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A Review Of The St. Regis Princeville, And A Honeymoon

Over Thanksgiving week, my husband and I went on our honeymoon. We stayed at the St. Regis Princeville, on Kauai.

I’d been to Kauai before, with my mother and siblings, back when there was a Club Med.  I’d read that they filmed Jurassic Park here. I’d scrolled through online photos. But I was surprised anyway.

If you’re grumpy from a long flight, you at first might think the entrance to the hotel looks like a suburban country club.

Entrance To St. Regis Princeville
You might even in a curmudgeonly moment think that the lobby suggests Dubai, Shanghai, or some other magnet for large sums of anxious capital. As we know, I’m a faded fabric Sturdy Gal and don’t expect crystals in the tropics. But hold that thought. Even I know that it’s boorish to complain in any way about one’s good fortune.


Besides, the lobby window changes everything.

Lobby Window
We resisted the view long enough to put our suitcases in the room. The St. Regis group has great interior designers in my opinion, neither too moderne (final e used advisedly), nor too foofy (entire word used advisedly, albeit with some hand-waving.)

A peek into the bathroom. The green marble told us we could come back later.


So inevitably, we were drawn to the water and the view. Sitting by the pool, eating lunch at the Nalu Kai Bar and Grill. This is, as an aside, your only lunch option. Try not to despair.

Pool With Ocean

Or on a cushioned chair by the little beach. One day my husband even rented us a cabana. Such pampering I have never had in all my born days.

From The Cabana

Even the path to the water is beautiful. That’s the aforesaid little beach, coarse clean sand atop lava and coral. Makes for good snorkeling, I’m told. And lovely floating towards the horizon, which I know first hand. But even the mighty Pacific plays a supporting role to the mountain and its ridges – behind the palm trees.


Oh, yes, since you ask, of course we ate. Fruit for breakfast.

Fruit For Breakfast

Sushi for Thanksgiving. As one does. The turkey was carved in the back. Along with some beef but it was hard to see the exact cut since my eyes were rolled back into my head from unprecedented food consumption. Another In All My Born Days moment.

Thanksgiving Buffet

And yes, I wore clothes, occasionally. A silk crepe shift by Hawaii native, Tori Richards, and  3-year old gladiator sandals by Rieker. I needed shifts, after all the afore-mentioned food.


But the resort’s primary reason for existence is the mountains in light.

At sunrise.


Or the middle of the day.


Behind drinks on the terrace. I see you, oh verdant folds of tropic.

Drinks At Makena Terrace

At night.


Even when it rains,which it did quite convincingly for two of our five days, clarifying exactly why everything is canopied,


there’s generally light.


If you find yourself suffering from Stendhal’s Syndrome du Soleil, you can retreat to the lobby bar at night. I have to add, the St. Regis service personnel may even beat out the view for appeal. So nice. So friendly. Not an iota of annoyance or snobbery anywhere in sight.


But prepare yourself, because it’s highly like that you will wake up to the sun traversing, yet again, the changing face of Makana. That’s the Hawaiian name for what the West has called Bali Ha’i, ever since the movie, “South Pacific.”


Sigh. Humanity does love a vista. For those who never tire of sea and sky, I’ve put more photos up here on Pinterest on my Vacations and Thank Goodness For Luxury Hotels boards.

The St. Regis, Princeville.

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42 Responses

  1. Wow! what a beautiful place, beats the grey skies of
    London town.

    Luxury well deserved on your honeymoon.

  2. What a perfect place for a honeymoon!

    My husband and I spent my birthday last year on Kauai and stayed at the St. Regis. It’s my favorite hotel on the island.

    Our room was identical to yours. I loved to sit in the window and watch the clouds float across the mountains or watch people paddle board.

    Did you visit the town of Hanalei? There is a sushi place there I will never forget. Best sushi I have ever had.

    The one thing I didn’t like about Kauai is its dangerous surf. I am not a great swimmer so I mostly stayed out of the ocean during our visit. Did you notice that the waters were rough?

    Lovely images, Lisa. Thank you for sharing. It brought back some fond memories.

  3. Looks as if you had a lovely time in a glorious setting. And I do like the way you slid in, ever so casually, the words “my husband” . . . I remember doing that on my honeymoon and in the weeks following, with a quiet inner sense of glee. . . xo

  4. We stay at a little B&B on the eastern side of the island when we visit Kauai. It’s owned by the sweetest man, and the clientele is almost exclusively gay (almost exclusively because, well, us). The rooms are luxurious, and the lagoon pool is filled with salt water…just a marvelous place to stay. We honeymooned quite happily there.

    And it rains a lot on Kauai, but that’s okay. When it’s not raining, nothing beats a flight over the Napoli coast in an open-sided helicopter. Did you, perchance, drive to Waimea Canyon? Just spectacular.

  5. Although I’ve heard (and seen from photos) that Kauai is the most beautiful of the islands, I’ve never been because I keep hearing that the water is very rough, and I love to swim and paddle board in the ocean. Not going on such a long flight unless I can do that. How’d you find the water?
    I’m glad you had a wonderful honeymoon, your photos are wonderful.

  6. How lovely and how generous of you to share such a beautiful, happy time. But that is what makes your blog so special (well, among other things like great writing, photography, insights . . .).
    For the record, my family uses “foofy” and I find it to be a useful description. Love it.

    1. Thank you. As I’ve spent so much less time in my life taking photos than writing, and the visual arts seem so mysterious to me, I’m almost childishly pleased when complimented on my pictures.

  7. Looks luxurious and has all the amenities that one wants on a holiday.
    The stuff that creates beautiful memories especially on a honeymoon.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful place….

  8. I taught The Descendants earlier this semester and Kauai figures as a character. Terrific read (and film). when Mr C went to Hawaii as a 20-something, he slept on tree platforms (not quite treehouses).

  9. Awww… I want a honeymoon! That looks aMAZing! (and warm – some warm would be quite nice too).

    We had an extremely low budget honeymoon 13 years ago (i.e. staying in my father-in-law’s converted shed/ holiday cottage for a few days).

    It’d be nice to have something plush and traditionally romantic at some point. (We have done plenty of travel together in various ways and to various places, so I shouldn’t be feeling all ‘oh poor me’ about it!)

    1. It’s fun to designate a trip a “honeymoon.” You get to remember how glad you are to have gotten married, even if it was a while back.

  10. “Foofy”! I LOVE that word! The Urban Dictionary has two definitions though – links to follow but here’s the summary of one (not your definition I suspect):

    A fluffy, lemon tasting, domesticated, gay, snooty gorilla who has mass amounts of varied sex in various sex positions and sticks his xxxx xxxxxxx but noone cares because he is stunningly beautiful.

    You are just so foofy dude.
    You are the epitome of foofy.
    Girl go get your foofy on!

    link #1:

    link #2 – more likely:

    Or, come to think of it, a little bit of both!

    Wonderful tale as usual, Lisa.

  11. Really Foofy, bad word? will check out ASAP.

    Cold, really cold, winter day in Virginia. You just made me warmer and greener (with envy).

    All looks lovely, you especially but the view and that food, not too shabby.

    xo J

  12. What a magnificent resort to enjoy your honeymoon, and your photos are stunning. I especially enjoyed how you captured the beauty of the mountains. I would have required a moo-moo with all of the amazing food!

  13. amazingly rare! I am sure you enjoyed every minute of it! well-deserved haven. I am so happy for your happiness!

  14. Gosh, what heaven. You must’ve had an absolutely wonderful time. And you look gorgeous! I’ve been to the Princeville once for lunch and it was exquisite, despite the initial eye-roll at the marble lobby. Such a pretty place, and Hanalei – what dreams are made of. I hope you’re perfectly relaxed and happy and ready for Christmas.
    Much love,


  15. I’m happy to hear the St. Regis in Kauai is every bit as fabulous as it seems. We got a condo in Princeville to accommodate the five of us, but dining at the St. Regis (that view! that service!) was definitely a highlight of our Kauai trip — and by far our best meal. Thanks for bringing back happy memories. I’m glad you had a wonderful and well-deserved honeymoon.

  16. Loved watching you post pics on IG. Always fun to virtually travel along with everyone on their trips! I enjoy seeing posts where you write “husband” – happy you are so happy.


  17. The north shore of Kauai is by far my favorite place on earth, and I think the view of Hanalei Bay from the lanai off the bar at the St. Regis is one of the most beautiful on the island. What’s not to like?! Congratulations!!

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