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A Perfect Summer Respite

The dog days of summer approach. The term in fact refers to the historical position of the Dog star Sirius, in the skies, but the implied panting animal isn’t inappropriate. What to wear?


The fabulous Wendy Brandes braves city shorts, with wonderful results. As does Highland Fashionista. But some of us might really prefer a dress. Really truly.

Introducing Dressed USA, and the art of the cotton shift. Above, lavender cotton sateen. Perfect for a summer night out. Imagine a table on the sidewalk, salad on your plate and water beading on wine glasses. The late sunlight refracted onto your hands as you talk. A pause in time.


Pink floral’s an option, in silk/cotton blend. One of my favorite fabrics of all time. Of course, if you eat inside you’ll want a cardigan. Why places over air-condition I will never understand. White cotton is safe, but surely we have more color courage than that.

Dressed USA offers day dresses too. Stretch cotton in navy. A navy shift instead of jeans and a tee for running errands? How very Nantucket.  Or seersucker, for the visit to one’s elders. Lunch on the lawn, on the deck, or in an apartment, perched on that family sofa. You know the one.


Spoiler alert. Dressed USA sent me a shift for review. The quality is superb. That little navy number, for example, is lined in pink. Bight pink. The lavender sateen is very well-structured, and also lined, albeit more discreetly in white. We might like the company to add sleeves in the future, but one can always throw on a utility jacket for that Artsy edge so dear to Sturdy hearts. The Grande Dames will nod, slightly, in approval.

And, to reveal all, they will be sponsoring a giveaway here next week. Go take a look, if you have time. The line is small, but very well thought out.

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  1. These dresses are perfect ! Thank you for sharing the information. Interesting blog you have. Hard to find blogs from women of my age.

  2. Those are darling. I wish I could wear shift dresses; alas, I’m too short-waisted and broad of hip. I am, however, rocking both city and Bermuda shorts this year, along with my regular cotton capris. It’s always good to shake things up.

  3. Oh they do look crisp and chic…
    unfortunately I need a lower U or V neck style…perhaps they will consider that in their future designs. How fortunate for you that they have sent you a shift!

  4. Pretty dresses and great that they are made in USA, right?
    Unfortunately not for me to wear, as I lead a different type of life, in a different country; culture.

  5. Like the fact that the dresses are made in your own country,the other plus point is made in natural materials,simple & elegant, can work for day or night.

  6. I’ve been hunting for a couple of shift dresses for the office to get me through the rest of summer. Will definitely check these out! Love that striped number.

  7. I love these! I’m a big fan of the shift dress — I have a few that I keep in rotation for summer comfort. The same dress can work for casual or for reasonably dressy, depending on accessories, and in cotton or silk (as long as there’s no dreaded polyester lining), they are refreshingly cool. Like Hostess, I would prefer a v-neck, but that seems not so often to be an option in the shift, and the ones I wear most often have either a boat or a crew-neck. . .
    I’d argue, btw, that these are much cooler than shorts. . . even if perhaps not as “cool”. . .

  8. I prefer a bit of a V neck as well. I love the look of shift dresses, but tend to look boxy in them. Not a look I’m usually going for. Thanks for sharing the link. I’ll pop over for a peek, just in case.

  9. Nice frocks. Simple yet effective! I’ll go have a look, thanks for reviewing them.

  10. I love the dresses, but hate my old lady knees…I am very fit, but no one has informed the skin above my knee caps. Wish I could wear!!

  11. Looks marvelous. None of this ridiculous exposed back zipper weird neckline business, just a beautiful workhouse shift with a reasonable boatneck and a dash of hidden quirk to make you smile (and machine washable, huzzah). Why don’t more companies stick to this ethos?

    My one plaint: site need more action shots, with and without styling/belts, shots that don’t obscure the dress but do show the natural drape. Photo shoots for small, relatively basic lines like this, which are more about the clothes than a branded lifestyle, should indeed focus on the clothes and not on “atmosphere.” Unlike Chloe or Balenciaga, or even J.Crew, this is not selling a destination.

  12. Not all of us have Highland Fashionista’s legs, either. Or not anymore. I love the look of these!

  13. Very pretty and cool-looking. 3/4 sleeves would be a great option for those not comfortable wearing bare arms.

    1. Again, perfect. A friend was wearing this same shift [but with a bit longer hem, and close-fitting 3/4 sleeves ending just barely below the elbow] at a dinner the other evening. I was struck by the simple elegance. And here it is!

  14. I love the seersucker! I am finally getting the hang of wearing shift dresses without looking like I’ve donned the proverbial burlap sack. However, my go-to item these days is a nice crisp short skirt. I’ve been wearing this little number today, and trying to pretend I’m Katherine Hepburn:

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