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Urban Outfit, From Tough To Tender


Ah cities. We may find ourselves wanting to look a little tough on those sidewalks. At least from a distance.

A Uniqlo field jacket (proving to be incredibly wearable by the way)  and Very Large Sunglasses from Costco serve as the first line of defense.  Levi’s 1969 selvedge jeans and Steve Madden oxfords (similar styles are ubiquitous this year) bring up the rear.

We’ll all ignore that cheeky pun. Blame it on recent over-indulgence in British television.


But take off the protective layer to show your fierce heart. This, the Comme des Garçons PLAY striped top.


That’s Not My Age has pointed out the nice style boost chandelier earrings can give your jeans. Danglers also mitigate tough, as ornament does. These below are Swedish antiques, given to me by my mother during her years in Stockholm and Gothenburg. One could of course swing modern. I like the Pippa Small Jellyfish Earrings.



Finally, I wear the Duluth Pack, a men’s Rolex Cellini (as I’ve said before, better a Timex as this thing loves to stop working and weaponry must never let us down). If you look closely, you’ll see my wedding ring. Fierce hearts, tender hearts, we’ve all got one. Even if we don’t show it to the city.


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  1. Gorgeous earrings! And I was just wondering about your wedding ring so am very glad you showed it to us – also beautiful.

  2. Tough but gorgeous! Loving the saucy addition of the PLAY top and the beautiful earrings. Just perfect Lisa, and the wedding band suits you, it’s stunning.

  3. This post proves yet again how adept you are with your no nonsense style.
    Your wedding ring looks lovely!
    Will you introduce us to your husband?
    Funny coincidence as I had to take my husband’s watch into the jeweller for repairs as it stopped working and he was late for an important meeting. If it is more than a cleaning and a battery it needs to go back to Switzerland to the maker! It could be weeks….

  4. If I hadn’t met you, I might actually read toughness in that top photo. Also must say, from the photo’s distance, that field jacket (at least, in that oufit) reads similarly to a leather moto jacket. I love the play of tough and tender here — brava!

  5. Sure won’t mess with the tough Lisa top photo!You really can work the ‘tough’ look,I like it..bravo!

    The leather watch strap a small nod to elegance,I have to admit to a strong dislike of any metal straps on a watch,just a foible of mine.

  6. “a rock garden” Laughing!

    Oh you of the thousand and one different aspects to yourself, is Mr. Lucky still pinching himself at his great good fortune in marrying you?

  7. I like this outfit – I’m going to check out that Uniqlo jacket – and thanks for the mention, the Pippa Small earrings are fab. Keep watching the British TV, I like a cheeky pun.

  8. Love your earrings! We might be twins, a Comme striped tee, boyfriend jeans and leather jacket are my daily staple, although I need to find a good pair of ankle boots or oxfords. I use lipstick as my tough mitigator, lol.
    xo Mary Jo

  9. I think we’ve made it clear how much I like this look on you.

    Tho all looks good on you. Do you live at the gym?

    Beautiful band.

    xo Jane

  10. You are too cute by about X4. Thank you for sharing this. I like all of it–especially your happiness.

  11. Beautiful wedding ring. Thanks for sharing a picture of it. The jeans are great, as well. I’m still looking for the pair that I had in the ’60s; slightly low waist, straight legs. One of my male friends has the very ones I want. Hmm. Are you watching the America’s Cup? Good show San Fransisco!

  12. Nice! I’ve been wearing variations of this look since I was 15 in the seventies. Wore 501’s, striped long sleeved tees. They didn’t get caught in my bicycle chain, like all other big legged pants of the seventies. You look great!

  13. Your outfit looks tough at a distance = you are safe.
    But a closer look reveals femininity. An interesting mix.

    1. It is taking some getting used to – pronged settings are a little prickly. That said, I love the sparkle and am willing to invest in callouses for the wearing.

  14. Love the softness and its combination with the tougher edge. Even in the top photo, your smile belies the toughness of the outfit, hinting at a softness and a grace, perhaps tempered by practicality. Not a complaint or a criticism, just a comment on what I see; it is possible that what I see is tempered by what I have read over a long time, or that your happiness surrounds you. Do not change.

  15. I enjoy it when you mess around with style boundaries. Very playful. Love the chandelier earrings and the wedding ring is beautiful.

    Are you saying it is not a good idea to buy a Rolex? Do they have a reputation for being unreliable? I’ve been thinking of getting a men’s watch because I also like how they look with jeans.

    1. Susan, I’ve worn the same Rolex for 35 years. The annual service costs for routine (but required) maintenance are now what the watch cost when I bought it!

      It keeps decent time but as reliably than the two lower-priced watches I wear, which are Hermès.

  16. I do love this entire interplay of heart and head, and the earrings, so evocative and mysterious. (To me there are chandeliers and then, ahhhh chandeliers.) Antique and vintage jewelry just has something.

    1. I’m experimenting with danglers – these from my mother were the first. And I agree – antique jewelry is like nothing else. The time gone by is both captured and escaped.

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