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LPC Is At A Practical Wedding Today

I’ve got a little post on being a “friendor,” i.e. helping out with someone else’s wedding, up at A Practical Wedding today. I’m writing about my brother’s wedding a couple of years ago, and there’s a photo or two to illustrate. This is a wonderful blog for anyone who loves weddings, especially the human and slightly less commercial kind. See you there, if you can spare a moment.

3 Responses

  1. A mo-ment? whoa! I stopped reading comments at 60+. That’s a strong conversation going on over there. Why am I not surprised ;-)

    I’m honored to be the bookend to your do-not-over-thank dictum. Here at my end, I say when family/friends go to trouble on your behalf [no matter how hard, no matter the occasion], go likewise to great lengths in your appreciation.

    What do I know, but I thought your brother and his wife’s apres-wedding gift to you was the just-right touch. Wha?

    1. …and YES, your children ARE beautiful!

      ps, if I’ve missed the larger point of your piece at APW, as I often do, I over-apologize for doing so!

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