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Are You Thinking About Block Heeled Sandals?

I bring you the block heeled sandal. Were I not pretty much all shopped out right now, what with wedding decisions and resultant outlays, I’d be on the hunt.

One can opt for high fashion, by Nicholas Kirkwood. These would be kind of cool to toughen up a point d’esprit lace wedding dress, but they’re cream and I’d need white. Dang.

Nicholas Kirkwood Block Heel SandalBut this trend doesn’t require a wedding. What about high heels, from Loeffler Randall? Very high, for those who dare.

Loeffler Randal block heel sandalsOr color, from Salvatore Ferragamo,


and Rupert Sanderson. On sale, both of them. Salvatore stains ladylike stacked wood heels red, ol’ Rupert punches out a patent leather hole and fills it with Lucite.

block heeled sandal, square heeled sandal

And finally, totally affordable, comfortable from all reports, and available for any size 7.5 or above, the iconic Sam Edelman Trina. Why small foot people are excluded we may never know.

Sam Edelman Block Sandals

An instant, and cushioned at that, style update.

Nicholas Kirkwood via net-a-porter for $655
Loeffler Randal “Evie” via their direct site on sale for $225
Ferragamo via farfetch on sale for $305.58
Rupert Sanderson via farfetch on sale for $340
Sam Edelman via Zappos, on sale for $69, and also available at Nordstrom


Block Heeled Sandals for Summer 2016

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  1. I love them too. I’ve had a pair of nude block heel sandals for years and they do make my legs look longer. Nice post.

  2. I bought –for full price (darn)– and wore those Sam E. sandals to my daughter’s graduation for her Master’s in NYC. They were perfect for a long day in the Big Apple which required walking far distances and standing in lines. Great picks, all!

  3. I’d opt for the Sam Edelman’s as they are stylish and not too high in the heel.
    Walking as much as I do has definitely changed my shoe buying habit.
    You must be counting the days until your wedding!
    It is all very exciting and I do hope all goes without a hitch.

  4. The height and width of the heel is a plus when you’re walking in them.
    I saw these described as Cuban heels and for the longest time I had an image of sultry Havana nights. Eventually reality set in and I decided they were describing the shape of the heel, not the dance activity.

  5. No, I’m incorrigible, I’m still thinking about minimalist flat sandals that are as close as possible to going barefoot. If I were the kind to wear these though I sort of like the last ones.

  6. Yes, I’m tempted! Something with the style and heel height of #1, and the color of #2. That shouldn’t be too hard to find, should it? ;-)

  7. Yes! For the last several months in fact and managed to find a few pairs here and there. The low block heel suits me much better than flats so I’m really happy this style is being produced. In fact I already have the high version fom my own “personal stash of vintage” gear (bought in the early 90’s)! I love that phrase from your previous post.

  8. Just one glance away from me, sitting on a makeshift ledge across the room, is the sole survivor of a pair of black leather block-heeled platform sandals that stood by me [under me ;)] for over 25 years. They took me everywhere, any occasion, any hour, I felt like a million bucks in those shoes. One of them decomposed right under my foot walking down a sidewalk. I’ll never find a match, but I’ll die looking for it!

  9. No sandals for me.
    Can´t stand the sand and dirt that slide inside them.
    The ones you chose, look sturdy, but not especially attractive, sorry.

  10. Count me with the no group. I don’t like the block heels – look a bit dowdy to me.

  11. Nothing to do with shoes. First visit to your blog. What a character!!! Wish I could meet you! Love your personality and style. As to your writing, love at first sight!! All my love!

  12. I love these shoes because they are comfy!
    For the record, all the super chic women that I saw shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday were wearing block heels and not stilettos.

  13. I like all of them, but I’m doing super flat flats these days, and my knees are loving it! Thanks for showing us a stylish choice.

  14. I love the block-heeled sandal myself, though I can understand why it doesn’t appeal to everyone. In fact, I love them so much I just ordered another pair.

    I definitely have Sturdy taste in shoes–they need to be walkable and comfortable–but I like an Artsy flair, so the block-heeled sandals fit the requirements. I also prefer a bit of the clunky look, harking back to my Doc Marten days.

    1. Those are wonderful. And I think they’re the perfect meeting of Artsy and Sturdy.

  15. The cream first photo are the most elegant, if one can call block heels elegant.Not a wise investment for a rural gel.

  16. I have the Sam Edelman Trinas and I can vouch for their awesomeness. Zappos’ inventory must be running low, because they used to have a lot more sizes and colors. (Mine are mandarin/leopard in a size 7, for example.)

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