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Something Else You Should Think About Buying Although It Doesn’t Fit Me

GAP classic ponte blazer

Tomboys love to polish up their jeans with a casual jacket. Inspired by a post from Sally at Already Pretty, I ordered this one from the GAP. Alas, Broad Shoulders, with their ally Moderate Bustline, strike again. Good feel, no fit. (Yeah, I’m making baseball jokes. Spring is in the air.) However, if you are narrower in the shoulder than I, and more expansive in the bust, or waist, this might work very well.

I ordered the heathered gray. You can see that it isn’t quite right. It is possible that everyone’s going to have to shorten the sleeves. To quote the British House of Cards, “I couldn’t possibly say.” Let’s pretend I’m a criminal and you have to pick me out of a lineup.


To quote my mother, very good-looking buttons.


The jacket’s made of 73% polyester, 24% viscose rayon, 3% spandex; the fabric feels substantial. I ordered a 6, if that helps with sizing. And it’s offered up to a 20, i.e. available for a nice range of human shapes. BTW, both Dani and the Hostess of the Humble Bungalow quite like their GAP loot, so we’re in good company.

Cost? Listed at $88, but on sale through today at 40% off with code DEALFORU. Which brings the total expenditure, given free shipping, to, wait, let me bring up the calculator. on my computer..$53.00. If it fit me, I’d wear it with white tee and blue jeans. Add black sneakers that I don’t actually have at the moment, or these Gravati oxfords, and white pearl studs with a little diamond accent. Ooh, or with these (20% off with code LOVE) , in black patent, and a matching belt. Sigh.


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  1. I love it when you quote your mother! Thanks for the kind mention Lisa. This is a smart little jacket. Gap seems to be focussing on nice quality basic things without jewels or neon bits dripping off of them, a good job I’d say.

    1. I thought about it, but I haven’t had good luck with tailoring for the body of a jacket – and this one is inexpensive so tailoring would have increased the cost by 50%…

  2. I assume nothing will fit right and have everything tailored. It’s a cute jacket – I might just check it out! I wear a lot of navy blue and grey at work.

  3. I love to wear casual blazers with my jeans.

    I really, really like the heather grey one, but they don’t carry my size in the petite – the regular, in which they do carry my size, is guaranteed to be WAY too long in the sleeves and way too wide for my very narrow shoulders.

    Darn, darn, darn, darn, darn.

  4. Looks precisely like the jacket from my high school uniform in the 70’s. I loved that jacket! Agree, Lisa, I have also never had any luck with alterations to the body of a jacket.

  5. I love their Ponte blazers, but I have the same issue: I’m built like a linebacker through the shoulders, apparently (Mantra: “It’s not me. It’s them. “) But I need the length in the sleeves, so this would work for me in that area. Maybe each store needs a tailor on staff so we can get exactly what we need…like men! (True!)

  6. I can sometimes keep the sleeve detail that a tailor will often eliminate during $horting by going with a petite. The Gap is good because you can survey things in a store and order speciality sizes online. I didn’t catch whether the jacket is lined, sometimes those knit jackets have such soft facings that the lapels won’t lie properly.

  7. Nice ‘line up’ material, I must say. I liked the shot from the back (speaking now about the line of the jacket).. but I agree the colour is not right. Maybe, may I suggest, if you were to continue your search for a jacket, that you try a blue or navy, as a contrast to your glorious mane (that is meant to be a compliment, yet I think you may be offended by the ‘horse’ vernacular, which is wholly unintended). The gray jacket just kind of washes you out. And I’ve never bought a jacket where I didn’t need to alter the sleeve length. Nor pant legs, for that matter. Apparently, I live in a world of long limbed giants with narrow waists, although, as yet, they manage to evade my eyesight.

    Ps, BOILING here too, as Fuchsia says. We actually slept all night with the a/c on, despite our deepest fears that there will be no land left for the offspring of our offspring..

  8. Funny you should be posting this as I was planning something very similar. In south Florida, the sense of professional dress is quite different from up north. When we first moved down here, everyone thought I was a dreary person as I always wore black, brown and gray. After 12 years, my professional style has changed to fit that of, well, south Florida. That being said, I have a northern conference I need to attend in May and therefore need some nice jackets and suit “career separates” but without the exorbitant cost as I will likely not wear these items often. Long story short, I ran across H and M and actually purchased a couple, surprisingly well fitted, jackets and matching dress and pants, all for less than $150. For the cost I was quite surprised and for me, they suit (no pun intended) just fine,

  9. Thanks for modeling this jacket! I’m selfishly thrilled that the sleeves are too long for you. I bought it on sale online for my daughter last week. She is in Connecticut (getting her “east coast education”), and not coming home until summer. She and I are both six-feet tall, and most all jackets have 3/4 sleeves when we put them on. I now have hope that this jacket will fit her!!!!

  10. They are very good-looking buttons with the jean look. I purchased a navy jacket last week that I want to change up the buttons – thinking gold, with a nautical touch.
    I would like a little of your broadness as to bring some structure to my elongated pear shape. It is a very versatile jacket – I like the gray with white tee idea very much!

  11. Lisa, I think the color gray is worth a post in and of itself, especially since it is high on the fashion palette these days. There are many shades of gray (pun intended!? ;), and it also has very different effects depending on what other color(s) one pairs it with.

    Whatever one’s hair color, it does tend to wash out skin tone, unless it’s offset with something more punchy than white. The rare time I wear gray, it’s with coral or purple next to my skin. (The purple works with dark or charcoal gray.) Even so, it’s not particularly flattering.

    You will be able to elaborate more artfully on this than I can.

    Meanwhile, I am salivating over those suede black “smoking slippers” from J. Crew. Nice find!


    1. I’ve always loved gray, to the point that I may never have allowed myself to admit to its shortcomings:).

  12. I find that blazer sleeves are always too long (unless DKNY circa 1995, for some reason). I roll them up on the inside, as I am too impatient to wait for tailoring.

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