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An Object Of Desire: Metallic Sandals

As we settle into our personal style, we may be less likely to embrace dramatic fashion shifts. We might wear our drapey cardigans in a sea of structured jackets, march resolutely through the army of flared jeans in our straight-legs, and avoid entire genres of shoes altogether.

I’m looking at you, wedge-sneakers. And don’t think you can hide, 4-inch pointy-toes, I know you’re out there.

But color is our friend, for gentle adventure. Even when we’re comfy with our 3 shades of blue, 2 of purple, and 1 of rose, we can add metallics. Plural.

Yes, metallics. This spring, they’re one of the easiest ways to find a modern edge without giving up any hard-won style certainties.

Now, I know, we wore them in the early 80s. I still remember pretty vividly a New York shopping excursion to Bloomingdale’s, me tentative and giddy, buying gold somethings for my feet. OK. So I don’t remember the details. Midlife embraces vivid fuzziness, no?

I felt grown up and brave.

Every time metallics have come around since, I’ve thought, “Pah! The 80s have my heart! Nothing will ever compare to those days of anxiety and glory!” But this year, I think it’s time. I’ve been browsing sandals.

We’ve got a choice of geometry. Delicate, by Vince Camuto.

Vince Camuto "Evora" Sandal

or chunky, by Munro.

Munro "Pisces" SandalWe’ve got a choice of colors. On beyond gold, silver, bronze and copper, to holographic green from Marni. Surely those frogs one must kiss are colored so.Marni Back Strap Bow Sandal via Privilege

We’ll be generous, and include a wedge, from Tory Burch,

and wind up practical, with rose gold Havianas.

I’m sure 4-inch metallic numbers lurk in the wings, but they didn’t get offered a place on the Privilege-Go-Round. Finding courage in midlife doesn’t have to make us foolhardy.The-Privilege-Go-Round

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  1. Oh my the Marni sandals are gorgeous, but the 2 1/2 heel, although really not high, higher than anything I’ve worn since maybe December. Will I wear heels again? My size is still available but I best leave them in the land of dreams for now. The Havianas now, those I would live in. And to think it was only a few years ago I said I’d never wear flip-flops. Sigh. It seems there are always things to learn and accept.

  2. Those gold Vince Camuto sandals make me wish I could stand things between my toes.

    I love the color of the flatforms, but I think the “shower sandals” are more my style. I like them quite a bit, in fact.

  3. Really love metallic sandals and especially those you show. I wore them every summer from the late 70s till just a few years ago. One summer they no longer felt right. It has been black sandals only in recent years. With white clothing. I think I’m almost done with colored shoes entirely – at least for the next decade- regardless of the trends. My look is very dramatic, but not at all trendy except by coincidence.

  4. I love the idea of metallic sandals. I’d like to recommend adding the Lilli Sandal by Robert Zur (at Berens) to your list. I don’t have the gold ones but have the regular leather version and they are ever so comfortable with great arch support (which is necessary when one is 64!).

  5. Lisa, I have been dabbling in metallics also. At first, I thought, no way. But now, a dash here or there, a pair of shoes/sandals or bag or belt, yes!

    Btw, I’ve been writing a lot of poetry on my blog, exorcising some old demons. Getting some good feedback. Take a look, if you get a chance.

  6. I saw some cute sequinned sneakers on Pinterest and am toying with the idea of adding some sparkle footwear. I would say no to those wing shoes though….if you buy so e please show us.

  7. Love the Tod’s. But I’ll admit I’m kind of liking the “shower shoes” in metallic too. Last year I bought a pair of Mephisto “Helen” sandals in a burnished bronze color. If our warm weather holds will be pulling them out this weekend. Clunky yes, but I love them.

  8. Usually I go with a pewter or darker metallic – like that yummy green. I’m with Barb about those Munros. They’re a really comfortable brand of shoes, I have a feeling that I’d get my monies worth out of them.

    I try to keep my metallic items to one per outfit. Much more and you’re channeling Auntie Ada in her Miami Beach retirement community.

  9. I love the Privilege-Go-Round of choices and have noted some of the selections in my quest for metallic sandals as my only shoe purchase this season. No pressure :) I remember with great fondness, a pair of gold ballet flats worn with my school uniform in 1982. Alas, some things should stay in the past.

    That said, I’m wondering what you, fair Lisa, and the rest of the Privileged crew think about these: Too fussy? Or casually eclectic?

  10. I have a pair of bronze Havianas that were party favors for dancing at my daughter’s wedding. I do wear them a lot for running around LA in the summer. I’ve never found a comfortable pair of metallic leather shoes though as it generally stiffens the leather. I think they look great though, and of course I’d choose the Tod’s.

    1. @kathy, I like them, too. Not for my feet though, because years of dancing has given me bunions. Not quite ready for surgery, but look better when covered with a more substantial strap. Thanks for your comment on the Lam’s. I’m coming around.

  11. Welcome back! I’ve always loved shiny things so metallic shoes are staple in my shoe wardrobe and have been for a long time! I love the ones from Tory Burch – so feminine.

  12. A few summers ago, I stepped foot (sorry for the pun!) out of my comfort zone and purchased a pair of gold wedge sandals. I still love them, as it turns out, so perhaps they were not that out of my comfort zone to begin with. The Tory Burch one’s are my favorites in your post today.

  13. I like the plain Ancient Greek Sandals, but the winged ones are too much for me. Maybe if I went to rock concerts, I don’t know.

  14. I bought some lime green wedges over the weekend, for casual. I cannot wait to wear them. Of course, around Houston we can wear sandals all the time, for the most part. :)’s I do love those winged ones, Lisa. xx’s

  15. I will dream that I have dainty feet for the Tory Burch, walking all day on the cobblestone streets of Paris. Back to the reality of my orthopedic nubs, the Munro look to be comfortable and sturdy. If I was 20 again, it would be the gold, winged sandals for sure – beautiful gold!

  16. The Vince Camuto ones and the Havaianas are calling my name! My ‘shoe shinies’ tend to lean more toward silver, but I can live with a little gold now and then, too.

  17. I’ve accumulated several pairs of little metallic shoes over the last few years. Sandals but also loafers. In my climate champagne gold or pewter are much more flexible basics than black.

  18. I am not a sandal wearer, bad feet, but I am a huge fan of metallics.

    I have silvery ballet shoes and boat shoes. Both go with everything.

    But as ever I long for sandals, especially the Camuto’s.

    A girl can dream….

    xo J

  19. Oooh you can’t go wrong with metalic sandals! I had a pair of gold sandals I bought for my first wedding that lasted a decade when the marriage itself only lasted a few years. So there you go. ;)

  20. Ooh, I love those Tony Burch wedges. I’m now regretting that I got plain tan brown sandals for this season. I’d really like a strip of metallic silver across my toes…

    Still, no point throwing out nice shoes. I’ll have to dabble in metallics with other accessories.

    1. @Barb, I thought about the Birks in silver, but just couldn’t get past my memories of decades past. Love my pair in gray suede, however.

  21. Hi RoseAG, Aunty Ada here, writing on this thing they call a tablet while sitting by the therapy pool before knitting class starts (we used to take a tablet for a headache, now apparently, we use them to communicate with the world…how things have changed). And what I want to know is, what’s wrong with more than one piece of metallic? I mean, not putting too fine a point on it, but clearly time’s running out for me, I have to get as much bling in as I can… And if you’ve got it, flaunt it. That’s we gals always used to say. Them that don’t is just jealous. Anyway, I think it’s fun to add some silver gold and bronze with my floral muumuu and my sequinned kaftan. Keeps the day bright. The therapist is calling me for my foot massage…

  22. I’m commenting on gold shoes as it seems less morally complicated than the more recent post–although if it’s still possible to toss my name into the bubbly water fray, then I’m all for it. I have some sparkly gold flats sandals from J Crew that I love and also a pair of impossible silver ankle strap lucite heels that I avoided wearing for months because I felt like they were stripper heels {they weren’t} but they do get a lot of attention when worn, possibly because they look like stripper heels. I actually love both pair and in the end, both go with almost everything. Anyway, hope you get a good pair of metallic flats, I’m sure they’ll look great on you!

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