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As Promised, One Final Reminder

The voting for Naturalizer’s Style At Any Age contest, AKA Middle-Aged Ladies Can Wear Boots And Leggings Just Fine Thank You, concludes tomorrow. I am making, as promised, one final and I hope polite request for your vote. I’m told, to my surprise, that the skater dress outfit is popular. Clicking here ought to take you to the Facebook page.

Style At Any Age, Naturalizer

I know many of you don’t Facebook (is it a verb yet?), and that those of you who do, don’t like to Like. That’s OK. I’m really just happy to have been asked to participate. After all, women should be able to claim style and beauty, past our years of replicating the species. I’d never say anyone has to experiment with clothes marketed primarily to the young, let their hair grey, or wear biker jackets after 50, but society is now ready to accept that some of us just might.

Oh, and there’s 20% Off with code NWINTER13E on Valid 10/15-12/1..


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6 Responses

  1. I do Facebook and I don’t like to LIKE. However, considering the enjoyment your blog has brought to me, I think voting for you and liking the page was the least I could do to show my appreciation for your delightful blog.

  2. I have already voted in favor to you for three reasons: first, your blog brings me great pleasure. Second, your outfit is by far the best in my opinion. Third, you did ask politely.

  3. Interesting: if I squint, these outfits look very much like what we were wearing in the 70s, when I was in my late 20s-early 30s: jeans or narrow trousers tucked into high boots, vests over untucked shirt, mufflers; leather jacket, long sweater, short coat. Even the hair, long and classic, is of that era. (Not all of us had Mohawks.)

    This is not to say anyone looks dated! Rather, it proves that certain silhouettes endure. Women want to create a long, sleek line.

  4. I voted for you….I think your style is fabulous….and I wear leggings and boots all the time. There are certain trends that look silly on older women (cut out midriff, spandex with a short shirt….but if good sense and good taste are considered, I am all about a moto jacket, colored jeans and even the occasional animal sweater :)

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