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Rain, Brains, And Matthew McConaughey, Or Saturday Morning at 8:21am

In the past couple of days I have: almost left an earring at an airport ExpressSpa, run through SFO to retrieve it, attended with my daughter a class on seizures, reviewed radiographic images of a human brain suffering from pork parasites – also with my daughter, seen Dallas Buyer’s Club in the theater (terrible writing, great acting), cooked a dinner of 3 Chinese dishes – in university housing, and walked through a torrential and uncommon San Diego downpour.

More than I’d packed into 2 days since I got married. My goodness.

Now I have that odd sensation of a slightly wiggly brain. You know what I mean? Exercised, and probably not worth pushing to get more out of it? So today, my friends, I’m pinning to this board,  What To Do On A Saturday Morning.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I know, I know about Dallas Buyer’s Club. I do hope Jerad Leto wins best supporting actor, I think he was key. Not Matthew. Wow, what a whirlwind you’ve had. The Chinese cooking would never have happened in my life, I congratulate you!! Big hug, dear Lisa…

  2. I haven’t ever had a lamp from IKEA that didn’t turn into junk almost immediately. For a student who’ll likely be moving around for years do her a favor and get her a decent sturdy lamp that will survive.

  3. Haven’t seen the Dallas Buyers Club but think I maybe I should because an alum from my school is nominated for an Oscar for the makeup. I made myself a promise awhile back to no longer fill my mind with images of death and disease. Too much low frequency input can get to you after a while. Rather soak up the English countryside watching Doc Martin or Downton Abbey.

  4. Ah, being the parent of a med student… I once took a class in neonatal goat care with my daughter, the Vet, as well as learning to do some very fine suturing on a banana peel. Saturdays, always interesting : )

    1. @Kathy, My daughter learned to suture on a pig’s foot. She sent me a photo. I am not good with those kinds of things:).

  5. Completely know the wiggly brain feeling, having cared for more than I can count. Will you ever eat pork again?
    It sounds like you two had a crazy busy and very memorable time together and I hope you are now enjoying a most relaxing weekend!

  6. Busy! I don’t eat any pork and maybe now you’ll join me in that. Pigs are just so nice and have very human eyes. Your daughter must have loved your company. Seizures are very scary and my daughter has had them so I know only too well. I think everyone should know something about them. I’m looking forward to the Oscars though typically I end up bored. I’ll make some good snacks though.
    Enjoy your day Lisa!

  7. I knew Jared and family when he was a pretty boy. Now he’s a beautiful woman and acted his ass off,I’m rooting for him.

    I watched the movie last weekend in a drug recovery haze and had almost as much trouble with the Texas accents as the french roommate.

    You relax and enjoy your Sunday.

    I’ve showered, dressed and had hair blown dry by said roommate. Exhausted, back to the couch.

    xo J

  8. A belated welcome to San Diego. The rain was a welcomed sight to those of us who live here, but we’ll hope for sunshine for your next visit.

  9. Hi Lisa, I know what you mean about too much packed into a short time, including travel. Makes for wiggly brain plus the desire for a low-stimulus few hours, at least in my case.

  10. You were in San Diego? So was I. I was at a conference put on by the SITS girls. “Women Get Social.” I’m so impressed you remembered your earring. I lose something each time I travel. A scarf, an earring, a ???? Cooking Chinese? So impressed.

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