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Inviting All Northern Californians To Jigsaw London San Francisco, Thursday November the 7th, 5-7pm In The Evening

Want to meet up, anyone? Jigsaw London asked me to come to a shopping event at their San Francisco store this Thursday evening, 5-7pm. Champagne, treats, shopping, and gift bags as door prizes.

Also shopping.


As I’ve said before, part of holiday preparation for me is always buying one new piece. In flush years, maybe a new dress. This year, in a more frugal retirement, perhaps comfortable clothing with a fancy touch, to wear Christmas morning amid the tornado of gift wrap.

It would be fun to meet you. Let’s get something out of the way in advance; I talk less formally than I write. Feel free to let me know you are coming, or just arrive to hurrahs. Waving from afar is also good. Let the (Western winter) holidays begin.

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  1. We do come to San Francisco from time to time, but this is not a time we are coming! Think about a meet up in May! We may be there then. Have fun meeting readers at this event. I know it will be fun.

  2. I’d be there but have tickets to see Leon Panetta here in Marin. Would actually rather see you! Have fun.

  3. Sigh. As a former Bay Area resident this appeals. Not gonna happen. Have extra fun for me!

  4. There will likely be some interest from those who follow The Other Blog, Jigsaw is where the Duchess worked for a period of time. I shall share the info on the WKW site, thank you for posting!

    1. So very kind of you. Do please let people know the event is informal. I plan to wear jeans and a blazer:).

  5. I will try to make it – probably toward the beginning. I look forward to meeting you – it sounds like fun!

  6. If there wasn’t a kid sleepover at my house that evening I’d be there. Sorry to miss meeting you in person this time. Another time perhaps serendipitously on a sidewalk (“Don’t I know her from somewhere?”).

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