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Just A Few Black Friday Picks

I can quite easily imagine three different reactions to Black Friday. None of which, by the way, involve shopping on Thanksgiving, or waiting in line in a dark, cold, big store parking lot.

  1. Prepare in advance. Know your targets. Execute effectively.
  2. Panic. Whimper. Deny.
  3. Rage.

I have traditionally taken path number 2, inasmuch as I’m incapable of number 1, and I don’t want to waste emotional capacity on number 3. Isn’t anger exhausting? But I’d like to suggest an alternative. Pretend a friend poked around the Internet and sent you a brief list for your consideration. When one partners up with LinkShare and RewardStyle, as I have done to donate to Dress for Success, retailers send information. And information can be culled.

If you happen to be lounging about today, dishwasher humming, rust chrysanthemums in fresh water, and family happily ensconced in the seating apparatus of choice, I present to you a few Black Friday picks wherein luxury moves one click to the left – into the One Might Just range.

1. Have you ever wanted a pair of ornamented dress shoes? Sure, you might use them for your offspring’s weddings, but also for nights out in the nearest big city. has 30% off all sale shoes with the code BLACK. These Badgley Mischkas included. (Winner of the hardest designer to spell in the world)


2. I’ve long coveted a monogram necklace, and  Charm and Chain offers a wide variety. Today and this weekend they also offer 20% off all orders under $150, 25% off orders between $150-$400, and 30% off orders over $400. Use codes: thanksgiving20, thanksgiving25, or thanksgiving30, respectively Here’s my particular favorite. I like those two holes punched in contrast to the ornate initial. Won’t be monogrammed by Christmas, but I’ve given and received presents signified by photos cut from magazines, or printed from the web, with no shame at all.img_6438

3. How about designer gear, Otte NY is offering 70% off already reduced sale goods, with the code BLACKFRIDAY.  You can experiment with an offbeat piece you surprise yourself by wearing wearing everywhere. Iridescent green patent leather, anyone?


4. Or a little black dress whose ubiquity surprises somewhat less? Silk Alexander Wang, also from Otte.


5. And finally, because sometimes luxury is finding just what you need for a cheering 30% off, go to Dependable Favorite Land’s End, where the discount applies to everything, from now through Monday. (While net-a-porter isn’t quite so generous, they’ve got a lot of gear on sale for 30% off too.)

See? Much less daunting. And if any of you more intrepid souls would like to contribute tips on this whole online sale business, we can only learn.


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  1. I cannot even fathom Black Friday-ness, so tune it out, but I think online shopping has made it a lot easier! I’m in the middle of a house renovation so clothes are off the table, at least until I inevitably get lured by some holiday outfit that I can’t live without. Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one Lisa!

    xo Mary Jo

    1. Oh yes, we too seem permanently positioned in house renovation mode, so much so that I thrill to the idea of a few new tools much more than a new dress [although i DID find this killer perfect dress/tunic at Uniglo, the grey one is en route but if it turns out well as a daywear layer, then I’ll need to get all three colors in my closet].

      Happy holiday weekend to all; and to you and SH, Lisa.

    1. @Fashionable and Fab after 60, Yes, I am certainly experimenting with monetization, in the service of Dress for Success. There’s been a lot of retail links lately, because it’s that time of year, and retailers are offering giveaways and deals now that my readership has grown. But over all I am not plugging anything I don’t believe in. I think I’ve just started to use affiliate links for the same kind of goods I’ve always posted about.

      That said, I was just thinking last night that it’s time for another post on something like the way our fertility affects our visibility, or perhaps something entitled Where Are The Documentaries About Older Fashionable Men?

      Finally, I absolutely would wear Naturalizers. I have worn Aerosoles, search the blog and you’ll see the ones I took to Manhattan. Along with Louboutins, for nighttime. When I say comfortable, I mean comfortable enough for a Sturdy Gal.

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone. If you have ideas for controversial posts, feel free to send them my way:).

  2. Gosh, personally I’m still far too stuffed from yesterday to shop, but thankful to have lovely diversions like your blog. Thank you M’dear :)

    Big fan of Naturalizer and Aerosole since they both make wide width walking shoes. Let us hope that all who can afford Chanel share a little slice of generosity with all those who can’t afford K-mart and rely heavily on Dress for Success.

    Controversial subjects — hmm — How about being a liberal in a solidly red region, being baby-averse and female <> and my personal favorite, admitting you’re an atheist? Guess this subject might be dubbed “speaking the unspeakable” or some such thing…
    (Can you tell I’ve been re-reading Wilde’s “De Profundis” ;) ?

  3. I respectfully submit Nicholas Ghesquiere and Balanciaga as alternatives for the “hardest designer to spell in the world” award.

  4. I recoil a little from Naturalizer because I associate the brand with my Grandmother, who was likely about my age when I noticed her wearing them….sigh

    Looking down at my Merrell clogs -I own brown, orange and blue pairs- I suspect I’d be moving up the style chain if I added a pair of Naturalizers to my closet.

  5. How about the pope making business-page headlines with his recent essay challenging all to change how we live and consume, published only days before Black Friday and pointedly asking for a different economic model? There should be some semi-controversial ideas to kick around there. ; )

    1. Coming from the pope, I’d guess there to be a companion presumption that mankind develop deeper humanitarian core values so that ideally the shift in consumption would be attended by a desire to study for/aspire to “the caring professions” – currently one of the hardest positions to fill all over the US is that of a nurse.

  6. Lisa, Eric Bompard have 20 pieces of cashmere on sale @ 20% off till Dec. 4. Trumps a lineup for me!

    I have a pair of Naturalizer sandals and would love their moto boots which you showed. A lot in the shoe world is overpriced and we are paying a brand tax for the big designer labels, whether for accessories, scent or clothes.

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