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Merry Christmas!


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  1. Beautiful Nandina, oh I love it no matter the growth tiers or changing colors or what have you. With all best to you and your happily gathered up family. xo

  2. I am a 72-year-old Jewish grandmother whose waistline mysteriously disappeared about 20 years ago. A rather unlikely WASP! I came across Lisa’s website by chance last summer, and want to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, with Lots of Joy and Good Health in the New Year.
    MusicLady in Haifa.

  3. Belated Christmas greetings,here it is Boxing day…the Hunt is in full flow,horns blaring,red coats blazing on a beautiful,sunny day in the rural areas of England……

  4. Lisa…I placed a link to your “Fierce at Fifty” post in my blog (last post). I hope that’s OK. I gave you credit, and indicated that it has some very good information. My blog is a mixture of weight loss with growing interest in lifestyle information, so much of what you said is very relevant for myself and some of my readers.

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