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News: LinkShare For Dress For Success

As you all know, over the years I have taken very little revenue from this blog. Of course, Beladora advertised for a while, and briefly paid me a commission on your purchases. That was fun. Reminds me that I owe you a Beladora giveaway, must not forget. Also, once I did a sponsored post, for Walgreens. Love Walgreens, but can’t write for cash to save my life.

In all I I have kept commercial engagement to giveaways. Always happy to give you guys presents. However, vendors kept on asking to place ads. Concurrently, on a different but related tack, my readers have been gently suggesting that it is my responsibility to be more charitable for some time now.

Which it is.

So I think I have a way to use the one thing in service of the other. Today I will begin to feature LinkShare ads, both banners and text links as appropriate. And I will – for the rest of 2013 – donate all proceeds from commissions to Dress for Success, a global organization that provides work-appropriate clothing to women seeking to enter the workforce.

I still don’t plan to write or accept sponsored posts, because I really cannot write for cash to save my life. And I don’t expect my posts, or the items featured, to change. For example, sites that participate in LinkShare include Farfetch, (US)

YOOX.COM: Best of International Fashion & Design

and Saks. I’ve been stalking these shoes for a while now. Don’t you like that asymmetrical vamp?

So, not too much of a stretch to participate. And I’ll continue to write about whatever strikes my fancy, whether LinkShare-enabled or not. I don’t think there’s a vendor for rapture, or deconstruction, or social class, so the commercial impact will be limited by sheer quirkiness of topics.

This seemed like a two birds with one stone moment. No more wondering, on my part, “Should I take someone up on their commercial offer?” And no more vague feelings that, “Yes, the readers are right. How can I not act more charitably?”

So welcome LinkShare! Hello Dress For Success! I’ll post totals, most likely on a monthly basis, so you can see what sort of monies we collect for the cause.

Thank you so much, as always, for your support.

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  1. Lisa, I cannot do infomercials either. And, I absolutely hate blogs which put links on every line for some merchandise or other. This is not why I read blogs. I read blogs because of the blog owner, not for shopping links. Anyway, I have my accessories linked to mine, and I do mention that from time-to-time but certainly not every single day.
    Big props to you on this!!

  2. I am surprised your readers are telling to act more charitably. How do they know what kind of philanthropy you practice in your life? You seem to me to be the type of person who doesn’t need any prodding to be charitable. And I am sure that, like me, when you’re making a contribution, you don’t need the trumpet fanfare that some people like.

    1. Make that three, fact is I had something sizzling keyed in but since I’m trying sooooo hard to not blurt, I deleted it. But, really…

    2. The thing is, I hadn’t upped my giving in proportion to my resources from the job. So, to an extent, they were right. If they’d been wrong, most likely I would have ignored them;P

  3. I, too, am surprised any of your readers would suggest you need to be more charitable – like pigtowndesign said, how do they know what kind of philanthropy you practice?

    That being said, Dress For Success is a very worthy charity; I have a friend who benefited a great deal from their services several years ago.

  4. Lovely idea, great organization, and stalkable shoes. Win, win, win. And I laughed out loud at Ginger’s comment!

  5. What a wonderful idea! Dress for Success is a very worthy cause. It does seem rather rude of readers to tell you to be more charitable, but you have handled this very graciously.

  6. As long as they don’t move or flash (migraine trigger), it’s all good. It’s your site to do with as you see fit. Your charitable contributions are no one’s business but your own. Anyway, because of the migraine issue, I have adblock plus; besides that, I read your column in my email so I’d only view unblocked content if I came to comment, and/or disabled the ad blocker.

  7. Really good idea you have. And I love the pump-this from one who prefers symmetry in my clothing, but this is beautiful to me. Dynamic asymmetry?

  8. It’s a great idea! I often want to look at the things you write about, so it seems natural to place links in posts (when relevant, of course). The charity donation is a nice way to do it.

  9. Several thoughts on this issue. We want you to make money on your wonderful writing, because you’re worth it! Also we want to know where and how to buy the things you like. Charitable? I hope that doesn’t mean only saying nice things because we know the truth isn’t necessarily charitable. However, we will all jump in to help aspiring women/people around the world, especially if there’s a way to give them some of our extra stuff. I’ve often thought that via Internet one could be matched with a less lucky person who is the same size, similar aga and taste, lives in similar climate that one could just send everything to and recipient would have great wardrobe and/or stuff to sell. This could even work for families.

    1. My statements will not change:). Just the possibility of monetary contributions to a good cause. Thanks for the kind words on my writing, and yes, Adopt A Family would be a wonderful idea.

  10. This is quintessentially Lisa, classic and generous. I love DFS and have previously contributed to them, seeing you do this is exceptionally cool. (Not-quite-as-cool? Anyone presuming to tell anyone else how/when/where/how much to do charitably. Really.)

    Sending you a smile,

  11. Really, how can anyone know how charitable you are, unless you tell them, and why should you?

    But it is a great idea, and yes, the shoes are quite covetable.

  12. This 59 year old woman thanks you for this blog. I was in Saks yesterday and the shoes were so beautiful…but I really think it’s time for flats, alas.
    Still those shoes make me think again…

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