectly as this does. And like many have pointed out, the colors are perfect for you.

  58. The first choice is my hands down favorite. Elegant, sophisticated, and appropriate. Loved all of it! The fit information was very much appreciated as well. I also liked Dressed USA on Facebook.

  59. The dress is simple & the colour is delightfully summery,I think black shoes are too heavy looking,maybe nude similar to the black L’S.Like the first photo minus the jacket with the pearls,and pashmina.

    As a Brit.I feel slightly uneasy making suggestions as you guys seem to differ from us in many ways,after reading the ‘frindor’post strange word!! also having never heard of friends being so involved in weddings,our’s seem more traditional based around the church…. or just the tribe,(trying hard to avoid the dreaded ‘class’ word.)I belong to makes it a tad difficult to understand.

    I enjoy your posts and have learnt much from them.

  60. On the blue side with the wrap as shown. Lovely and elegant. No need to get matchy with the wrap.

  61. Love the blue option. Your arms are so nicely toned that you don’t need to cover them up-flaunt them! The jacket option is too business, the pashmina has been done to death, and the pink is way too casual for evening. I like Judith/Ida’s suggestion of the nude pump. I like your jewelry options. I don’t know about a drawing-just like commenting on clothes. Have fun-you’ll look great no matter what you wear!

  62. As a former Minnesotan I would go with option 2. It will probably be hot and humid (the wrap should be enough if it cools off at night). Minnesotans tend to be a casual lot (yes, there were jeans and short sleeved dress shirts at my evening, formal wedding).

  63. I would like to add that alternatively you could wear black shoes with the 2nd choice. But definitely the 2nd——-no other!

  64. Last but not least, let me repeat one last time, only the dress and shoes—no wrap—plain 2nd option! I insist!

  65. I vote for #2. The color combo is flattering and it’s elegant without being stuffy.

  66. I’d go with the wrap. I live in Minneapolis, and we’re pretty casual here. It’s been unseasonably cool here, but also humid, so the wrap would probably be more flexible (and more fun) than a jacket or cardi.

  67. Definitely the blue, with a small blue clutch, lapis or (lucky you) sapphire earrings, and…do you have a nice locket, or other family piece?

  68. And I should have specified, the blue WITH the wrap, it picks up very nicely on the shoes, and is why I suggest some color in the earrings and clutch.

  69. I agree with so many others – the blue look is the one for me. That shift is lovely, by the way.

  70. I vote for “on the blue side.” The other looks are a bit too work-wear for me. I also think the shoes and pashmina play together beautifully and in a way that feels very deliberate.

    Minneapolis is a gem of a city. It has a wonderful arts scene, lovely neighborhoods, and great outdoor spaces. The people who live there love their city, which I think is always a good sign. And, as a bonus, if the wedding is taking place soon, you won’t have to deal with any of the horrible winter weather! :)

  71. On the blue side hands down!

    Definitely not the Chanel jacket. It looks too heavy for the dress and black with pastel seems dated to me. I also don’t care for the shoes on the third choice. I feel like that outfit would look better with a pair of nude heels. The fourth one I’d consider too daytime for my taste for an evening wedding. And even if it’s a casual crowd, I think that cardi is too boxy looking with the dress and doesn’t flatter your figure as well as the other choices. Also would do a different shoe.

    I’ve been to a family affair in Minneapolis that was fairly dressy. They have good shopping downtown and of course Mall of America is the largest in the country. It will depend on the people.

  72. I like option number two the best, (love those blue shoes!) with option number one coming in second. The white shoes in option number three wrecked the whole look as far as I’m concerned. So, in summary, number two is number one, number one is number two, and number three is wrong.

  73. Love the Wrapped look! the blue is so pretty and goes with the shoes

    I’m out for the shift, hope someone nice gets it xxx

  74. I’m all about the first look – fresh and with a sense of occasion. Bhe bllue wrap look is a close second. Nothing wrong with the pink cardigan, in particular, on its own, but it almost looks “officey” compared to the other looks.

  75. I vote for the second look, where you look ethereal. The shoes are a such a pretty subdued blue, and the unexpected color pairing of the shawl and dress is just unstudied enough to create a breezy yet elegant style for a wedding. In the first look, the contrast that the jacket provides is a little too sharp for your delicate coloring, and the black shoes weigh the look down a bit. The third look is lovely, and those shoes are the best option if you plan on dancing a lot, but it could work as an everyday look, and it’s ok to look more festive at a wedding.

  76. The dress is lovely on you.

    I vote for some variation of #2 because it’s soft and pretty and summery. #3 would be my second vote, but it seems a tad casual for a 5 p.m. wedding. #1 feels too business-like and the shift doesn’t seem to quite work with the blazer and shoes.

  77. Would love to see it with a pale gray lightweight leather jacket and the blue shoes you have. Add some inexpensive silver bangles and it is simple and chic.

  78. I would opt for the “Blue Side” – ombre pashmina. The sherbet colors are lovely, but the sweater is too casual for an evening reception, imho. I think the Chanel jacket is a bit heavy looking, especially for an August wedding – if you have a satin jacket, that might be a good jacket alternative, otherwise, the Ombre pashmina gets my vote.

    Have fun!

  79. Sadly, it is sold out, but the Burberry London Peplum jacket at Saks would be a nice touch!

  80. Lavender dress is just a gorgeous color and shape. The black and white jacket would work for more of a professional occasion. The color and shape of the cardigan don’t seem to coordinate with the dress. The pashmina is lovely and I agree with those who say go for a sherbet color.

  81. You look stunning–what beautiful arms you have–show them off, and if you need something to cover–go with the wrap. You look lovely!! I am certainly in for the giveaway!! Love the shift!!

  82. I don’t know what kinds of weddings other people go to but I’m 28 and I have been going to plenty here in Toronto. Evening weddings are usually quite dressy. Depending on the venue, it can go from cocktail dress to formal. My instinct is the first look as Chanel is pretty much awesome all the time. The second look looks great on you but you need more accessories to make it fit an evening wedding reception. How do you feel about the J.Crew big necklace style to dress it up? I would probably do something like that.

  83. I think that you should wear the Wrapped Look. Lately, it’s been cool so you’ll probably need that wrap in Minneapolis and it’s a good look, too!

  84. I like the middle one with the wrap – romantic colors, easy to cover or uncover depending on the weather – you look prettiest and most relaxed in that outfit!

  85. I vote for number two, “on the blue side”. Those shoes are seriously awesome. And Grandfathers cufflinks as earrings? Outstanding!!
    Number one says “all shoulders”, which I have myself, and love , but not the best of the four.
    Number four says “saccharine sweet”? Are you?

  86. I like the first, contrast look. HOWEVER, I am of the opinion that one should never wear a necklace that falls lower than the neckline of a dress. So the pearls would have to be exchanged for a strand of something that falls lower and won’t give that weird, half-necklace look!

  87. You have some killer individual items (That heavenly shade of beautifully cut lavender dress! Those fabulous blue slingbacks! That sumptuous ombré wrap!). Normally individual “killers” compete and overdo, but in this case, I’d say you have a triple slam-dunk. In sum: Look #2-Version2, “Wrapped,” with the addition of a significant silver bracelet or watch (perhaps necklace too, in case it’s so warm you never use the wrap). Yes, a lavender wrap would be divine, but the blue ties the shoes in.
    The Chanel jacket is fab, but that look is more professional than wedding-y.
    Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter if the wedding is in Minneapolis, Boston, or Timbuktu, if you look terrific and appropriate, which you will with Look #2-Version 2. Smashing! Have a wonderful time. :)

  88. Will you wear your hair down? And yes, some kind of necklace for On the Blue Side. Susan D.

  89. If I had arms like you I would never ever never wear sleeves. So it’s #2 on the blue side. The pink sweater combo is cute but the seater looks like it’s your big sister’s hand me down because the length is all wrong. It would be much better if it was crop length.
    After seeing Blue Jasmine this past weekend, Chanel jackets and jeans are the only way to go.
    Have fun!

  90. Beautiful dress! I like the white sandals, the wrap and your pearls. Have a fabulous time at the wedding!

  91. I think definitely the blue shoes, and the chandelier earrings. They have both blue and purple in them, and I think the proportion is right with the dress.

    Then you will need something on your wrists. I think your arm party (the mobius Georg Jensen bracelet, heart-link bracelet from Chinatown and Indian bangles) would work well, although I know that none of this is silver. The Alexis Bittar cuff is somehow more silvery, and has blue in it too. And then I really love your cuff made from your grandmother’s brooch, and it has both silver (or platinum?) and gold, which will pick up the silvery decoration on the Réné Caovilla shoes and the gold of the earrings.

    I like the Ombre wrap very much, and I think the colours are beautiful with the dress, but if you want something more substantial would the Jigsaw Jersey Boyfriend Jacket work?

    1. I am going to bring the Alexis Bittar and see how it feels. I considered my grandmother’s cuff, but it seems a little too much of a statement for someone else’s wedding. You know? Like, um, hey there look HOW MANY DIAMONDS I HAVE ON MY ARM AND IT’S STILL LIGHT OUT. Hehe.

  92. In the blue, definitely. Delicate, feminine and structured = classy! Maybe hair open? I don’t mind the non-matching lavenders in the wrap, I think it’s interesting. (I opt out of the dress giveaway, thanks.)

  93. I love the blue styling with the wrap…so soft and lovely, especially for that time of the year and day. I also appreciate your information on altering the shift dress. Have finally realized that fit is incredibly important, and just because I don’t “have to” alter something doesn’t mean I shouldn’t…

  94. First outfits gets my vote for its boldness and chique. Others blur you away a bit in “I’m sorry I’m beautiful, so I’ll hide” way.

  95. I vote for “on the blue side,” wrapped. I would like to see more of a statement jewelry piece. Do you ever do pearls? Borrow some? Don’t have to be real; some of those oversized pearl chokers might be great with the dress.

    The sherbet outfit makes you look (horrors) suburban. The dress is quite sophisticated but the cardi puts it into the station-wagon set. The black and white jacket is a mismatch.

    My first comment!

    1. Welcome! And you are so right. I am suburban of course, but always aiming for a little city polish. Especially when I’m actually in a city;)

  96. I love the pashmina look. I would also vote for more dramatic jewelry. I -very luckily- am in close proximity to my sisters so I troll their collections when I can’t find something appropriate.

  97. Love the wrap. Wraps always make you look so sophisticated! And I wouldn’t worry too much about what they “do” where ever you are going. Just “do” what you “do”.

  98. The ‘wrapped’ look, definitely. The vintage Chanel is a bit harsh, and the others look a bit unfinished, but the ‘wrapped’ look is ‘just right’!
    Count me in, please.

  99. First, hair down…looks elegant and sexy…classy, too..
    Second..pashmina adds elegance and warmth…off if too warm, on if needed for warmth or comfort..
    (I do like the Chanel jacket..what about a different color dress if you are thinking of wearing it?..
    What fun to plan your dress for this special occasion..

    1. I’d love to wear my hair down – but in an effort to have enough hair for a low but largish chignon, I’m past my trim date and I might cross over into witchy woman territory. Which is a fine land, but not for someone’s wedding probably. I’ll see what I can muster day of:).

  100. Wrapped, please! Why? Two reasons:

    Minnesota can be very cool at night (and during the day given the recent cool snap we’ve had in the Midwest). The wrap will protect you from chilly indoor and outdoor temperatures.

    Wrapped is also On the Blue Side when you remove the lovely pashmina.

    You look stunning in everything. I believe you have two options by carrying along one lightweight shawl. So easy and so chic!

    Have a wonderful time! Minneapolis and St. Paul are beautiful. Both are the perfect combination of sophistication with authentically wonderful people. *said by a native Chicagoan who happens to think we’re lucky that the twin cities are nearby!

    1. I apologize for not having mentioned sooner that I would like to opt out from the drawing for the shift. It is a generous and wonderful offer.

      I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip to Minneapolis!


  101. I love the look of the dress without any wrap, jacket or cardigan. It is very flattering on you. Of the three looks – I prefer the blue ensemble and can’t wait to see what you end up choosing. I think the pashmina is a good option as it seems elegant without ‘trying’… I would however add some bigger earrings, or a bangle to the look. The Chanel jacket is obviously lovely but not with that particular dress for a wedding as I found it too visually jarring.

    Have fun at the wedding!

  102. I really like the second look – In the Blue. I like how the blue shoes work with the Lavender dress. I think the ombre wrap looks great with the shoes/dress, tying them all together. I think that you need maybe a bib-type necklace to fancy it up a bit more. I’m in!

  103. I LOVE the high contrast. You look fabulous. I like the pashmina idea but maybe in a different color… for some more high contrast?

    I can’t think of the right color off hand. Can you take the dress out give a look at some other options?

    I know you will find something to make it zing as much as you do.

    xo jane

  104. I would go with the wrap. That’s what I was thinking before I even saw the options listed :)

  105. I love the shift! If you don’t mind my asking, how tall are you, and how much hem were you able to let down? I’m 5’10” and the involuntary miniskirt is forcing me into a cougar look that I heartily dislike.

    1. There isn’t much hem to let down, maybe a half an inch. That said, the size small was plenty long enough, just looser than I like. If you buy the larger one of your size options, then tailor in, you’ll be fine. Kelley will probably give you the tape measure length on request. Might even be on the site…

  106. I like look #2 the best, although as a midwesterner I think that look #3 might fit in the best with fellow casual midwesterners.
    I do think that look #1 is a bit too businessy for a wedding.

  107. Blue slingbacks, chandolier earrings, wrap if necessary. Hope you know
    how to do your hair in a high French twist. The dress is classic, the shoes
    so sexy. I’d push the latter attribute with hair up, eye make-up and dangle
    earrings. You may be a WASP but you have the body to rock the look.

  108. I lived in Minneapolis for 5 years, not far from the Gale house. I would want to know where the family/ies are from — if either of them are from the nearby suburb of Edina, you may want to dress up a bit more than you would otherwise. Edinans would like Chanel.

    Otherwise, knowing the casual nature of Minneapolis generally, I would advise you to go with the second listed choice. The ombre wrap is nice with your hair and the shoes, but it is partially white — how do you feel about that? — and it’s hard to tell the quality. If you can spare an hour immediately on arrival, you might consider taking the light rail from the airport one stop to the Mall of America, which is off the end of the runway. Their Nordstrom’s is decent and you could probably find a dressier wrap fairly easily. (I could guide you to other stores locally, but you would need to have more time and be willing to drive and be navigated, which are not ideal in this situation.)

  109. The first one! As seamstresses say, “Go Chanel or go home.” I’m in! Thank
    You for your thoughtful blog.

  110. Blue! The second outfit is simple and elegant. And I hope you have a wonderful time–Minnesotans are exceptionally nice people.

  111. Love the wrapped look…delicious. The Chanel should be worn with blue jeans…

  112. 2nd look with blues. Definitely calls for silver jewelry. Do you have a cuff, perchance? Wrap is perfect for an evening in Minnesota.

  113. Blue pashmina, blue shoes, Alexis Bittar bracelet and either earrings :-)

    Born and raised in the Twin cities, I’m currently in a suburb of St Paul (the other of the Twin Cities) and NOT from Privilege, but MNs are pretty laid back, and you could wear any little thing your heart desired.

    So, I picked the most flattering IMHO choices (I remember the Bittar bracelet from earlier).
    Our weather is not necessarily ‘average’ this summer, nonetheless, evenings will be dark by 9 and feel much cooler than the day. (But you’re not unfamiliar with erratic SF temps.)

    I hope you’ll have time to explore even a little bit – the Mall of America (or MOA, to its fans), the Sculpture Garden at the Walker, Uptown rooftop dining/bars, and there are, of course, choice restaurants/bars/patios/sidewalk dining to enjoy if you have the time. Let me know if you’d like any recommendations of the current hot spot/faves (Burch Steakhouse and Pizza bar – where my daughter may be your hostess and Isaac Becker rules!), Butcher & Boar – where bourbon & meat rule) Oops, sorry, I just got so enthused for a moment. . .

  114. The blue outfit is outstanding – simple, elegant, polished.

    I do not wish to be entered in the giveaway, but thank you for the choice.

  115. I by far prefer the blue&wrapped option, very elegant! Pink I would like as well, if it wasn’t for the white sandals. Chanel vintage jacket looks too much to me with this outfit and in this season and too somber for such a jolly occasion!

  116. I like that dress but I would prefer it with a different jacket than the one in the first picture. That jacket looks too heavy for that light and airy lavender shade, and all the colors seem to clash.

  117. Love the “in the blue”. Those shoes are gorgeous! Traveling to attend a wedding this weekend in Buffalo and going through similar ponderings on what to wear!!

  118. Hair down. Blue ombre wrap. Light (are they white or cream colored?) heels. You can make the ombre wrap work if you take Andrea’s instructions (very French!) and use either a small elegant pin to hold the wrap in place or go Michelle Obama bold with a bigger bolder pin––or really fun with a thrifted vintage rhinestone pin. Love the color of the shift!

  119. Definitely the blue. It looks elegant but fun – which I think is you to a T. I would keep the wrap in the blue because I think it pulls in the blue of the shoes nicely.

  120. I like option #2, with the wrap. You look lovely and I hope you have a wonderful time. Perhaps consider adding one bigger statement accessory as other commenters have suggested.

  121. I’m coming to this a little late, and I’m not interested in the giveaway, but just wanted to say that you look lovely in option 2 with the wrap. That seems to be the favorite choice so I am not adding anything new here. Hope you have a lovely time.

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