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January 30th, 2104

Links a la Mode

Guess what guys! The post on Demystifying Boyfriend Jeans was chosen for IFB’s (stands for Independent Fashion Bloggers) weekly link round-up, AKA Links à la Mode. I was very excited when I saw the notice come through. Below is the text they ask winners to share this week. Which gives you a look at a pretty wide range of style blogs. Enjoy! And thanks IFB!

The New Casual

Sneakers at Chanel Couture? Evening dresses to a picnic? Is there really any appropriate occasion to wear anything? Not anymore! Dress it up, dress it down, if you can make it work, all the better! This week we have a great roundup of news from Couture, Stockholm and Mens fashion week, as well as some style tips to put the new trends in action. So kick of your sneakers and pull up your chair, it’s going to be a great roundup this week!

Links à la Mode: January 30th

SPONSOR: East Dane Tumi, MM6, Zac Zac, Mr Kim, Adidas, Men’s Carven, LuliFama, Clothing, Red Ear, Jean Machine

Note from LPC: if you write a style blog, and would like to be included in this roundup, you’ll need to join IFB. And then you can submit your posts for consideration. I thought the process was mysterious, but it’s not at all. Here’s the link explaining the process. Good luck!


7 Responses

  1. This is wonderful, Lisa!
    And, I thought the same thing about the idea of sneakers with haute couture, and sequins and lace for the daytime. Does this mean we’re too old to get it??? Or does this mean that there really are no boundaries?

  2. Thanks guys! And I’m thinking of going back for the GAP jeans too, if I find I need another pair. I wonder if they come in black:). I’m honored every time someone makes a purchase from here.

  3. Loved your jeans post and one of the comments that said you should do a spreadsheet for us to read… :)

    The gap boyfriend jeans are my favorite.

    I have the Current Elliott distressed boyfriend jeans and even though they feel soft and loose which is nice they stretch so much after a few hours that I always have to wear a belt.

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