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News And A Thank You

Guess what? Here’s something fun. I won the Naturalizer Style At Any Age contest.

I know! I’m really pleased, and surprised.

I also need to thank you all so much. Go you guys! And go you so much that I’ll put together the giveaway for 2 pairs of Naturalizer shoes and get it up on the blog, as soon as I extract myself from the current project of Learning To Cook Indian Food.

So far I have determined that dried onion flakes do not like high temperatures. Am about to experiment with processing cooked spinach in the blender. I confess to some trepidation.

Again, thank you. It is such a pleasure to write for you all.

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  1. Oh Lisa…do try to get Vij’s Cookbooks they are marvelous Indian recipes.
    I have made many of them and they taste just the same as they serve in their restaurant!
    I tried to vote for you but it was only open to residents of the USA…congratulations on your win!
    BTW I think WE are the ones who are privileged to read what you write.

  2. Congratulations! You really rocked the look!

    Let us know how that combination of dried onion flakes and spinach turns out. I understand your trepidation.

  3. Congratulations on your win. Is there a reason you aren’t substituting onion for the flakes?

    You should be able to blenderize any cooked vegetable as long as you only process about a cup at a time.

  4. May I echo what one of your deft commenters said on another of your social media sites, “You were a shoe-in.” Isn’t that the best? And you WERE, too.

  5. You’ll have to keep us updated on the Indian cooking project. I’m always a fan of the flavours, but haven’t figured out precisely how to recreate them at home (though the near-misses are quite enjoyable!)

  6. Congratulations! I’m sure you received many votes from total strangers because yours was the best look with the boots! It was fun to vote for you.

  7. Congratulations!! My husband gave me a funny look this morning when he heard my enthusiastic response to the Naturalizer announcement. You looked great and I’m happy to have had a small part in this recognition.

  8. Congrats and I am so happy you won. Well deserved and what a better way than to celebrate with a home cooked Indian meal. Happy Diwali.

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