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LPC At 40+ Style and Already Pretty Last Week

Last week two other bloggers, whose work may be of interest to you, featured me in interviews and links. Every time this happens I find myself involuntarily exclaiming, “I am so lucky!”

First, an interview by Sylvia at 40+ Style. One question she asked was, “Has your style changed at all after turning 40? I answered, “It got better.” For the rest of the discussion, please take a look here. It was interesting to see a whole set of my outfits, all at once, and I’m still thinking about how it’s possible to be certain one has a personal style, and be wholly incapable of describing said style concisely.

Second, Sally at Already Pretty included my post on 50+ makeup for a big event in her Lovely Links roundup. (Technically 1.5 weeks ago, but we’ll ignore my gaffe, shall we?) Sally’s Friday links list is my favorite of type – the variety of style and body image posts she puts together always offers something worth reading. You can see an example, here.

So, to new readers, welcome. This Thursday we will be taking one of our occasional detours to the world of literature and close reading, with a post from Professor C. You can watch the 1997 version of Henry James’s Wings of a Dove streaming on Netflix, if you’d like to join in.

Otherwise, the blog will continue with the usual posts on style in the social context, style for the over-40, outfits, objects of desire, and Saturday morning musings. Onward.

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  1. It’s interesting to see which are your own favourite outfits.

    I love that first picture – red lipstick, leather jacket and white tee, dark jeans, and then the slightly unexpected but perfect lace-ups! (I think people call them ‘Oxfords’. Although to me, ‘Oxford’ very specifically means the Oxford toe, which I haven’t frequently seen on women’s brogue-type shoes … or the place I grew up :-) ).

  2. You have great style which is also reflected in your choice to do this Wings of the Dove MasterClass with Professor C. I saw it again two Saturday nights ago for only the 2nd time and absolutely loved it-now in my top 10. Looking forward to Thursday.

  3. Holy Cow! Thanx for the links to those blogs, Lisa! I’m often at a loss as to how to find interesting fashion blogs that aren’t young women oriented.

    On a different note: I’ve only been reading your blog for a few months but you seem……..different since you got married! More relaxed, happier….no that’s not it really…..just more wonderful! Maybe I was seeing the pre-wedding stress!


  4. I so enjoyed reading your interview! Style is such a personal thing, too many women try so hard to emulate what is portrayed on the fashion pages without regards to who they are. I love your wedding dress!

  5. Greetings! I just discovered your blog via Gretchen’s Closet. I’m obsessed with personal style, too. I look forward, to exploring your site soon.

  6. Good to see you at both of these sites. Have you thought about joining in at Not Dead yet Style on Sunday night after 4 eastern time for the link up? It’s a nice crowd of 40+ bloggers that enjoy commenting and visiting each others blogs.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. I’ve done NDYS once or twice, it’s just so hard to get ready by Sunday night:). Great initiative though.

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