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LPC At A Practical Wedding: What My Second Wedding Taught Me

A Bride in 1986

The photo above is precisely what it appears to be – me, right before my 1986 wedding.

Today I am over at APW, with a post on What My Second Wedding Taught Me. You’ll find a few more snapshots there, a small black tie affair at the Helmsley Palace, and an even smaller informal gathering at San Francisco’s City Hall.

I expect this to be the final posting on my wedding, for, important as they may be, they are not all.

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  1. Ach, it won’t load for me on their site, you were beautiful then and now.
    My wedding was an ordeal, something to suffer through but 16 years later we are still here, but I really do want another to make up for the last!

  2. I loved the article you wrote and I have a lot to say about weddings in general, but what I really want to say right now, is how much happier, and more in your own skin you look at your second wedding.

  3. Beautiful photos of much happiness in wonderful venues, both times. Especially inspiring, though, to see so much happiness and beauty combined with wisdom. We expect to see that luminous hope and faith in a young bride; it delights us particularly, I think, to see it in the more life-experienced one.

  4. Words of wisdom every bride to be should read! You look as beautiful in 1986 as you do today. I also married in 1986 and wore the mermaid wedding dress! But I have to say, I LOVE your dress, the photos and the intimacy captured in your second wedding. Simply beautiful.

  5. Will you, can you, please, show us your most beautiful bouquet for your second wedding.
    A beautiful bride. So beautiful.
    Great wisdom.
    Beautiful children.
    Love the ornate venue in SF. Worth going to SF for that.

    1. @Barbara, Barbara, it’s up over there at APW – it’s very untraditional, so maybe you didn’t recognize it from the photo?:)

  6. As you know, I am busily planning an intimate family/close friends wedding for our son and his bride. Me planning as they live abroad and the wedding will be in our city and the reception in our home. Your advice is invaluable for me. Thank you.

  7. Oh, this was fantastic! I loved looking at all the pictures of both weddings. Post as many times on your wedding as you want, I’ll read all of them!

    My only real screw-up was ordering invitations for the number of guests, not thinking that most of them were couples. I was thinking of papering the downstairs bathroom with the leftovers.

    Ours was tricky, since it was my husband’s third (!) but my first, so….tricky…but fabulous :)

  8. You were such a lovely young bride, but I prefer your wedding photo from your second marriage where you are walking up the steps. Now that is a wedding photo!

  9. Such a beautiful bride on both occasions. I’m impressed with your tasteful choice of dress and headpiece, in the midst of the 80’s. Some brides of that era were not always as astute about fashion as you were and are. Lovely!

  10. I’m amazed by how much I like both of your weddings, they seem very you, and of their time.
    Great article, you’re such a good writer Lisa!

  11. Miss Manners (I believe) once said that you should decide how much you can reasonably afford for your wedding, determine who needs to be there, and have the sort of wedding you can afford , including all of the people important to you, spending no more than you should. I think your second wedding exemplifies that perfectly.

  12. You wrote a beautiful essay, Lisa. Having eloped myself, with none of the attendant headaches, I have no words of wisdom on weddings… but I could live on wedding cake!

  13. I loved that article so much, I have just sent it to a friend about to embark on her second. Wisdom and beauty – unbeatable.

    I wish you as much happiness in this one as humanly possible and hope that the joy on your face in the picture with your children stay in your life always.

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