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JORD Wooden Watch Winner!

JORD Fieldcrest

We have a winner of the JORD wooden watch.

Kate E., Random says you’re it! Congratulations, and wear in good health. Email me with your shipping address, and we’ll be in business.

As it happens, Kate and I have met, at the Jigsaw London event last December. A winner with history.

And speaking of history, thank you so much for your watch anecdotes. If I wanted to get romantic, I’d wax on about time and the gifts we’re given. On the other hand, you guys commented that narrative so well I’m off the hook. Onward.

4 Responses

  1. Congrats! I actually couldn’t resist this after I saw it. I went online and bought one within 5 minutes. Now waiting for it to arrive. It’s my bday present to myself…

    1. Oh how fun! I have been wearing mine all around. And in the car, no peering at the dashboard:).

  2. Congrats to the winner of the smart looking watch!

    FYI: Lisa, this went straight through to my usual folder and not ‘spam’ so that new infrastructure is working…but on the downside, you’ll be seeing more of me!

    1. ;). I hope it’s working for everyone now, we’re running some last tests. When it’s all set up, I’m going to ask everyone to cheer for my stellar tech support.

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